What Motivates Me

I’ve been feeling a bit meh and demotivated recently. I don’t know whether its because its drawing to the end of my week off work and I’m now bored or what. But whatever it is I was in serious need of motivation!

I am perhaps the most irritatingly organised human alive! I have got things planned and scheduled up until May! Be it events or just things I need to do; whatever it is- I’ve got a list for that. I’ve got post it notes coming out of my ears and if you need something planning I’m your gal. Yes I should be a PA (anyone?) but I just really like being organised. But even for the most organised person, with my do lists, and lists of lists- I do sometimes get demotivated and want nothing more than to curl up, watch Netflix and take no adult responsibility. But in these instances, I need a kick up the bum to get me going again- and these are some things that give me that ‘ You Got This’ buzz…

Yoga and Pilates

I have a gym membership but its a love hate relationship. Hands up I’m never going to be a gym bunny and as much as I admire women who have this get up and go to the gym, mines a more get up and go to the fridge– and I’ okay with that. I do sometimes have these large bursts of energy and will go to the gym religiously all for about a month and then I stop. But what I have been getting back into is yoga and pilates. I used to do this when I was at uni (as spending money on booze was more important than a gym membership), but in the comfort of my little room I used to do yoga and pilates. I did start by watching Youtube videos and there are some great ones out there, but I then just purchased some DVDS as well. So I’ve got back into doing that a couple of times a week. Pilates is great for a workout and increasing flexibility and yoga really relaxes me after a busy day. So I a making time to ensure that I practice these. Exercise is great for both body and mind, and these are the perfect workouts for me to clear my head and get me going again.


Green Tea

With early mornings and late nights, coffee has become my biggest muse, and as once an avid green tea lover, I kind of gave it up as I entered the full time working life. But green tea has so many benefits, as well as actually uplifiting me and making me feel alert. So I’m bringing it back! And I’ve got a lovely stock of green teas to indulge in.


Planning Ahead

As a planner ahead anyway, this comes naturally for me. But planning ahead really does motivate you, as you have something to work towards and look forward to. Be it planning ahead in terms of a bucket list, an achievement by the end of the year or even something small- such as if you complete something then you deserve that piece of cake you’ve been eyeing up- it really motivates you!


My Friends/Family

Whenever I’m feeling a little lost in this very weird world we live in, I am always grounded by my friends and family. They know me the best and will tell me what I need to hear not what I want to hear. They are my biggest supporters and I’m forever grateful to have them in my life. Just talking with loved ones can get you back on track and reminds you to appreciate the little moments in life, as well as the big ones.


Reminding Myself of Past Achievements/How Much I’ve Grown As a Person

When I think back to even the person I was a couple of years ago, I am reminded of the growth and change I have made; how I’ve grown as a person and what I’ve achieved. Its important than on days when you are feeling demotivated and your at the end of your tether, to think about of everything you have achieved. And ask yourself- are you proud of the person you have become?


Compare Yourself With Yourself Not With Others

As I say time and time again, never compare yourself to others- its not healthy! Instead compare yourself to yourself. What traits do you and others admire about you, what makes you you, and what do you need to work on?


Be Inspired

Who inspires you the most and who do you look up to? Whenever I am feeling demotivated I like to read about my idol (Audrey Hepburn) and be inspired and admire her achievements. It gives me that ‘I Can Do This’ feeling that I need.


These are some of the ways I motivate myself- what are some of yours?

Hope your having a great Wednesday

Love Always,




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