April Favourites

Hello! Another month is done and I can’t believe we are approaching May! Next we will be talking about Christmas again! I am sorry to say that there is no highlights post featured in this monthly, purely due to the fact that I have been ill and haven’t had the energy to do anything. However, I am feeling much better now and can’t wait to actually do stuff again!

I hope you’ve had an amazing April and enjoy this post 🙂

Fashion & Accessories

  • Bex Bea Rings

I really wanted some midi rings, as I used to have quite a few but lost them somewhere on nights out I’m assuming. But I really love midi rings, so thought I would make the rare purchase of some jewellery. I don’t tend to buy much jewellery (which is ironic since I work in the Jewellery sector), as I wear the same silver moonstone rings and occasionally a necklace. I am far too clumsy to wear any bracelets or thin chains, as I just end up breaking them! But I ventured out and purchased this set of midi rings from Bex Bea via Etsy. The rings are great and fit my fingers perfectly, so I don’t have the fear that I am going to lose them on a night out. Delivery was quick and efficient too, which is always a plus! I love Etsy, as its a great way to support the independent community.


Bex Bea £9

  • Gingham Off Shoulder Top

Gingham is so hot right now for Spring, but I didn’t want the classic black and white look, and felt like a school girl with blue and white. So I opted for this pink and white gingham dream from Topshop. I love that it’s off shoulder, and its such a pretty top that looks lovely thrown together with some high waisted mum jeans or with a denim skirt; teaming both with converse. Make sure you get yourself a gingham piece (and this one is a winner for me).


TOPSHOP Gingham Sleeve Top £29

  • Fishnet Socks

Fishnet tights are a no, but fishnet socks on the other hand? I’ll take those! (And I have). These look great with a pair of loafers, and just a nice simple way to jazz up an outfit.


ASOS Fishnet Ankle Socks £4

  • Denim Culotte Dungarees

I love dungarees, but at 23 and still having the face of a 16 year old (you know the ones that actually look 16, not 25 layered in make up?), I can’t really pull of old school dungarees. But ASOS, as it always does, came to my rescue and delivered this beautiful alternative. Denim- tick, culottes, tick, dungarees that don’t look like dungarees- tick tick tick tick! It’s so comfy and is super flattering on- another great Spring piece! Unfortunately the exact one I have is no longer available, but this one is very similar.


ASOS Denim Dungarees £42

Media & Apps


The People VS OJ Simpson

This was on the TV ages ago, but then some football thing happened and they cut the whole programme short and it never returned again (mysterious). But thankfully, Netflix presented us with it, so I was able to watch the entire series this time without football ruining my life. I didn’t really know that much about the OJ Simpson case, so it was very interesting to watch and read about further as well. There is a flawless cast and how its screened is really good- I’d highly recommend.



Beauty & The Beast

As they are remaking everything Disney (although I’m not happy about a potential Mulan remake *eye twitches *), I really wanted to see this, as I love Beauty & The Beast and also love Emma Watson. She was so beautiful as Belle and since I have only ever seen her as Hermione, it was really nice to see her in such a different role. As well I feel she was the perfect Belle, due to Belle’s strong character, and Emma is such a strong and inspiring woman. It was just as magical as the original (although nothing will beat the originals).


The Wolf Of Wall Street

It has shamefully took me three years to watch this God damn film! I just never seem to have the patience to sit for three hours to watch a film. Plus if I watch it in bed (which has been my mistake I feel), then I just end up falling asleep. So, as it was on the TV one Friday, I decided that I would not get distracted and sit on the sofa and watch it- and I made it through the whole film. I’m really glad I watched it so I now understand the big hype it had, but I am never watching it again- once was enough!



The Amazons ‘Black Magic’

Here comes another Indie band. But this band really stood out for me, due to the lead singer (Matt Thompson’s) electrifying voice that just pulls you in. Its a bit more of a rockier band compared to what I usually listen to, but they are a new favourite of mine.


ZAYN ‘Still Got Time’

I really love the tempo and beat of this song, plus Zayn’s voice is just lovely to listen to isn’t it? It’s a really nice chilled pick me up song.



Natural Cycles

You may have seen this app advertised, but if you download an app today, make sure its this one. This is the little helper you need to help keep track of your cycle. Whether you just want a bit of a heads up for your period, want to avoid getting pregnant or are trying for a baby- then this is the app you need.

Using a basal thermometer (you can get these from any drug store), you input your temperature daily, first thing in the morning before you get out of bed. By measuring your body temperature, it can calculate your ovulation. You can add further data in daily, such as if you are on your period or if you’ve done an LH test. It’s a really clever and great app. I leave my thermometer on my bedside table on top of my phone so that when my alarm goes off, I know to reach for my thermometer.



Pukka Herbal Collection

As I promised myself to get back into drinking more herbal tea, this little selection of goodies from Pukka has been great in kicking me back into loving herbal teas. Coming with a selection of 5 different teas, its extended my love for herbal tea beyond mint. Detox has been a firm favourite of mine, its really refreshing and makes me feel awake and ready for the day, with its ingredients of aniseed, fennel and cardamom. As I’ve been feeling under the weather, the lemon, ginger and manuka honey has really been soothing for me, as well as energising. Finally, the night time blend of organic oat flower, lavender and lime flower has also been a strong contender, and given me peaceful nights.


British Curlies

I stumbled across the perfect website on my hunt for some very specific hair cream. And it goes by the name British Curlies. I’m so happy that I found this website as it holds all the hair products a curly head like me could want, as well as styling tips, videos and articles. It’s just a hub bursting with curly and afro hair products and ideas!


Apologies again that there was no highlights this month, unless you really want to hear about me going back and forth to the doctors? (Didn’t think so).

Have a lovely bank holiday!

Love always,




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