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Hi guys!

Summer is always jam packed with new songs and artists emerging, and as I was writing notes for my monthly favourites (coming next weekend), I realised there were so many music related ones that I thought I may as well do my second music review.

There’s quite a wide variety in genres I feel here, as there were people I wasn’t expecting to like (or have never liked up until recently), but sometimes one great song is all I need off them. I may not listen to anything else they make, but hey ho. Then there are others who have had me hooked track, after track and I can’t wait for them to do more.

So lets get on with this…

Little Mix ‘Power’

I’ve never been a fan of Little Mix, I know they are a pop band, but their songs have always been a bit too poppy for my liking. However, when I heard this song on the radio I immediately loved it and was very surprised to learn that Little Mix were the ladies behind this absolute tune! It’s got such a great motivational and empowering tempo to it, and is perfect if you need some inspiration in motivating yourself or just reminding you how fab you are!

I don’t think this is Stormzy greatest performance (yeah he’s featured on this), but Stormzy is hot right now, so I get why the girls wanted him on the track. This is now my work motivational song, for when I’m crashing and burning at work.


SZA ‘Ctrl’

I listened to this after my friend Jonah messaged me saying I needed to listen to this album as he said I would love it. And this boy knows me so well, as two beats in I was hooked and sat with my headphones in until I had listened to every track. What I love about SZA is her lyrics are so powerful, along with her captivating voice. I feel as if I’m being transported. She’s a very unique artist, and I love artists with a bit of flair. But there are three songs in particular that really stood out for me…

Drew Barrymore

Probably her most known track from the album, your bound to have heard it on the radio. But I feel that this song will really hit home with a lot of people in terms of relationships and self-esteem. As being in a relationship should increase your self-esteem, but too often we are in relationships where we question our self worth, suffer with insecurity and get mixed signals and emotions and it can be confusing as hell! In a world where we can be so easy to critique ourself and compare ourselves to strangers, I feel that this is even more relevant, and can have an effect on our self worth and esteem. This tempo to this song is lovely and easy listening, with a great message behind it.

Doves In The Wind

My boy Kendrick Lamar is featured on this track, so that already swayed me to liking this before I even listened to it. But again, this song has such a calm and chill vibe to it, but has a deep message behind it. This song is all about pussy (so probably not a good idea to listen to this on full blast around, you know your Grandma). But its basically on about the things people will do to get some pussy. Vaginas are extremely powerful, I mean aside from the obvious that you know we have periods every month and babies are born through them. If your mad at your man, tell him the pussy is off limits, and he ends up begging for it! So yeah, praise to the pussy.

Love Galore

This is probably my favourite song off the album, I love how tropical the beat is and its just so summery! This song is about loveless relationships; we’ve all been in them- you know those kind of summer romances, hit it and quit it kinda ones. The ones which you don’t quite know how to end it and you just keep going back to each other for no real reason. But yes this song is great and Travis Scott is great on this record too.


Selena Gomez ‘Bad Liar’

I’ve never really been a big fan of Selena Gomez’s music, I really like her, but just never really got into her music. So when I overheard this on the radio, I was pleasantly surprised to discover that this was Selena Gomez’s track. The beat of the song is very similar to Talking Heads ‘Psycho Killer’, so makes for a very catchy track. This song is about trying to hide feelings from someone (who knew I was such a love bug, with all these underlining love meanings), but yeah gives a bit more of an indication to the title Bad Liar. I really appreciate Selena’s vocals in this, and can’t wait to hear more off her.


Harry Styles

Now as I grew up when One Direction came to the limelight, as a sweet 16 year old girl, I obviously had a ‘I love One Direction’ phase. My favourites then (and now) were Zayn and Harry, so when the band split I was intrigued to see where Zayn and Harry would go musically. Zayn Malik, I think, impressed everyone as a solo artist, releasing hit after hit. And although I don’t care much for the other three; Zayn and Harry have been hot on my radar ever since, and I was keen to see what Harry would produce, and well, the boy didn’t disappoint…


I love the power and passion behind this song, you feel it in every beat. Harry’s got such a soulful voice in this song and the guitar is electrifying in it. A really powerful ballad, and very sexy at the same time.

Sweet Creature

Okay, I’m sorry, but this is another underlying relationship song (as they have all been so far, god dammit, who knew I was so sensitive!?) Anyway, this is such a happy go lucky song, and the acoustics on it are great! This song is about a young couple facing difficulties in their relationship, yet they know they belong together, despite the arguments. So its a really sweet song really!


Declan Mc Kenna ‘Brazil’

It took me absolutely ages to track down this song and figure out what the hell it was called! I kept hearing it in random places, just bits of it, and it was driving me insane not knowing who sang it and what it was called! But by some miracle, I managed to figure it out and I’m so relieved I now know who is the mastermind behind this song.

This song is undoubtedly catchy, with fantastic vocals and guitar. I feel its a song I will never get bored of, due to the uniqueness of Declan’s voice. Its a clever, witty and sonically pleasing tune.


Banks ‘Goddess’

I hadn’t properly listened to Banks, and this song really swayed me to check her out, as its just empowering and different. The intro sounds a bit like the music at the spa, but then the vocals and bass kick it and it turns into this amazing, vibrant and empowering song. Its definitely a song to make you feel amazing about yourself, for whether your dealing with a break up, or just need a kick up the back side and in realising your worth.


Blaenovan ‘Orthodox Man’

I overheard this on Radio One the other day, and immediately fell in love with this song. Its such a summery, feel good track. I love the oohs and ahhs in the pre chorus, before it really kicks in to this upbeat chorus that just makes you want to jump around like a gazelle. A really great summer song, perfect for driving along to.


Miley Cyrus ‘Malibu’

Oh Miley the country singer is back in business; its a party in the USA! Miley has such a mesmerising country voice and I’m so glad she’s gone back to her roots. Okay so she had some bangers on her album, actually called Bangerz (with a z not an s), but nothing compares to this Miley. This song is so raw and pure, and its been on repeat ever since it came out.


I hope you liked this music review and please do check out some of these amazing hits!

I hope you’ve had a lovely weekend 🙂

Love Always,



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