Beauty Regime

Hello! I know that I’ve already done a similar post to this on my beauty regime, but in this post I wanted to really focus on my beauty regime for my face (a lot of work goes into this). As busy as life is, its really important to look after your skin. As much as I would love to spend a few hours getting ready slowly in the morning, I can’t. But I have found products which are quick and easy to use and leave my skin looking and feeling refreshed.

In this post I’ve listed my daily and weekly products as well as including websites which are great for whenever your looking for new products to try out.


Simply Pure Foam Cleanser £2.69 Superdrug

After washing myself (and making myself smell like an exotic flower), I apply one pumps worth of this foam cleanser to my hand before massaging it into my face. I do this after washing myself, as the steam from the shower opens up my pores and I feel that this is more effective. Once my face is all foamy, I wipe my face over with a flannel. I love this product and use it daily; it makes my skin feel and look refreshed, cleanses the skin and gets rid of impurities and its purposely for sensitive skin, meaning you can use this daily with no irritation.



Nivea 2 In 1 Cleanser and Toner £2.59

This is my go to toner for the colder months, as I use Simple’s Toner during the summer period as I feel it hydrates my skin, whereas the Nivea one gives me the extra moisture I need. Once I’m out the shower and I’ve pat dried my face, I apply a small amount of this toner on a cotton pad and apply in circular motions onto my face. This product is really great for locking in natural moisture, removing impurities and make up, as well as leaving the skin toned, cleansed and refreshed. Due to it being excellent for removing any remaining make up; I use this as part of my evening routine as well.


Simple Daily Moisturiser £3.99

For facial moisturiser I would advise going for one with SPF 15 in it; regardless of its Summer or Winter. I say this, but this one doesn’t actually contain SPF 15 (practice what you preach), however my BB Cream and Foundation does, so as long as you’re covered somewhere, you’re good to go! Moisturising your face is as equally as important as moisturising your body, as your face is the once facing the elements and will be prone to environmental damage. The reason why I like this particular product so much is because its great for sensitive skin and from all my tried and tested products, this one leaves my skin feeling soft all day.


Superdrug Vitamin E Eye Cream £2.99

I use this product both day and night and apply to my eye area to reduce puffiness and fine line (better start early). I apply a small amount to my fourth finger (ring finger) and dab under my eyes. This is a really great product to use as part of your daily routine and leaves your face looking more energised.



Garnier Micellar Water £3.33

I have a lot of love for this product and if I got asked what product could I not live without, it would be this one! Although I remove my make up with make up wipes, its only when I started using this product that I realised how much make was still left on my face! Its so important to remove your make up before going to sleep, as the make up and dirt can get trapped in your pores and lead to breakouts and dry skin. The micellar water is an essential for me in ensuring that all my make up is off before going to bed. Yes there have been a few drunken nights where I’ve just collapsed into bed with a pizza, but on any other day, I remove all my make up.


Simple Cleansing Lotion £2.30

Another product that reassures me that all my make up has been removed, is Simple’s Cleansing Lotion. I apply a small amount onto my hands and massage into my skin, moving in upwards and outwards motions. This gives my skin a really deep cleanse and ensures that there’s no place for make up to hide!


Sudocream £2.00

Sudocream is a remedy for everything; (in my eyes!) And I keep a large tub at home for any emergency. However what I use this product for as part of evening routine, is for when I have spots. I apply this to the affected area and let the Sudocream work its magic overnight. As its very greasy I don’t apply it in the day as it will affect my make up (and not in a good way).


Superdrug Vitamin E Night Cream £2.99

I started using night cream when I was 20 due to a recommendation from my best friends mum (as she has flawless skin) and have used it ever since. As I suffer with dry skin anyway, this is really an important part of my beauty regime, as my skin will lock in the moisture needed whilst I sleep. This is really great for protecting the skin against environmental damage. To apply, I scoop out a small amount from the tub and, in circular and upwards motions, apply to the face and neck. Always move in an upwards motion, particularly around your chin and neck area, as this firms and tones your face.


Vaseline £2.00

Vaseline is a holy grail of beauty essentials and has a multitude of uses (see here for uses). However, what I use this for, as part of my evening routine, is to lengthen and strengthen my eyelashes overnight, as well as protecting my lips overnight.



There are some products that I use weekly, mainly on a Sunday, as that’s when I have the most time in the morning. I use these products weekly to give my face and body a thorough cleanse and the TLC it needs, as well as it making me feel prepared for Monday morning madness!

Australian Botanical Desert Lime with Coconut Oil £15-£20

I couldn’t find the exact link for this as I get my body scrubs from TK Maxx, however a tried and tested product I would recommend is Grounded Body Scrub to exfloiate the skin and leave it smelling and feeling amazing. I use body scrub once a week to exfoliate my skin and get rid of any dry skin, as well as it reducing cellulite and being an anti ageing product. To apply, I use a body scrub brush and massage this into my body in circular motions, before rinsing off in the shower. This leaves my skin feeling silky soft.


Facial Exfoliating Scrub £6.90

I use this product after I’ve cleansed my face to lift away dead skin cells and impurities. This product leaves me feeling fresh faced and ready for the week and is also an excellent product in terms of protecting you from environmental damage. I apply this product with Body Shop’s Exfoliating Facial Sponge to really massage into my face (and plus you don’t want scrub residue all over your hands). I then wipe any reminding residue off with a flannel and pat dry my face. I would recommend using this product 1-2 times per week.


Superdrug Vitamin E Moisture Mask £2.59

This is really a great product for giving your face an intense moisturise mask and hydrating the skin; leaving you with soft and refreshed skin as a result. I apply a small amount onto my hands and massage into my face in circular and upwards motions. There’s no need to wipe any residue off, and instead let it sink into your skin for an intensive moisturising mask. I would recommend using this product 2-3 times a week, and I tend to use this on a Wednesday and Sunday.



Now, with all the choices there are out there with brands and beauty products, it can be hard to know where to look for things, especially when you are on the hunt for a new product. However, there are some great websites out there to inspire you for when you feel like mixing up your beauty game, and these are my go to for beauty inspiration…


Best for when you want to mix up your make up regime. POWDER recommends products for you based on what your looking for through a series of short questions. Say for example you are after a new concealer (this is how I came across my NYX eye cover), you say what you want from a concealer, your price range and your skin type and volia- you’ll be given a minimum of 3 options to choose from. You can than either pop down to your local drug store and get them or if your after more than one product, they will create a box of goodies for you. And who can resist a make up delivery?


If your after quality and organic products, Naturismo is the place to be, with them offering beauty, nutrition and even home products. They also supply samples on many products for a cost of 99p, so its worth it before you splash the cash on a new product. I tend to get my bath milks and oils from here as well hand lotions. They also have Vegan friendly products and do a great selection of gift sets.

Beauty Bay-

Beauty Bay is the best place to get all those essential beauty tools we love- from make up brushes to fake eye lashes- they stock the lot! All are really great quality and good value for money and they host of wide range of brands too. It’s every beauty queens dream!

Whatever your beauty regime is, remember to drink plenty of water, wear SPF and smile- that’s the best thing you can do daily 🙂


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