How To Dress For… A Baby Shower

This year is already jam packed full to the brim with ‘adult’ things. When did I get to that age; the age of planning and attending engagement parties, baby showers, christenings and weddings- I am not prepared for this! (Deep breath). But for this new era of celebrations thrust upon me; with it has come a ‘how do I dress for this’ dilemna. But I think I may have cracked it!

In this post I’ve suggested some ideas to wear for a baby shower, in particular, just because I was at one recently. Hopefully it will give you some ideas how to dress for an occasions such as this 🙂


When I think of a baby shower, I automatically think of pastel colours-and quite a few of the pieces I’ve selected are pastel. I think its just such a baby associated colour (as well as being spring associated). The store that seems to have the ideal baby shower attire is ZARA, with their simplistic yet elegant style– they are the perfect look for a baby shower and these are my top picks…


Frill Sleeve Dress £29.99


Embodied Mini Dress £39.99


Midi Tunic with Print £39.99


Sneakers with Bow £19.99 (steal!)


Slingback Espadrilles £19.99


My trustworthy ASOS also delivered the goods when it came to looking for the perfect baby shower piece. With them stocking such a wide range of clothes and brands, its the best place to find everything your looking for (which is why I love it so much). My top picks are…


Midi Floral Print Dress £22.50


Heeled Sandals £42


Wedge Sandals £22


And finally, last but not least, onto Olive. Olive always have the cutest designs ever and they are perfect clothing brand I feel, for ultra cute and creative outfits. Whether its a baby shower your attending- or if its your own baby shower- you’ll be sure to find something you love from here. The clothes are great quality and flatter every figure. They are definitely a brand I will be using a lot of when I’m a mum. My top picks…


Corduroy Flower Embroidered Grey Dress £59


Spring Flower Baby Doll Dress £69

Baby Showers are fun and a time of celebration (plus there’s loads of food)– whether you are hosting one, its your own one or you are attending one- these outfits will see you through.

I hope this helped in knowing what to wear to one!

I hope you’ve had a lovely weekend and a great day.

Love always,




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