February Favourites and Highlights

Hello! So this is a very belated Monthly Favourites and Highlights post! February is always such a short and sweet month, and I feel like that if you blink you miss it– how is it March already?! But I love February, because its the month of food- thanks to Valentine’s, my birthday and Pancake Day- I eat good. This month has been good and fun, although I am grateful for warmer and lighter days now and being able to go to and from work in the daylight! (Its the little things). So here is a little post about a little old February month- enjoy 🙂

Beauty and Fashion

– ASOS Suede Loafers £35.00

I mentioned these on my style wishlist, and I know I made a promise not to buy things- but its really too damn hard-plus these were an essential as my loafers were really worn- so they were kinda needed. And I love them! They go with pretty much everything and are a great shoe for work, and now that its getting a bit warmer I can actually wear them without my feet freezing- wahoo! I tend to wear these with trousers, usually patterned ones or culottes and with black tailored trousers. They also look great teamed with fishnet socks.


– NYX Matte Rouge a Levres 09 Natural £9.00

I had this as a present off my friend Viv for my birthday, and the girl knows her lipsticks and me very well! I am obsessed with this lipstick and its been the only lipstick I’ve been wearing since receiving it. Although matte, it doesn’t leave your lips feeling dry and they don’t get cracked either. It applies smoothly, and lasts all day! The colour as well is gorgeous, being like a dusty pink colour for your lips (and we all know how much I suddenly love pink now- as I write this I’m sat in a dusty pink jumpsuit- who am I)? Its a gorgeous shade and perfect for when we approach spring- a must have!


-DKNY ‘Electric’ Perfume £46.95

I always associate DKNY perfumes with my mum, as for as long as I can remember she’s always had the round apple DKNY perfumes- all of the fragrances, and I remember I really liked their Delicious Night one, but since then I haven’t purchased any more. But the one day as I got a waft of perfume from my mum I asked what she was wearing and she produced from her bag this little delight. It delighted me so much I had to get my own. Its such a lovely fragrance, much lighter than the perfumes I usually go for, as I like quite woody scents. This one has more of a floral undertone to it, but smells fun (if a perfume can smell fun, then this is it). Not my usual go to perfume brand, but a really nice one!


Music- The Soul Feeder

I’ve been loving so much new music recently, that I will have to do a music review post soon. The music world is back on top form and I can’t get enough of it! But what I’ve had on repeat this month are the following…

– Frank Ocean ‘White Ferrari’

I know the Blond album came out a while ago, but I love this song so much from the album. Its such a chilled song and I feel really relaxed listening to it. Frank Ocean is one of my favourite artists anyway, but this song really gives me the feels.


– Solange Knowles ‘Don’t Touch My Hair’

I’ve only recently got round to listening to Solange’s album ‘A Seat At The Table’ purely because I didn’t want to be listening to it on a train to work, I wanted to fully appreciate it with no distractions. And oh my Lord, she is actually amazing and I love her more than I already did! The whole album is flawless and empowering, and important, and there are many songs that stand out for me, but its ‘Don’t Touch My Hair’ that really hits me hard. I love this song, and find it so comforting and empowering at the same time. A really beautiful track.


– Zara Larsson

There’s not one song that I’ve been liking from Zara Larsson- I love them all! She’s very different to the usual artists I listen to, I like quite earthy and dramatic artists, such as Solange, Frank Ocean, Lorde, Florence and The Machine etc. as their songs make me feel something and give me goosebumps. But I really like Zara Larsson’s vibe- its fun and she’s a great singer. Its a nice contrast to the music I usually listen to.


Spot Of Reading

I haven’t read that much this month (whoops), with it taking me ages to read a magazine and I still have my Cosmo to read! (Damn I’m behind!) But Dawn O’Porter’s article in Glamour really stood out for me this month. Her article was about Happiness and how she believes she’s finally figured it out, and how being happy isn’t about wealth and success– as that comes with a lot of stress and a lack of social life- but its about taking time to yourself. Of course she said go and chase your dreams and see the world, take on new experiences and challenges, but know when to say no- basically look after yourself. It was a really inspiring and uplifting post to read, particularly in a time when you can constantly compare yourself to every other 23 year old via Instagram and you’re sat there thinking- FML! Your life is your own and what you do and the pace you go out shouldn’t be compared to anyone else’s. In a world where everything is instant, remember to be patient.


Film and TV Junkie

And the award for film of the month goes to ‘Common’- a BBC Drama. I watched purely because Nico Mirallegro, who plays Finn in My Mad Fat Diary, was the lead role in it and I love/fancy him. Its a short film lasting an hour and a half. But if follows the story of Johnjo (Nico) who ends up in the wrong place at the wrong time, and becomes an innocent bystander to a premeditated murder that he knew nothing about. But due to association, he gets accused of being guilty. Its really emotional and moving and also is based on real life events where innocent people have been wrongly accused and charge due to joint enterprise legislation. I’m not going to lie, it is quite depressing, but its moving and real and very interesting.


Change of tune…

Lets talk about a fun TV show– that goes by the name of People Just Do Nothing. I find this programme hilarious, mainly because of my main man Chabuddy G. It’s so weird and random and just one of those shows that doesn’t have a real story line, its just weird and funny. As much as I love a good drama, they can get a bit too intense, so I need programmes like these to lighten things up again.



Birthday Celebrations

So February is my birthday month (woop woop!) I had such a great time celebrating with family and friends. It wasn’t a special birthday, (my next big birthday is 30- crying inside), so I went out with some work friends on the Friday, ate loads on Saturday, partied again Saturday night and then ate so much again Sunday that I was convinced I had food poisoning- but turns out I’d just been a greedy pig. But I had a really lovely time celebrating and spending time with loved ones.



I didn’t do an Amsterdam post, as I thought about it, but since I already did a travel post about Amsterdam- there was no point in doing two really. But Amsterdam was fab! It was much more busier than last time, which was slightly annoying as it has become tourist central and there were queues everywhere! But it was the perfect much needed mini break to kick start the year with. Although me and my partner thought we were big time ballers on our first night and then spent the rest of our food budget just on fries so we could still do stuff- regrets? None.


Pancake Day

Hip Hip Hooray for Pancake Day! I love pancake day although I only managed two pancakes this year- TWO! I was very disappointed in myself. I had one apple, honey and cinnamon one and the other was Nutella, cinnamon and nuts (I really like cinnamon). But a day with the excuse to eat pancakes? I’m game!


Valentine’s Meal

As this is now my tradition, I once again cooked a Valentine’s meal for my friends. Like I said in my Valentine’s post earlier this month, I celebrate Valentine’s the Finnish way, and make it about my friends more so than my partner. Its also a great opportunity to catch up with my friends and have a fun evening full of food, fun and rum.


I hope you’ve had a fab February and have lots to look forward too as well.

Love always,




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