Book Review 2

Hello! I was thinking the other day, that I hadn’t done a book review in a while- and I’ve read a fair bit since then! I also received quite a few new books for Christmas as well, that I can’t wait to get stuck into (bookworm alert)! But for now lets focus on the ones that I have read.

Below are four book reviews from four very different books…

P.S. No spoiler alerts

  1. Animal: The Autobiography of a Female Body- Sara Pascoe

I think I’ve spoke about or mentioned this book in a monthly favourites post before, but I picked this book up on a bit of a whim really. I had spent too damn long in Foyles trying to find a good book to read that would engage me,but wasn’t a thriller/suspense book (my usual go to). I wanted to explore other genres- heck I wanted something funny, clever and informative, and as if God himself was shining his light down on the bookstore- there was this book. A female comedian, talking about the female body in such a witty yet honest way– I was sold. I have thoroughly enjoyed reading this book (which my fellow commuters and people I have encountered on planes have witnessed). The way that Sara writes is in such a conversational and funny way, that I feel like I’m just discussing women problems with a friend. Its raw and honest with all things to do with womanhood; stemming from love, to sex to periods. Its taught me things about myself and the way I think, allowing me to learn more about other people’s thoughts, as well as understanding my own thoughts better.

My rating: 9/10


  1. The Good Liar- Nichols Searle

This book was another grab and go book, as I saw it on display whilst purchasing ‘Asking For It’ (which is coming up next) and just a quick power read of the blurb sold it to me. However I was semi disappointed that it took me so long to get into. The way the story flowed was back to front, and having completely forgot that, I was getting confused and was sat scratching my head thinking I was missing some pages or something! However, once I finally got it, I did really like it. It’s set during WWII, so around the 1940’s, and is about these two lives that had been torn apart and they meet again- but its not romantic like you think; shocking and ruthless more like! But I promised no spoilers, so that’s all I have to say on it! But if you like history, anything to do with the war, spies and lies- then this is good.

My rating: 7/10


  1. Asking For It- Louise O’Neill

I think I also mentioned this book in a monthly favourites post as well, but who knows which month and when. But if you get any of these books I would recommend you getting this one. I would have to say that out of any books I have read (and I’ve read a lot), that this one was perhaps one of the most important books I’ve read. As the title and picture of the book may suggest, its a story surrounding rape, and this book explores rape, sexism and victim blaming- things that are all too real and what tends to happen with many cases. There is a stigma on rape- being called a liar if your a girl, and for a boy, being ashamed and unable to talk about it. It’s a very powerful book that holds an even more powerful message.

My rating: 10/10


  1. Women In This Town- Guiseppe Santamaria

So this book was one of my new books that I received for Christmas and yes my rabbit has chewed it a little! But this book is great for getting style inspo from all the great fashion capitals! Sometimes I can get stuck in a style rut, where I feel like chucking all my clothes out the window and starting over, and I wanted something I could turn to whenever I have these style rut moments- and volia this is it! What I like about the book is that everyone photographed has such a different style and body shape and you can relate more to the people in this book than you can to a model for example. These are real people wearing real clothes and looking amazing. Also included in the book are mini interviews with various people and they talk about their personal style, style influences and their city. My favourite cities in terms of style are Paris and Madrid (sorry London).

My rating: 10/10


I hope you had a lovely weekend 🙂


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