May Favourites and Highlights


I hope you are all really well! I can’t quite believe we are in June- where has the time gone?! May has been a really lovely and hectic month for me. There’s been birthdays upon birthdays and I’ve been up to my eyeballs with work. Remember when I said I was going stop online shopping? Yeah I’m back on it (guilty), but when you see the pieces you’ll understand why I just had to get them! Plus, I really needed some going out clothes- as its usually for a special occasion I wanted to look and feel fab!

I hope you’ve had an amazing month and enjoy this post 🙂

Beauty School Dropout

  • Neutrogena Pink Grapefruit Facial Wash £3.19

I’ve been breaking out in spots for the most of this year (I made it through my teenage years without them, and now they decide to attack me)?! So in a bid to beat the breakouts, I wanted to up my skincare routine and get a light, yet effective facial wash to use as part of my night time routine. After spending a good 15 minutes crouched on the floor in Superdrug reading the backs of the facial washes, I opted with this Neutrogena one, and no not just because its pink (well that was partly the reason). The main reason why I did opt for this one, over the others, was because it said that it would purify the skin without leaving it dry, which is what I find tends to happen when using a facial wash. This smells so good and is light on the skin, and makes a lovely creamy lather. It also comes off easily and my skin is looking more radiant.


  • The Ordinary Primer £4.00

So if your a big ASOS lover (like me), then you’ve probably seen this flash up a bunch of times on your feed. Its also been featured on quite a few vloggers and bloggers feeds to- so why are we loving this so much? I thought I would see what the big hype was all about. With it being free of parabens, sulphates and minerals, its gentle on skin. Whereas most primers are tinted- this one was white, moisturiser colour, which initially sent me into panic mode and I thought it was going to lighten my skin- but it made no difference to my skin tone, but it did make a difference in reducing blemishes and giving my make up that flawless look.


  • Maybelline The Falshies Mascara £7.99

I saw this advertised in Cosmpolition, and happened to be on the hunt for a new mascara. As much as I love my Max Factor one, I felt like I was constantly buying them, as they get used up quite quickly. I wanted a mascara to still give me the wow factor for my eyes, to be affordable and not to run out quite quickly– and so far? This one is ticking all my boxes. The curve of the brush really lengthens lashes and makes my eyes pop. As I wear glasses, I sometimes feel that my eyes can get lost behind the lens, but this really made my eyes stand out. Its not too overpowering to wear for in the day, but equally is great for a night out, teamed with a strong flick.


  • Milani Eye Tech Bold Liquid Eyeliner £6.99

I wanted an eyeliner that in one application gave me the perfect flick– I wanted it to stand out! I’d been recommended to use Milani products before, as they are cruelty free as well as being great value for money. I was very impressed with how quickly this product arrived and instantly loved it! Its so easy to use and makes my getting ready time much quicker. It glides over your eyelids perfectly and is really captivating. I will definitely be purchasing more products from here in the future.


  • Cantu Hair Cream £8.50

My hairdresser has been advising me to use this ever since I chose to go natural. She said it would be great to leave on overnight when I wrap my hair up and would reduce the amount of breakage, due to years of weaves and relaxing. But of course I thought that my hair would be fine and eventually big clumps of it would stop falling out on wash day. But I finally purchased it, and honestly- the motto of the story is to listen to your hairdresser. I cannot believe the difference in my hair. It looks so much more healthier! The past few wash days have been bliss and I’m not sat with hair covering me- hardly any fell out when I was combing in through and separating it. It was so amazing! I’m doing what my hairdresser told me to do and putting this on in the evening, and when I feel my hair is a bit dry- I use it as a mask. This is something that I don’t think I’d be able to live without now.


  • Birchbox £10

Last week I did a review (see here) all dedicated to my first Birchbox, but this has definitely been one of my favourite pieces purchased in May. It was such a lovely thing to come home to and I was so pleased with all the products supplied. Its just a lovely little pick me up, and I can’t wait for my June one.


Must Have Pieces

  • Black Satin Jumpsuit £32

As I said in my intro, I was really on the hunt for some more going out clothes this month, mainly because of the amount of birthday celebrations going on. A website I have been loving (which I will talk about more later on), is Silkfred, and they supply the best ideas and clothes for going out clothes. I feel I have a strong wardrobe for daytime and smart causal wear (such as causal drinks), but I lack inspiration when it comes to going out out. I really wanted a funky jumpsuit, as you know me, I love a good jumpsuit! And I fell in love with this 80’s disco inspired one. It was so easy to style and I can’t wait to wear this in winter with platform boots and faux fur.


