What’s In My Make Up Bag

Hi Guys! I’m sure you’re all dying to know what’s in my make up bag right? (well probably not). But either way I’m going to share with you. I think there’s something quite secretive and scarce in sharing whatever is lurking in your handbag or make up bag- it reveals you. But this is also kind of a way to share my make up routine at the same time and the products I use and swear by. I love make up, but like I am with my clothes, I am savvy and opt for the high street and best value for money make up products.

Collection 2000 Primer £3.99

I only recently started using primer, but it has really made a difference to my make up. The coverage of my foundation is more even as a result, and it makes my concealer, foundation and BB cream glide on with ease. I love Collection 2000 products, they are amazing value for money and they always work wonders for me.


Superdrug’s Own BB Cream £6.99

I love Superdrug’s own products, as they are great value for money and do the job. Plus they never test on animals- so its the ultimate winner! I used to wear BB cream all the time, then for some unknown reason just didn’t purchase it, until last year. I forgot how great BB cream is in reducing the appearance of blemishes, and is also my replacement to foundation when it gets to summer.



No7 Beautifully Matte Foundation £14.50

I swear by No7 for a product, its in such a great price range and this foundation is perfect for when I want a matte look. I tend to use this on days when I’m going to be really busy and running around a lot. I also use it when I am going travelling, via train or plane, as I feel that it really lasts all day.

L’Oreal True Match Foundation £9.99

This is relatively new foundation that I have just started to use. I went onto POWDER, which recommends you products based on what you want from a product, and is where I get all of my information from when I am researching a new product to try out. I got recommended 3, but this L’Oreal one really stood out for me. I know that blogger Sarah Ashcroft always goes on about her love for this, and her make up is flawless, so I wanted to see whether it was worth the hype. And so far? Yes it is! I gives my skin such a lovely glowing look, perfect for nights out and as we approach spring.



Collection 2000 Lasting Perfection £3.49

I use two concealer’s, one to cover the areas to give my face a flawless finish, and the other (below), which I use to cover spots. The areas where you should apply concealer are highlighted on the diagram below.


Revolution Focus and Fix £2.00

I use this one specifically for when I have spots and to cover them with. It’s not as heavy as the other product, so I feel that they are covered as much as possible, without caking them in make up that it makes them worse.


NYX Dark Circle Concelar £6.50

Again, another product recommended to me via POWDER. I really wanted/needed an effective dark eye cover, as adult life took its toll on me, where it was goodbye naps and hello 5:30am alarms! I love NYX products, especially their lipsticks, and as a brand I trust and love and again great value for money, I was more than happy to try this out. This is now part of my daily routine and a product I cannot leave the house without applying it. You don’t need to apply much of this either, as a little goes a long way, so this product lasts quite a while.


NYX Liquid Illuminator £7.00

Okay, last time that I mention POWDER (but it is fab and helps me out a lot), but I was in search of a liquid highlighter as I wasn’t really getting on with the powder highlighter, as it looked to streaky or wasn’t really in the areas that I wanted it to be, so I thought I would give liquid highlighter a go instead. This highlighter is so good and as its liquid, it is easy to apply to the areas you want. Again you don’t need a lot for it be effective and give you that glowing look you’re after. I apply this after I’ve applied foundation, as it goes on easier and blends easier with my bronzers.


Dirty Works Eyelash Curler £4.00

I’ve been using Dirty Works Eyelash Curlers for years, and I originally got it because well its pink! And after years of using this brand, and trying some others out, Dirty Works remains my number one. I hold this on my upper eyelashes for 30 seconds either side.



Revolution Bronzer Kiss £2.00

I’ve always been loyal to Rimmel Sunkissed Bronzer, but felt it was time for a change. Revolution products are fab and great value for money, so I felt confident in purchasing this and knowing that it would give me the desired look I was after. This is great coverage, and is the perfect shade for me. It also comes with a handy mirror on the back and travel application pad- great for on the go and an item I always put in my handbag.


Revolution Vivid Baked Bronzer £4.00

With the Rimmel Sunkissed Bronzer it was shimmery but not shimmery enough, and I wanted a bronzer which made me dazzle, and this one does the trick! It immediately makes a difference and gives you a gorgeous healthy glow.


Collection 2000 Extreme 24 Hour Felt Tip Eyeliner £2.99

I’ve been using this for years and I don’t think I will ever steer away from using this product. For clumsy me, this is the easiest way to apply winged liner effortlessly.

Max Factor Masterpiece Mascara £9.99

I use the brown black shade of mascara, as I have hazel eyes and this shade makes my eyes pop. This mascara is my favourite, as it makes me eyelashes look full and long. I do feel like I go through this really quickly, but its the only mascara I have been loyal to.


23 Lipsticks

Don’t worry I’m not going to list them all, (but 23 for a 23 year old seems good)

But the brands that I use are…





Maybelline and Barry M


I only ever where subtle eye-shadow for events or when I am going out in the evening. As a teenager I thought it was a great idea to wear eye-shadow to match the top I was wearing that day. So I rocked, hot pink, deep blue, bright blue, green and even orange back in the day. You know those Barry M creams that were around? Yup them. And since the pictures of me during that phase haunt me, as much as I like eye-shadow I can’t wear it daily, so I keep it for special occasions only and go for warm colours such as bronze colours, which makes my eyes pop a little bit more, but isn’t causing embarrassment. The ones I swear by are…

Barry M Dazzle Dust in Bronze £4.59 (and yes I still use this)

Yes I know Dazzle Dust brings back memories of 16 year old me trying to get glammed up for my first house party. But although I wouldn’t be seen dead in emerald green dazzle dust, I do still love the bronze version. Its more subtle, but gives that bit of extra oompfh to my make up for the evening.


MUA Eyeshadow in Champagne £1.00

Sometimes, when I can be bothered, I wear eye shadow in the daytime too. This subtle shade from MUA is perfect for a daytime look.


Collection 2000 Sheer Loose Powder £2.99

For day to day I usually set my make up with powder instead of spray. It holds my make up in place throughout the day, only needing a little re application now and again. I also take this with me when I go away, as it leaves room for more liquids.


MUA Fixing Spray £4.00

I use fixing spray normally for a night out. I feel it holds my make up on longer and is more durable for an evening in a bar or a sweaty club. But then when it gets to the end of the night who really cares?


Studio Brush Cleaner £7.00

I try to clean my brushes every month or so and replace them when they are worn. I also purchase new brushes whenever I buy a new make up product. This particular cleaner came with my recent purchase of a make up brush set, and its really great! It made my brushes look brand new!


So that’s what’s in my make up bag!

I hope you’ve had a lovely weekend 🙂

Love always,




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