Valentine’s Day- The Finnish Way

V Day is nearly upon us people. The countdown begins now!

Pressures are running high; unwanted gifts will be finding their way to the bin and brace yourself for post after post after post of cringe worthy declarations of love and engagements. It’s not that I dislike love- I just dislike Valentine’s.

Whether I’ve been single or in a relationship, I’ve just never felt the need to celebrate Valentine’s. I’m okay for overpriced chocolate thanks, (I’ll go back when they’re reduced)! Overpriced food, wine, flowers and pointless teddy bears- I’m just not that in to it. That was until I went to Finland…

In Finland they translate Valentine’s to mean- ‘friends day’ and it includes everyone, regardless if you being in a relationship or not. There’s a few cards and stuff around but mainly its about celebrating with your friends- enjoying good food and company and letting them know you appreciate them. It’s so refreshing and lovely, and whilst over there I didn’t feel awkward going out into the world without a giant balloon attached to my wrist. It was nice that they day was normal, apart from in the evening, I got to cook and enjoy food and drink with my friends.

When I came back from Finland I brought this tradition back with me; to make Valentine’s more about all my loved ones, not just a loved one. Because- why on earth is there not a friends appreciation day? They have probably been with you through many good and bad times than any S.O.

So this year, try something new- yes make sure your S.O knows how loved he/she is, but don’t neglect your friends. Do something for them too! It can be as simple as baking them some cakes, sending them a message telling them how awesome they are, buying them a drink- or for me (as I am creature of habit), cooking a meal for them.


I hope you’ve had a fab weekend and have a lovely Valentine’s

Love always,




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