What I Learnt On A Social Media Break

Hi guys!

Today’s post is a bit of a different one, as I am going to be talking about my mini break; my social media break.

Last month I realised how much of my time was consumed by aimless scrolling through Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest and I thought what am I actually achieving here? I would, without knowing, waste about 2 hours doing nothing but scrolling, and all I’d be left with was a deflated feeling. I decided that enough was enough, and wanted to have a life outside of my phone and bad social media habits. So I removed apps from my phone, I also removed apps from my home screen, so I wasn’t tempted to go on them and when I got home from work I left my phone on silent upstairs.

What I discovered from this whole process was how much I can do when I’m not on my phone and how much happier I am not getting so caught up in the social media world. Okay so now I sometimes feel like a recluse and have no idea with whats going on or if something is trending, but that’s about it. Social media is a way to escape from reality, but why did I want to escape from it? I’m very happy with my life, and I was miserable when I was looking on social media sites comparing my life and the way I look to people I don’t even know. I can enjoy spending time with loved ones without having to portray an image, having to think about posting something. I no longer have the Instagram panic of “I haven’t posted for 3 days”– it seems silly to think like that.

When I need a break from reality, I have found new ways to do this, which are actually more beneficial for my health and well-being. I do yoga twice a week now, which is really great in getting my body and mind to balance out again. I talk about things more with friends and family, instead of bottling it in and googling how to cope. I like that I can enjoy myself without having my phone out the whole time and capturing every single moment; instead I am living in the moment.

When I do go on social medai its only for around 15 minutes max and my main social media apps that I now use is Pinterest to get recipe ideas and Buzzfeed because I really like their quizzes (don’t judge). I’ve found enjoyment in losing myself in a book again, and in colouring in my mindfulness book. I got a new one for Christmas that I hadn’t even started, and its so relaxing taking a few hours to do that. I’ve also managed to actually watch TV and films- yes films all they way through without having my phone attached to my side.

Like I always say, I have such a love hate relationship with social media, but what this mini break has taught me, is that my life shouldn’t revolve around it. It wasn’t making me happy scrolling through aimelessly. I still have all my apps yes, but I’m more resourceful in the way I use them. I don’t go on them unless I need to go on them. It’s a last resort, instead of my first go to.

I hope you’ve had an amazing weekend and feel inspired to take a mini break yourself 🙂

Love Always,



Featured Image: https://www.levo.com/posts/what-is-your-mantra-for-dealing-with-stress


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