What’s In My Handbag

Hello! Firstly I wanted to apologise that there was no blog post up on Wednesday. I’ve been so ill all this week; with my routine consisting of sleeping, taking some medicine and then sleeping some more (in between working). But finally the illness has left the building- YAY! So I’m back with a blog post about what’s lurking in my handbag! Although, surprisingly, there was nothing embarrassing or weird in there, which I was very surprised about! I think I may have kicked that habit of shoving everything I see into my handbag and them complaining that its too heavy to carry. But these are my essential day to day items that are always in my bag…

The Handbag…

I am a massive fan of backpacks- I love them! They make my life so much easier, particularly as I do a lot of walking. I’ve got a nice collection of backpacks now in various styles and textures and for every season and eventuality. For Christmas I got a gorgeous red rucksack (which I will be talking about more in my January Favourites post), but I also got this little gem of a bag! As much as I love backpacks, I wanted a bag that I could use when I’m not walking around and looked more mature with I guess, (as sometimes with my backpacks I’m mistaken for a sixth former). And I was so grateful to receive this Kate Spade bag off my partner for Christmas (I cried). I really wanted a red bag and I’ve now I’ve got two, and they are easier than I thought to style with. I got a grey longline coat for Christmas and red works really well with that, as well as going with most of my wardrobe (apart from my dusty pink items). This bag has plenty of room in it as well to fit all my essentials in.



My diary and planner come everywhere with me, as I would be lost and not know what to do and where to go for that day! I keep my diary and planner updated, making it easier to plan ahead. My planner is looking a little worse for wear (hence why its hidden a little), but that’s because it comes everywhere with me, come rain or shine. I got both my planner and diary from TK Maxx, as I really like their stationary section, (well I just love TK Maxx in general).


Pretty Pen...

And of course what do you write down all these important notes and events down with? None other than a fancy pen! I love novelty pens, you know really irritating distracting pens with feathers on top of it or light up pens? But I love them! Plus everyone knows that that is your pen and your pen alone!


Something to Read…

As I do a lot of commuting and travel on the train; I always need something good to read. I have things downloaded on Netflix, but commuting (when you can get a seat) is perfect for reading a book or magazine, and become oblivious to whatever chaos is unravelling around you.



What also helps drown out the noise, is some good headphones. I remember once I left my headphones at home, and it may as well have been the end of the world. They are essential for helping me make it in the morning on my commute.


Travel Pass…

As I commute I need to remember to take my travel pass with me, as I wouldn’t get very far without it. But I love all the cool travel pass cases you can get for them. I had a lovely one which was yellow and had little daisies on it, but I lost it (or my rabbit ate it), but this space one is equally as cool. I purchase all my travel cases via Etsy.


Purse and Wallet…

I have both a purse and a wallet (#baller- I joke), but its because I mainly just use my card, but I have loads of other random cards and some small change on me just in case. Having a wallet just makes life so much easier, it doesn’t weigh much at all, and you can fit all your essential cards in there. It’s perfect for when your just popping out. I got this wallet at duty free on the way to Greece last year (you guys remember when my plane got delayed and I had a lot of time to kill?), and I love it! I also love my mustard yellow purse, as its just the right size to fit in any bag- particularly for on a night out- where I am very strict with how much money I spend on drinks. The wallet is from Next and the purse from New Look.

Lip Balm…

My lips get so dry, regardless of the season, so to keep them chap free, I always carry lip balm with me. I have lip balm by my bed, on my desk, in my gym bag and in my handbag- I can’t live without it! I got 6 new lip balms for Christmas (my friends really know how obsessed I am), all in various flavours, but I am loving this mango one so much- its getting me excited for summer.


Hand Cream…

Dry lips and dry hands- my least favourite things! I hate having dry hands, I feel really weird! Similarly to the lip balm, I also have various hand creams dotted around the house, bags and at work. But I really love Neutrogena hand cream for when I’m on the go. As its gel based, it lasts even when you have washed your hands. You only need to apply a small amount for this to be effective.



Powder is essential for me in ensuring that my make up stays set and looking on point (and so I don’t have a shiny nose ready to light up everyone’s world). My go to is No7 and this comes everywhere with me.


Nail Varnish…

I always keep a nail varnish in my bag, just because I know what I’m like, where one minute I’m all for natural nails and the next I’m looking at my nails thinking “what have I done!” So to prevent disaster striking, I carry a mini nail varnish with me at all times. This cute miniature nail varnish is from Next.



An essential for any bag is of course, perfume. When you’ve been running around all day, you can sometimes feel smelly (you’re probably not), being feeling rushed and flustered can make you feel this way. But a quick spritz of perfume can solve that problem instantly.



Of course living in the UK you are either mad or brave to dare leave the house without an umbrella! And this umbrella never leaves my bag- (I even take it on holiday, just in case).


House Keys…

And obviously, you need to lock up so house keys are a good idea!


What are some handbag essentials for you?

Hope you’re having a lovely weekend 🙂


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