It’s funny when you sit there in front of me

And I’m thinking about how it used to be.

How it used to be, when we were younger and care free.

I love being by your side, but I hate being with you

I hate being with you, because I’m not with you

I don’t have your attention

Your phone has your attention.

When we go out for a meal, how much time do you spend looking at me?

If I sent you a picture you’d look at that all night

But as I sit here in broad daylight, you can’t hold my gaze for 10 seconds

You scan around the place, looking for another face.

When your drunk, that’s when your real

The phone’s away and I’m the big deal

You think I’m divine

Better than fine wine

I love you”

Your my best friend”

We’re soul mates”
“To the end”

But it feels pretend.

Because in the morning, the real you emerges

A chime on your phone

A little sigh and a groan.

That arm once encasing me

Is now drifting away, far away from me

It’s reaching towards it first and only love

The love of an Iphone 6 plus.

alert sound the classic Iphone sound

The sound of every relationship breakdown.

A sound can signal a thousand things

But I just hope that wait for my ding

But you respond to me last, because you know I won’t get mad

You respond to me last, because you know it won’t make me sad.

At least that’s what you think.

But when I see on Facebook that you were active two minutes ago

But you haven’t replied to my message from three hours ago

How do you think that makes me think?

How do you think that makes me feel?

I am no longer this big deal.

Your phone has all of your attention

But thanks for your Tweet; glad I got a mention.

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