A Letter To My Teenage Self

Dear Gemma,

You’re 15 years old- a year where things are confusing and you’re learning every day. But one thing you must never stop doing- is you must never stop learning. You are smarter than you realise, and just because you’re not very good at maths doesn’t mean you aren’t smart enough. You’ll go to university and get a first class degree in Public Health, you’ll inspire others and help others and make a positive difference to people’s lives. Your mind is your most powerful and beautiful thing. Stay open minded and keep learning.

You think things are hard now? They’re not- enjoy being this young and care free. Things are going to get pretty crazy and you’ll get hurt a lot I’m afraid. But you are so strong and you’ll get through it. No one knows why it happens and why it happened to you, but it gets better. Please never feel like you have to hide anything from your friends, they will always be there for you. You don’t have to be funny all the time- let your guard down.

Don’t change a single thing about yourself Gemma. Don’t try any fad diets, don’t take those diet pills you ordered off the internet, you are 15 and have some puppy fat. That puppy fat will go, and if any man or woman calls you fat when you get older just brush it off. Don’t spend so long fussing over your appearance in mirrors. You have thick eyebrows- (they become very popular when you’re 20)– but if someone picks on you because of your eyebrows- well at least you’ve got them.

Speaking of hair- never ever, ever straighten your hair! You should be so proud and embrace your afro- and you will learn to love it. Yes it can be annoying and at 15 you want to blend in not stand out- but you were born to stand out. Have fun with your hair, have fun with your fashion- have fun with life- you’re a risk taker, you’re fun and you whole aura should reflect that.

Throughout all the highs and lows, throughout the different trends and phases you go through- never lose sight of what’s important to you- helping others. And remain humble- always. Don’t get greedy, and don’t get distracted by money. What’s important in this life is you’re well-being and happiness.

You’ll fall in love time and time again, not just with boyfriends, but with people you meet, with places, with experiences and with travelling. You love travelling and you will travel, and experience new things and different cultures, and they will help shape you further. Don’t be scared to tell people you love them, that you appreciate them, that you value them. Remind your loved ones how much they mean to you.

It’s going to be a roller coaster, but you stay optimistic, stay humble and stay kind.

Love always,





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