Beauty Summer Hacks

Summer is the month that I love to hate. As I’ve got older (and work full time), I have grown to appreciate the Summer months more, as I only get a limited time to really enjoy those long Summer days and nights. And although we all crave Summer and get excited when its here, when it comes to how we look, we regret our begging with the weather to be hot, as we are left sweating buckets and gasping for water. Now obviously to survive Summer you need to drink plenty of water and wear plenty on sun protector (and eat lots of ice lollies too, I believe?). But I thought I would share my must haves which allow me to enjoy Summer the way it should be; without complaint.

So here are my Summer Hacks…

  • Talcum Powder

I don’t think I could actually survive Summer without this. Bit sweaty under the pits? Throw some talc on that. Thighs chaffing? Rub some talc on it. It literally is a miracle worker! Okay so I’m not standing in the middle of the street throwing this magical stuff all over me. But I do carry a little mini version in my handbag and sort myself out in the toilet. It instantly makes you feel more collected and less sweaty.

  • Setting Spray

I use setting spray all year round, as it does what it says, and your make up holds out longer. However, a neat trick to prolonging the length of durability of your make up through the Summer months, is by spraying your make beauty blenders with this prior to applying your foundation, concealers etc. It generally makes your make up hold longer and you don’t have the fright when you glance at your reflection in a window, and think why did no one tell me I look like a melting snowman! This keeps you looking cool and collected.

  • Waterproof Foundation

A way to really beat the sweat that comes with the sun is by purchasing a waterproof foundation. Yes there are such things as these that exist, and more than likely your usual go to foundation comes in a waterproof version to. I use L’Oreal True Match, and they’re 24H Matte Waterproof Foundation is a great alternative for a Summer foundation. Its more durable and lasts longer compared to the normal foundation. Plus it makes for a great holiday make up piece, as you can wear this in the pool- results all round!

  • NYX ‘Gleam’ Highlighter

I am actually obsessed with this highlighter. It has been probably my favourite make up purchase of the year- big claims. But because its a liquid highlighter, for me, it just gives me such a glowy effortless looking look, which is perfect in the heat. With this highlighter, even if you are sweating, it kind of embraces it and just makes it look like you have a great glow going on. I really would recommend this product, and is a piece I can’t leave the house without applying.

  • Cooling Spray

A must have item for on the go is cooling spray. Yes it is essentially water in a can, but just the cool spritz of it does cool you down and gives you a refreshed feeling. As I prefer my hair loose to being up, but with an afro, you can imagine it gets pretty hot around my neck, I use this constantly throughout the day to keep the back of my neck cool, with it allowing me to keep my hair down. This is the perfect on the go must have.

  • Eyebrow Gel

It is far too much effort to be using eyebrow pencils, pens and kits in this weather, so to keep my eyebrows looking on point, I rely solely on some serious eyebrow brush skills followed by eyebrow gel. Eyebrow gel is great for keeping your eyebrows in place all day, but also compliments you with a sexy dewy kind of look. (Great with that highlighter I was going on about). What I find is that instead of trying to pretend that its not 30 degrees outside and you’re not sweating; to embrace it instead. That’s why my make up is purposely more glowy and dewy, as it just looks like I have more of a summer glow when I do get a bit sweaty.

  • Lip Tint

Lipsticks are a big no go for me in Summer, particularly in the daytime. I just find they smudge easily and having them in your handbag is a recipe for disaster! So instead, a hint of colour with a lip tint is the perfect alternative, and you won’t have to deal with a melted lipstick at the bottom of your handbag.

And finally, most importantly- MOISTURISE, MOISTURISE, MOISTURISE! I cannot say this enough ladies! Keep your skin and hair really moisturised, and pay attention to those feet as well. No one wants to look like a lizard really! Try to use a deep conditioning mask once a week, and also invest in a leave in deep conditioning spray that you can use daily, to protect your hair from the heat.

Remember to always stay hydrated and lathered up in sun cream, and enjoy the Sun! No matter how we complain about it being too hot, the moment it rains we want it back.

I hope you have a lovely weekend and enjoyed this post 🙂

Love Always,



Below are the links to the specific products that I use…

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