35 Facts About Me

Hi Guys! I thought I’d do something a bit different (I seem to be saying that a lot), and do a getting to know me post. Below are a host of things to get to know me better. I’ve got my favourite things, things I dislike and some secrets about me (oooh)happy reading 🙂

  • I’m mixed race- half Jamaican and half British- my dad is Jamaican and my mum British

  • I’m 23 years old and my birthday is 25th February

  • My favourite film is Breakfast At Tiffany’s

  • My favourite Disney film (yes that deserves another category) is Pocahontas

  • My favourite film genre is action, sci-fi, comedy- I don’t do romantic films apart from About Time as that was beautiful



  • I have 5 tattoos- on my fingers, left upper arm and on the back of my neck, and yes I want more (a sleeve)

  • My celebrity crush is James Franco

  • The quote I live by is “what’s life without a little adventure”

  • My weaknesses- is that I can be too calm about things I shouldn’t be, I’m really bad at replying and I have a shoe addiction

  • I would describe my style as comfy and fun



  • My favourite foods are burgers (oh yeah I’m no longer veggie- forgot to say- the burgers pulled me back to the dark side), all the cheeses, croissants and pineapple

  • My favourite drinks are Sailor Jerry’s and coke, peach squash, pineapple juice and ginger beer

  • My favourite meal of the day is breakfast (I post a lot of breakfast posts on Instagram)

  • My favourite places are Brixton in London, Berlin and Paris

  • I can’t stand- people who chomp on their food or slurp their drinks and the word moist



  • I am petrified of spiders, so much so that I have spider spray that I spray religiously daily and a plug in spider away diffuser and I never leave my windows open at night regardless of the temperature, in case they creep in!

  • I’m a secret nerd- I have Star Wars merchandise, all the Marvel films and am the first in the cinema when a new Stark Trek, Star Wars or Marvel film is out (and I may have some comics)

  • Favourite Song EVER is Cosmic Love by Florence and The Machine

  • I love going to the theatre to watch the ballet and go annually, when I was younger I used to do ballet and wanted to be a ballet dancer

  • My favourite TV programmes- Bad Education, Gavin and Stacey, Call the Midwife, Breaking Bad, Pablo and Sex and The City- they’re the ones that I’ve really invested in and dedicated time to

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  • Favourite TV genres- crime, reality and documentaries

  • When I was younger I wanted to be a ballet dancing vet (multi-tasking at its finest), then I realised I am far too squeamish!

  • My goal in life is to make a difference to people- if I’ve helped someone or made someone’s day slightly better or brightened it

  • My icon is Audrey Hepburn

  • I’m an Autumn lover- I love the weather, colours and clothes

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  • I always fall asleep in car journey longer than 10 minutes and every time once the plane has took off (I’m a real good travel companion)

  • My favourite book is Alice in Wonderland, because its so wacky and I love the quotes throughout- my favourite being “Do you suppose she’s a wild flower?”

  • I love singing and am always singing at home and in the shower, and it is something I would quite like to pursue, but its the one thing I am shy about

  • I don’t trust mushrooms being cooked by someone else- I think they are slugs!

  • My favourite smell is fresh laundry and sandalwood (and yes I have candles of both and burn them together for a heavenly scent)



  • My favourite animal is an elephant, I find them so wise and peaceful

  • I have a pet house rabbit called Pebble

  • I want a French Bulldog, British Bulldog and Bernes Mountain dog during my lifetime

  • The first thing people notice about me is my hair

  • I could not live without coconut body lotion



I hope you enjoyed reading this, and get a bit more of an understanding me (and don’t find some of my pet peeves to weird)! Have a great day!

Love always,





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