Music Review

Hi Guys! So today I thought I would do a little music review blog post, as there has been loads of music I have been loving over the past couple of months. I mentioned some in my February Highlights and Favourites post from the other day, but I realised there were so many artists I was loving at the moment, that it made sense just do a separate review.

I feel that you can tell a lot about someone due to their music taste. I tend to like artists who have a lot of soul and there are some deep hidden meanings in songs, so I love Lorde, Kendrick Lamar, Solange Knowles, Frank Ocean, Florence and the Machine and The XX- as their songs make me feel things and give me goosebumps. I guess that reveals my deep thoughtful side. But there are obviously other artists and genres that I love- such as Indie, Reggae, Pop, R&B- so although I have favourite artists, depending on my mood,will determine what I want to listen to.

Over the past few months, there have been six artists that have stood out for me and that I can’t get enough of, be it due to an album or to a single being released.

Lana Del Rey ‘Love’

I’ve always loved Lana Del Rey, she is such an old soul and I find her whole vibe really lovely to listen to. Her new song ‘Love’ is so enchanting, and I feel like I’m being transported to the 1920’s when I listen to it. I have to be in a good mood to listen to Lana’s songs as they are quite deep/sad songs, so listening to them when your sad just makes you sadder, but listening to them when your in a good mood, just makes you appreciate her vocals, the lyrics and melody.


Zara Larsson

I really like Zara Larsson at the moment, her voice is very different to other popstars voices; its got a bit of an edge to it. She’s really sassy and I feel ready to take on the day when I listen to her, or ready for a night out. I feel as well she’s going to be really great to listen to when we get into summer and the windows of my non existent car will be down.


Chance The Rapper ‘All Night’

I heard this on the radio at work, and I immediately was like “turn this up” its just one of those songs that is really fun and a great club song! Its such a Friday Feeling song as well. I love when the trumpets kick in near the end as well, its gives it that extra punch. Again I feel this is going to be another summer belta.


Maggie Rogers ‘On + Off’

The first time I heard this was again on the radio at work, and I just immediately fell in love with Maggie’s voice. Its got such a lovely earthy tone to it, and this song is such a comforting song- almost like a lullaby. Maggie’s voice is not only earthy, but soothing; medicine for the soul.


Lorde ‘Green Light’

Oh my Lorde, she is back! I am obsessed with Lorde and find her so raw and rare, and I’m so happy that she has released some new music. As soon as I heard only the first few seconds of ‘Green Light’ I knew I was going to love it! It’s so energetic and reminds me of Florence and The Machine. I love the piano in this song. There is no one like Lorde and I think that’s why I love her so much. Her songs always give me goosebumps and I have this song on repeat at the moment.


Solange Knowles A Seat At The Table

Solange’s whole album ‘A Seat At The Table’ is completely flawless and you need to listen to the album start to finish in the order the album is in- no shuffle play people- to really capture the whole persona of each song and of the whole album. But the three songs that really stick out for me in this album are…

Weary- due to it just capturing me and the piano skills. Its a song about purpose and having a purpose and fighting for that purpose. Its a really influential and empowering song.

Cranes In The Sky– because of the tempo and the lyrics. It has such a deep underlying meaning, about trying to escape the negative emotions surrounding black culture in the USA. Its a really powerful and beautiful piece and it won a Grammy earlier this year for Best R&B Performance.

‘Don’t Touch My Hair’– this song properly speaks to me the most. As a mixed race woman growing up in a society where the standard for hair is straight, it took me a long time to accept my hair for how it is, and it is now a part of me and what I love. I’ve wrote about my hair a couple of times on my blog before; one about my journey to natural hair and another over the burden of having natural hair. My hair is a constant talking point and hands are reached out towards my hair everywhere I go. I love my hair and appreciate it, but I don’t like people just touching it, thinking that is okay. I wouldn’t just reach out and touch someone’s hair- so why is it okay to do this to a black woman, to a mixed race woman?


Music is really so influential and its crazy how songs, lyrics or melody can really spark an emotion within you.

I hope your having a great weekend

Love always,




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