100% Real

Suicide rates are at an all time high
Depression and anxiety follow us around like an annoying fly
Let’s talk about it” scream the campaigns
Wanting to know why we are all in pain.

But let me shed some light on the matter
Point you in the direction of who is to blame
And you’ll see, very clearly, a red sign.

Red signals bad right?
And if this was a boxing match, then this one wins the fight
Let me introduce you to YouTube…

Hi guys welcome to my channel”
Morning guys, welcome to my vlog”
Hey guys, so today I’m doing my daily vlog”

These are our leaders and inspirations
Well my idol is Gordon Ramesy, so get out and shut the fuck up!

I blog yes, but I’m not filming before I even leave my bed
I’m not sharing pointless things, like how long I like to shower and things
This is life and I like to live it.

I’m tired of these idols making us idle
Where are the real people?
Where are the inspirations?
Where are the raw people; with big minds and big hearts
Who stay up way past the dark
Who swear and curse and have too much to say
And are perfect in their own unique way.

I look around and struggle to find the like minded person
Who’s reading a book, not on their phone
Who’s tapping their feet to the beat from their headphones
Who dresses like an individual not like a clone.

I’m looking for a 100% real person.

And then I looked in the mirror and smiled.

I smiled at people on my commute, the real ones smiling back
And I sighed, with relief
That I don’t have this red monster following me.

I get to live my day in the most perfect, imperfect way.

Cover Image via http://diply.com/publisher/pea


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