My First Birchbox!

Hi Guys!

So this month I received my first Birchbox and it was the loveliest thing to come home too- as I didn’t  know what was waiting for me inside!

For £10 a month (excluding delivery fees), you can get an assortment of make up and beauty products to try out. It was really simple to create a profile on Birchbox, and they ask questions to tailor the monthly box to what you want. I was so pleased with everything in my Birchbox and couldn’t wait to try them all out.

So, what did I get?


Mineral Eyeshadow 
Shade- Fifty Shades

RRP £14.49

I haven’t tried this out as of yet, (actually going to try this out tonight for tonight’s antics), but this looks so lovely! Because its a mineral eyeshadow its not going to be as heavy on my eyes, as I never ever get eyeshadow right usually and stay within my safety net of champagne colours. So this will be something different, but will look great I feel when I want a smoky and more mysterious look. I can’t wait to try this out and I’ll be sure to let you know what the verdict is!



Punk Volumizer Mascara

RRP £18

The brush on this mascara is absolutely insane and amazing! It catches every lash and really gives you the wow factor. Its the perfect evening mascara! For me, as a glasses wearer, I often feel my eyes get lost behind the lenses. I feel that they are not the first thing people notice about me when it comes to my make up. So on Monday morning when I had my work colleague’s commenting on how nice my eyes looked, it was lovely to hear- I do have noticeable eyes after all wahoo! Its a really great product; one that I will definitely be investing in myself.


Beauty Protector

Protect & Volume Spray

RRP £18.50

Now this particular product I’m having to rely on my Mum’s verdict. As the clue is in the name- volume. A word that my hair and I do not want any more of. Since my mum has limp and lifeless hair (her words not mine, although I’d have to agree), she’s always keen to try anything going to boost her hair and add some volume. Plus it would cut down the amount of times she visits the hairdressers! Her verdict? So far so good! She says that it smells amazing, and its versatile, so you can use it on both wet and dry hair and it achieves similar results (great for days when your in a rush).


Doux Me

Pure Spring Mist

RRP £16

Now this is something I have been so grateful for over the past few days. We are in a middle of a heatwave over here in the UK (well its been hot for more than one day, so that’s a heatwave for us), and its had us all sweating! To keep me cool and collected though, I’ve been taking this little gem out with me. You can spray it on both your face and body (yes with make up on too), and it instantly gives you that refreshed and cooled feeling you’ve been craving. I took this out with me on Saturday night and was spraying all the girls in the bathrooms faces (one way to make friends I guess!) 

Apologies this is no longer on Birchbox- but is available from Vinted.



Firming Body Cream

RRP £27

This is again a product I haven’t tried out as of yet, but anything to help get rid of blemishes and tones me up without having to go to the gym, then I’m down to try it! I’ve had a sniff of this lotion and it smells dreamy! I can’t wait to try this out and see it work its magic to give me a firm, even skin tone.


Benefit “They’re Real”

Dual Purpose Tinted Lash Primer

RRP £20.50

I’m absolutely obsessed with this product and will be purchasing this as soon as! This mascara lengthened my eyelashes, and gave them that wow factor, and it stayed on all day and night! No drunk tears could even break this mascara! As I don’t really get along with false eyelashes (glasses teamed with clumsiness makes for a disaster), I still want the false eyelash look. So products such as these, are perfect for me, in giving me the desired look I want, without all the fuss.


This is such a lovely monthly subscription to have, and you can cancel at anytime. Its such a great way to try and test products before splurging on loads. (p.s. apologies for the spacing)!

I hope you’ve enjoyed this post and are having a lovely Bank Holiday Weekend!

Love Always,



Want your own Birchbox? Click here!


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