Snooze you lose (nothing)

There’s the grand old saying that if you snooze you lose, but life without sleep would be unbearable! I’d be cranky, miserable and look awful! I’m the kind of person who needs a minimum of 6-8 hours of sleep every night and dislikes any distractions in preventing me from getting it. But every now and again, for whatever reason- just life– I struggle to get off to sleep easily. No matter how busy my day has been, how overworked my brain has been, no matter how shattered I think I am; sometimes you just can’t sleep. It can be very hard to switch off and completely relax these days, as even if you switch off from work- emails, social media, Netflix and ASOS obsessions keep us well into the early hours of the morning. But in an attempt to beat this and avoid burnout; here are some of the ways to really relax and unwind in an evening…

Bubble Bath…

One of the best ways I find to relax and unwind is by running a lovely bubble bath and lighting a few candles in the bathroom as well (wine is also good). I like to chuck everything into the bathtub to make it smell and look amazing! I tend to use an Imperial Leather or Radox bubble bath and then add a bath bomb or two from LUSH! LUSH have a wide range of great smelling bath bombs, and always have new ones out depending on the season and occasion; they’re fun and great value for money. As I’ve got older, I’ve become drawn to bath oils, and add a few drops into my bath which I feels really relaxes me and helps me to get off to sleep. Although some can be pricey, its worth it for the length of time you will have the product as you only need a small amount. My favourite bath oil is Lola’s Apothecary Bath and Shower Oil: Sweet Lullaby; the name itself gives the game away- but it really is relaxing.


Switching Off…

Step away from the phone, tablet, laptop; drone- whatever gadget is in your hands- put it far away! I made this one of my goals for this year; to have a cut off point when I’m online and I’ve moved my phone to the other side of my room to charge. We’re told time and time again that the light from these devices is bad, yet we continue to use them in the dark of the night. So far, on day 10 of having my phone the other side of my room, its going well and I’ve read way more than before- so its beneficial! Its goodbye Buzzfeed quizzes and hello paper books.


Fresh sheets…

There is no greater feeling than having fresh bed sheets, and just a simple task of changing your bedding, (or even better, getting new bedding), that can instantly help with nodding off. Its a nicer feeling as you get into bed and its always lovely and cool on your skin (plus there’s no hidden crumbs waiting to attack).



As you know, I love candles, and its with great sadness that I mention the fact that I only received one candle this year for Christmas- (deep breath). But anyway, candles instantly make me feel relaxed, in particular Woodwick candles with their crackling sound. It makes a room feel cosy, warm and inviting- a tranquil place you definitely want to sleep in.


Pillow Mist/Eye Mask/Lavender…

Why have one when you can have three? And all three I have (no regrets). These three gems combined are the key to a great nights sleep!

Inside the pillow cover I have small lavender bags, which are great as they are not overpowering, but the slight scent of them really relaxes me.

Pillow mist is also great for relaxing you and helps me in feeling less stressed. My favourite one is Cowshed Sleepy Cow Pillow Mist £16- its wonderful and lasts a long time.

And finally the eye mask– where would I be without it? (Awake most likely). I love my room to be bright and full of light in the day, but come night- the darker the better. Any bit of light irritates me, so on goes the eye mask to give me a complete blackout.



No I’m not talking about wine or hot chocolates (although you can’t beat a hot chocolate), I’m talking about water. Being thirsty before you go to bed can cause you to stir throughout the night, so make sure you drink plenty throughout the day and have a pint of water about half an hour before you go to bed. I also take up another smaller glass of water up with me to drink first thing in the morning and then its on to the coffee!



And finally stretch. I stretch morning and night- morning to help me feel more human and energised, and in the evening it relaxes me and I feel all of today’s worries slip away. It doesn’t have to be for long, and if your unsure over what to do, there’s always some great videos on YouTube to help you out. It doesn’t have to be for very long, with me doing a 5 minute facial stretch and 3 minute body stretch.


I hope this is useful and provides you with some tips on how to get a better nights sleep 🙂


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