How To Dress For… A Wedding

Hi Guys!

Wedding season is dawning upon us (dun dun dun) and I thought that I would do a guide on What To Wear To A Wedding. Whether you’re after a classic look or a more demure look- I’ve got the goods.

In this blog, I’ve made some suggestions for whatever look you want to go for- but the main rule is DO NOT WEAR WHITE– follow that one simple rule and all will be fine- enjoy 🙂


Think lace, think faux fur, think chic and think Chanel- and you’ve got yourself a classical look for a wedding.

I love this lace dress from Topshop, its so elegant and perfect for a Spring/Summer wedding. The pastel green tone of this dress screams Spring, whilst the midi and lace style of it radiates elegance. Team this with some Chanel inspired shoes- such as these from Office (or actual Chanel shoes) and a chain detail strap bag, and some faux fur and your good to go.

The second dress I love from Topshop is this Bell Sleeve one. It’s not a piece I would usually go for, but its such a beautiful dress and would be perfect for a classical look. Its an effortless piece and is a really elegant look. Team this with pink barley there heels, a little fur bag and maybe a headpiece (if you want to be really classical) and you’re on to a winner.

Essentials for a Classic Look…

Lace, Faux Fur, Chanel, Midi Style Dress, Pastel Tones


For a more dramatic look, opt for a bold colour such as electric blue, royal blue or a satin red and team with silver heels for a fun, yet eye catching outfit.

I love this frilled maxi dress from ASOS, it reminds me of a flamenco lady (I’m really loving this style of clothing at the moment) and its just so fun and sexy.

Another ASOS dress I’m loving is this gorgeous kimono style maxi in satin red. Another fun and sexy outfit, that you will definitely be remembered by; you’ll make a statement without taking the attention away from the bride.

Team both with these gorgeous silver heels from Public DesirePublic Desire and good old clutch bag.

Essentials for a Dramatic Look…

Maxi Style Dress, Statement Colour or Pattern, Big Heels, One Shoulder Style, Clutch Bag


Cutie Pie

A cutie pie dress should be that- it should be cute and fun! Think florals, glitter and satin- and a tulip style or prom style dress is a must for this look.

I love this prom style dress from Topshop; with an iconic Jacquard print and pastel tones its the perfect cutie pie look. Team this with some small strappy heels and a glittery bag and you’ll look the sweetest thing!

Another Jacquard dress I love is this one from Coast’s range at John Lewis. Going for a more traditional take on the Jacquard dress, this can easily be made more fun with the addition of the glittery clutch, but at least you won’t be mistaken for being under age and missing out on the free bar, due to its more traditional look.

Essentials for a Cutie Pie Look…

Tulip Style, Prom Style, Jacquard Style, Small Heels, Glitter, Florals


When comfort comes first in life and in fashion (me all over), then the last thing you want to do is spend a day pulling and prying at a dress. So instead for occasions such as this, my go to (as always) is a jumpsuit. Both of these are again from ASOS.

I love this nude strapless one, its so pretty and I’d feel really sexy in it. I’d team this with some 70’s inspired platform shoes to add extra height, due to the flare on the leg and put a cute fluffy bag with it.

For this striking piece- this colour is amazing is it not- (okay so its kind of a marmite moment with it; but I love it). I would team with with some gold courts and again with a fluffy bag.

Essentials for a Comfortable Look…

Jumpsuit, Flared Legs, Structured, 70’s Inspired

I hope you find useful and it gives you some fashion inspiration.

Hope you’ve had a lovely Bank Holiday Weekend!

Love Always,



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