Birthday Yay!

Hello! Sorry I have been so distant recently, but February is always a super busy and crazy month for me. I was in Amsterdam on my first mini break of the year (hopefully there’s more to come), then it was my mum’s birthday, followed swiftly by mine, then I got a really bad cold (yay) and now I’m back, finally.

So I thought I’d kick off with a Birthday Post, sharing the interesting gifts I received and also what I hope to work on and achieve now that I am 23 (ahh when did that happen?)

So this year, I had really adult things, and I realised just how old I am as I am super hyped up over a toothbrush. I got the Oral B Pro 5000 3D White Electric Toothbrush with Bluetooth. To enable this to work, you have to download the Oral B app and it connects to your toothbrush (weird I know, but this is 2017- anything’s possible) and on this magical app, are a host of features; including, a countdown. The countdown has an image of teeth and as soon as you switch your toothbrush on, it begins the countdown. It even shows you where you are brushing, and tells you when your doing a ‘great job’ or if you need to ‘slow down’ or ‘speed up’- its fab! It also has various settings- including sensitive and massage and you can get dental tips, schedule dental appointments on there and also purchase products. Its the best damn toothbrush I’ve ever had and I’m already seeing results.


Another gadget/old lady thing I got was an epilator. I’ve probably mentioned in previous blog posts before that I really have a problem with body hair; not that I’m covered in it, just I don’t like it on me. I am forever inspired by women that just don’t care and will go the whole of winter without picking a razor and I hope that one day I will be like that. But I have this fear of hair and I wish I didn’t, but I do. So to attempt to get rid of this hair, I asked for an epilator and I got one- the Braun Silk-epil 7 Dual Epilator to be exact, and honestly, it looked terrifying! I was so nervous to use it, and was so glad that I got the wet and dry one, so I can use it in the shower and bath, where its less painful. But apart from it looking and sounding terrifying, I built up the courage to put this mean lean machine to the test, and well- its painful but bearable and the results- wonderful! Apparently overtime it will mean I will only have to use it once every 3 weeks or so- so this could be a game changer.


My final two big gifts are events- my best friend Bethan has only got me tickets to see The Killers in July in London!! And I cannot wait- its going to be so good and fun and nostalgic (just fingers crossed it doesn’t rain!) And this month I’m also going to see Ricky Gervais in Bournemouth, which I’m super excited about, as I find him hilarious.

Other presents were home wear, a load of gym gear (which I don’t really know what to make of), make up pieces and lounge-wear (wahoo)– all of which I’m extremely grateful for and I had so much fun celebrating my birthday with loved ones (although I can’t handle two nights out on the trot anymore- cue tonsillitis).

But aside from the celebrations and the gifts, as I turned 23, I couldn’t help but to reflect on how far I’ve grown and what more I want to achieve and better in myself.

As I said in my New Years post I want to Skydive and learn to drive and continue to travel more, but aside from things I want to achieve physically, there are things I would like to better within myself too.

One of them being- to be better at replying to messages– as I am the worst person for getting back to people. I have a habit of opening messages reading it, then just forgetting to respond- and you know what it; its really damn rude! So apologies to my patient friends and family for putting up with my late responses (sometimes non-existent response) and still talking to me. Maybe we should go back to writing letters?

The second is being more patient. I realised whilst sat on the train, rolling my eyes for the umpteenth time, that I am either getting old or really bitter- and I don’t want to be a bitter woman! Yes there are things that annoy me, but do I really need to be annoyed at EVERYTHING! No, I think I will save my eye rolling for the important things (i.e. when Taylor Swift songs come on).

And finally, I want to get better with time, in terms with being on time for things, as I am always late and although my friends, family and partner are used to this, I do need to manage it better, as its not good of me to keep them waiting around.

Be sure to check out my Instagram to see what I’ve been up to this week, and I will be blogging again soon with my February Favourites & Highlights.

Hope you’re having a great Saturday

Love always,




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