  • Boob Tube Side Split Midi Dress £25

Again, Silkfred sorted me out with another going out delight. I love this dress and it makes me feel so sexy! I was worried that it was going to come up a bit short, as that seems to happen whenever I order dresses, but this hugs my body perfectly. I love that its red, as red is my colour for this year.


  • Floral Wide Leg Trousers £29.99

I really wanted some wide leg trousers for going out, but I was really struggling to find some that didn’t look basic! All of the wide leg trousers on my usual go to sites were block colours of nudes, pinks, camel and khaki, teamed with an equally uninspiring top. It’s not that I don’t dislike these tones, they just don’t suit me and I don’t feel comfortable. Zara being my ever saving grace, delivered when they had heaps and heaps of wide leg trousers that were patterned. As a woman who doesn’t usually opt for florals (like I said before I feel like a granny), I surprised myself that I wanted these. But I really love these trousers! They are the perfect Spring/Summer going out piece, as the material is very light, and the slits keep you cool.


  • Bershka Cropped Trousers with Frill £14.99

I’ve been deliberating about purchasing some frill hem trousers for quite some time now, and finally bit the bullet and just got some. At only £14.99 these trousers were a steal, and as soon as I tried them on, I loved them! They are such an easy piece to style and really works for an effortless look. Although the picture of them is red, I got mine with black, and teamed these with a white oversized shirt, my Chanel inspired heeled pumps, leather jacket and red crossbody bag.


  • Lee Freak Out T-Shirt £25

This was one of those ‘saw it, want it, got it’ moments. A typical Sunday morning scrolling through ASOS, and this flashed up- I loved it and got it right there and then. I was so excited when it arrived, but 10 minutes of having it on and my rabbit got poo on it- I was not impressed. So I haven’t actually left the house in this yet, but I can’t wait to wear this (rabbit not present).



Its been another month of great music, and I may have to do another music review soon, as there has been so much I’ve been loving.

  • Kendrick Lamar

I’m a big Kendrick Lamar fan, and although nothing is every going to compare to his ‘To Pimp A Butterfly’ album, I always look forward to new music from him. This month we saw the release of his latest album ‘Damn’. The two songs that have really stood out for me on this album are ‘Humble’ and ‘Loyalty’.


  • Paramore ‘Hard Times’

I was so excited when I learnt that Paramore were making a comeback, I used to love them as a teenager and I love this song ‘Hard Times’ by them. I forgot how captivating Hayley Williams voice is, and it made me go back and listen to Paramore and fall in love with them all over again.


  • Beyonce ‘All Night’

I am such a bad Beyonce fan and haven’t actually sat down, headphones in and listened to Lemonade all the way through, and I really need to! But I was reminded after overhearing this song, how much I love this song and it just gives me goosebumps.



  • Webiste: Silkfred

As I mentioned earlier, I came across Silkfred and am so in love with this website! It has such a wide range of items for every occasion, and I’ve also found the perfect grey knee high boots for Winter (getting organised). So far I have been really impressed with the quality of the clothes and also with the speedy delivery.


  • TV: Riverdale

Yes I have actually made time in my life to watch something on Netflix! Miracles! I didn’t think that I would like Riverdale that much, but turns out I got hooked really quickly and was non stop watching it over the course of a week. It was such a great TV programme and I really hope they do a season 2 (please).


  • Life Lessons from Ex-Friends by Anna Davies @Glamour

I really enjoyed reading this article, as Anna really highlighted how there’s nothing to help you when your dealing with a friendship breakdown. When we think about relationship break downs, we think of a couple splitting or a marriage breakdown, not have two friends falling apart. When I read it, it made me think about past friendships that have just ended for whatever reason, and what I learnt from them. There are a couple of people I hope one day to rekindle that friendship, but sometimes, just like in a relationship, you no longer suit one another. It was a really powerful read.



  • Stratford upon Avon

Wow going here seems ages ago now, but it was only at the beginning of May. I had such a lovely day out going to Stratford and visiting all things Shakespeare. Its such a lovely place to visit, with the tourist attractions of Shakespeare in the town centre, and the tranquillity and quaintness of the village by the river.


  • Craft Event

I was so happy to accompany Bethan to Kirstie Allsop’s Craft Event in Warwick in May. It was something so different and was such a lovely event. Although we missed the day to meet Kirsite, we did see Liz Earle! It was so fun doing the craft workshops, although I really couldn’t get my head around origami and we decided that crepes and coffee were the better options. There were so many amazing stalls and items to be amazed at.


  • Glee Club

I haven’t been to the Glee Club since my friend Ellie’s 21st – two years ago! Its something I really need to go to more, as I always have such a great time at them! The show was hilarious and its just such a great night out.


I hope you’re having a lovely weekend and enjoyed this post!

Love always,



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