March Favourites and Highlights

Hello! It was April Fool’s Day yesterday and another year has gone by where I have fallen for all of the April Fool pranks (dammit)! March has seemed like an incredibly long month for some reason, but it has been a very enjoyable one all the same. I’ve done quite a fair bit this month, and I feel like this month is going to be hard to beat, but I have so much more to look forward to in April too. You’ll be very surprised to see that there is no fashion favourites included in this post (say what!) I am a changed woman and I am doing well at not buying clothes unless its absolutely necessarily- (well there’s some culottes mentioned, but not a whole section dedicated to clothes). Anyway, I hope you have had a marvellous March and enjoy this post 🙂


  • VEET Precision Trimmer £15.99

You may have seen this advertised alongside The Only Way Is Essex (a guilty pleasure of mine), but its so good! Its got various heads to use, so you can use this for bikini lines, eyebrows- whatever. It’s such a great little device to get rid of those annoying hairs in a non painful, yet effective way.


  • Dirty Works ‘Hello Weekend’ Body Spray £1.50

I usually carry perfume around in my bag, but sometimes you just need some spray to pop in your bag, especially when its getting warmer now (15 degrees in the UK is our heatwave). Having used Impulse for years, I wanted a mix up, and was very impressed with the smell and quality of this little gem! Dirty Works is a brand exclusive to Sainsbury’s, and they supply a wide range of great beauty products. This smells like summer and at £1.50- I’m not complaining!


  • Collection 2000 Primer £3.99

As I spoke about recently in my What’s in my Make Up Bag post, I am recently new to using primer and am no expert on which primer is best, but this one seems to be doing a great job so far. It gives me and even coverage for my foundation, and also covers my blemishes. If you have any good recommendations for good value primers let me know 🙂


  • L’Oreal True Match Foundation £9.99

Again, I spoke about this in my What’s in my Make Up bag post, but I am really impressed with this foundation; and the more I use it, the more I love it! Its a steal at £9.99 and I only need to apply the smallest amount to give me and even and full coverage. Its the perfect shade for my skin, is lightweight and lasts all day.


  • NYX Highlighter £7.00

I had a bit of a make up blow out (if you couldn’t tell), and this highlighter is my favourite purchase ever! A little of this goes a long way, and I much prefer using a liquid based highlighter as opposed to a powder one, as it easier to apply, and for me, gives a better result. NYX has easily become my favourite make up brand that I trust, and they have never disappointed.


Bits & Bobs

  • Misguided Culottes £25

I have been living in these culottes– they are so comfy, flattering, great for both day and night and super easy to style- all the best things in the world! I love how they are pleated and have a kind of crepe effect- it gives that little extra flair! I have been loving Misguided so much recently as well and will do a Misguided wish list soon.


  • Lubylu Mojiti Candle (gifted) £9.00

I am a big supporter of independent stores, restaurants and cafes, so I am so excited to share this candle with you! Based in Leeds, Lubylu makes affordable and amazing smelling candles. They come in an eco-friendly box and the mojiti one smells so good- and even has glitter on it! They are a perfect gift idea for loved ones, whilst also supporting independent businesses.


  • ‘Be Wild’ Drinks Cup

I needed a new drinks cup for work, as I wanted one to put my juice in- as I’m apparently a diva and wanted a separate drinks holder for my water and my juice (but its because even when you wash it you can still taste the juice!) Anyway, I was on quite a big hunt for a cute drinks cup with straw- that wasn’t unicorn related- why is everything unicorn related?! (deep breaths) and it was Primark that delivered in their Jungle Book themed drinks cup. It ticked all the boxes- Disney, Jungle Book, An Elephant, A Good Quote- and best of all it was only a few pounds- winning!


  • ‘There’s A Chance This Is Gin’ Mug

I received this off my friend Jo as a belated birthday present, and its one my favourite mugs now. Also my mum is pleased I am getting a nice mug collection of my own ready for when I move out, (meaning I will leave her a nice collection of her own and not take all the good ones). I love that the font on the writing, is the perfect cappuccino mug and its rose gold- so on trend!


That’s Entertainment!

  • Article- Fearne Cotton’s Letter to Honey

I have been so terrible when it comes to settling down with a good book recently- but nothing has been catching my eye- so if any of you have any good books to recommend let me know- I’m at a loss! But this letter to Honey, was so lovely and beautiful and was basically talking about Fearne’s wishes for her daughter and how much she loves her and advice for the future- it was adorable!


  • Artist- Laura Mvula- SHE

I’ve loved Laura Mvula ever since I discovered her, but you know when you don’t listen to an artist daily or regularly then you listen to them again and you re fall in love with them? Well that’s what’s happened here. She has such a soothing, yet powerful voice and I’ve had the track ‘She’ on repeat.


  • The Weeknd- I Feel It Coming

I really couldn’t stand Starboy, I don’t know why, there was just something about the song that irritated me. But The Weeknd restored my faith in him by releasing this track and this is another song I’ve had on repeat.


  • TV: Call the Midwife

For someone who can’t watch anything to do with hospitals or childbirth, without feeling faint, it always surprises myself, and my family, that when a new season of Call The Midwife comes around, I sit religiously every Sunday night to watch it. This season was the most emotional one yet for me- I cried an average of 4 times per episode! I was a mess! But its because its so much more than just watching women give birth; there is a message behind the stories and that’s what gets me. It explores so many important issues such as FGM and thalidomide.


  • Film: Logan

So I actually left the house and went to the cinema! I can’t even remember when the last time was that I went to the cinema, its been a few months I know that much. I am a big movie lover, so it has been very difficult not going to the cinema religiously. It’s just because everything has been so hectic all the time there was no time! But with my week off work, I took the opportunity to go to the cinema to see the much anticipated Logan. It was amazing and I would recommend seeing it in IMAX for an even better experience– I also cried (don’t know what’s wrong with me and my tears at the moment), but yes its definitely worth a watch.



  • Spa Day

As a birthday present for my mum I booked for us to go for a spa day, at a spa local to us. It’s one we’ve been going to for years, so its one that I trust and always have an enjoyable and relaxing experience. I had a full body massage with oils, a facial and manicure and felt very pampered and refreshed. It was also really nice to spend time with my mum.


  • Baby Shower

One of my friends from uni is ready to pop this month actually! So in March it was so lovely to have a mini uni reunion and celebrate her being pregnant. I’ve never been to a baby shower (but I guess this is now the norm, now that I am adult adult?), so I didn’t really know what to expect. But it was so much fun, and was a great opportunity to see my uni girls.


  • Ricky Gervais

For my birthday present off my partner he got us tickets to see Ricky Gervais, in Bournemouth. So it was an excuse for a mini break down south. Ricky Gervais was hilarious and I had such a great time, as well as exploring the countryside and visiting Southampton. It was a lovely little mini break.


  • Blossoms

I feel like I’ve been waiting to see Blossoms for ages! And finally I got the chance to see them. The gig was so good and they are really great live. I like when a band really engages with the audience too, and they did that and were very sweet.


I hope you’ve had a wonderful March and made some great memories!

Love always,




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