Topshop Wishlist

Hi Guys!

I thought I would do another wish-list post, in a sort of backwards way to prevent me from spending money. I can admire from a distance, I guess! Me and Topshop have had our ups and downs over the years, but now we have a strong loving relationship and their clothes make me feel good about myself- the way it should be!

So here are my Spring Favourites from Topshop…

Stripe Shirt Dress (Boutique range) £75

On the higher end of the price range, but this is just the perfect stripe shirt dress I have come across yet. Its the perfect length, has great structure and definition; and the sleeves?! Just perfect! It’s also one of the view shirt dresses I’ve found that doesn’t make you look like wee willy winky running through the down in his nightgown. The slits in the dress and back detail, just make it that little bit more sexy. Its a great spin on a typical corporate shirt look and is ideal for both work and play. I’d team this with either white flatform trainers or with some grey flat mules.

Ring Midi Skirt £39

Another great work piece that I love is this black ring midi skirt. Its a simple classic black midi skirt, but the ring just makes something once so boring and again corporate, just have a bit more character about it. Who says looking smart had to be boring? I’d team this with either flat pointed ballet pump shoes or barely there heels, and with a ruffle white sheer blouse.

Strappy Floral Jumpsuit £42

This was a surprising pick for me, as I don’t do florals. I don’t even think I own anything floral (sits and thinks for 5 minutes and forgets the point). But I do love florals- just not on me. They just don’t suit me, and no matter how on trend the piece is, or the style of the piece- I just feel like a granny. Maybe its because I wear glasses and have curly hair? Who knows! But whatever it is, I can appreciate florals, just not wear them. But if your one of the lucky ladies who can- then this jumpsuit is a must have!

I love that the flowers are of an oriental design, and that the jumpsuit is of culotte length (aka the best length). This is such a versatile piece, and can go from day to night really quickly. This piece would look great teamed with some chunky black sandals (think Doc Martens), or if its a bit cooler, some black patent ankle boots and a leather jacket.

Belted Spot Plisse Trousers £34 (anyone know what plisse even means)?

These kind of crepe designed trousers are a must have! Keeping in trend with all things polka dot, they are comfy, practical and bang on trend. Again I feel that they are piece that can go from day to night. Keeping in causal in the day with trainers and a roll neck top, and then switching it up with heels, an off shoulder crop and a faux fur jacket for the evening.

Feather Heeled Sandals £49

I don’t know why I like these so much- but they are so girly and fluffy! Probably the most impractical shoe when I live in rainy Britain, but they look so cute! They are the kind of shoe that just instantly make you feel good and sexy. Okay so I wouldn’t wear these for a night out, but an indoor event or occasion? Yeah that will do!

I hope you liked this style wishlist, I really enjoy doing these kind of posts!

Have a great day!

Love Always,




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