Relax! Don’t Do It

As I was grocery shopping the other day, I popped down the body and bath aisle to pick up some bubble bath and was both shocked and upset over how many stress relief bath bottles were remaining in comparison to the pamper and indulge ones. There was 3 rows left of Radox pamper, and only 2 bottles of stress relief! And it saddened me that we are a nation of stress heads! Life is extremely fast paced, and we often don’t take the time that we need to, to relax and just let go. So as I picked up my bubble bath, I thought- what helps me when I’m stressed? And I’ve listed ways to keep calm and carry on below….


Baths are a remedy for so many things. Feeling cold? Have a bath. Struggling to sleep? Have a bath. Feeling stressed- HAVE A BATH! When I’m feeling stressed, I light some candles in the bathroom, put my phone on silent and whack on a spa playlist on. It really relaxes me and transports me away from life’s stresses and I come out of the bath with a clearer head and how to deal with situations better.


Speaking of spas’…

Book a Spa Day or Weekend

Spa’s are the perfect way to really treat your body to some much needed TLC, and with there so many discount codes and groups such as Groupon and Wowcher going about, you can get great rates too. It’s the perfect way to just let go.


Yoga And Mindfulness

I put these two together, as they go hand in hand. Practising yoga allows you to focus on your mind, body and soul and calms you down. I feel more peaceful and in tune with myself after doing yoga.

In terms of mindfulness, it gets me thinking outside of the box and I focus on what I can do and what can I change. On the back of that, if the thought of doing any form of exercise makes you want to throw up, then mindfulness colouring books are brilliant! It’s again, just focusing on something different and it really relaxes me. I leave my phone in a separate room and do it when I’m not pressed for time. It’s such a nostalgic thing colouring, and transports me to when I was younger and on a rainy day sitting doing colouring and painting by numbers at my desk, with the view of the woods from my window. I find the thought of that very calming and warming. Especially as I feel I live on technological devices, its a nice contrast.


Speaking of which…

Take a Social Media Break

Fortunately for me, I do not have my phone on me at work (for security purposes), so I only have access to it when I go on my breaks. I am on a computer all day so in terms of being away from technology, I can’t escape it, but I can escape social media. I am grateful in a way that I can’t have my phone on me, as I feel that now I don’t spend as much time on social media as I used to. I feel I have a different mentality when it comes to social media, where I don’t feel the need to scroll for hours and hours. I’ll tag a few friends in videos on Facebook, reply to messages, check emails, maybe to a tweet, like a few Instagram pictures and post a couple of pins on Pinterest and that takes me- 15 minutes. Whereas before I was spending a good 2 hours just scrolling and scrolling with no end result.


De Cluttering and Atmosphere

Your living space also pays a crucial role in reducing stress, as if you’ve had a stressful day, the last thing you want is to come home to an equally stressful home, where there is clutter everywhere. I wake up that little bit earlier in the morning, purely so I can make my bed. (Admittedly there are some days where I am going to be late no matter what and just drop everything and go, but I try). I don’t like leaving clothes on my floor, and I burn incense in the morning and have a morning playlist of my favourite songs that I listen to when I get ready. This puts me in a good mood to start the day. Equally, when I come home, its nice to come back to a calm and relaxing environment instead of being greeted by a pile of washing up and clothes splattered over the floor.


Green Tea

Green tea with a hint of lemon really relaxes me, or any non decaffeinated hot drink will do, to relax you. Don’t gulp it all down in one go; take time to enjoy your tea, be it at home or work- you deserve that 5 minute break. No matter how busy I am at work I always take a break at half 10 and have a little snack and a nice tea away from my desk. Heck you’re entitled to drink.


5 Good vs 5 Bad (and how can you change that)

When I was younger my mum would always get me to tell her 5 good things that had happened that day and 5 bad things that had happened. But with the 5 bad, she would also ask me what was I going to do to improve them? How was going to make those bad things into positive things? And I am really grateful for her teaching me this, as it is something, that when I have kids, I would like to use with them. It has made me appreciative of the small things, as well as being optimistic and realising that there is always a solution to everything. So whenever I am having a really rough day, I think- how can I make that better tomorrow? And its that positive and optimistic thinking that calms me down.


Plan Ahead

Finally, planning ahead. Planning ahead is crucial to me staying calm, as I feel less pressurised and rushed to do things. I have set dates and deadlines for things and I know what I’m working towards. I try not to cram to many things into one day and its also really great when you’ve ticked everything off your to do list for that day. Planning ahead really benefits me and I feel like I’ve got this!


As stressful as life can be, make sure you take time out for you and if you’re really struggling talk with your loved ones and they will support you. We’re all in this together!

I hope this helps!

Much love,Gemma


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