Year In Review

2016 is coming to end, and its been an odd one. There’s been a lot of devastation, death and Donald Trump memes (still not over he is president)! All in all, its been a year full of surprises, both good and bad. But as the year draws to a close, I can’t help but reflect on my own year, and the changes that have happened and what I’m looking forward to in the future. Below I’ve listed things that I am taking away with me, and what I’ve learnt from this year; as well as setting new goals.

What I’ve Achieved…

2016 started me off in a short term Therapy Job, before I was meant to be flying to Zambia to volunteer in a Sexual Health Clinic for a few months. But that fell through, which was a blessing in disguise, as I needed to be here. But although I started off the year with one job and plans of travel, I have ended the year in a new job, where I love going to everyday. My work friends are so lovely, and I feel a part of something- which I have never had before in a workplace. My well-being is so much better, and I feel a very valued and appreciated member of staff. Despite not going to volunteer in Africa, I still managed to travel, like I had hoped for this year. I’ve been to Amsterdam, Greece, Berlin and Prague, and I’m looking forward to more travelling in 2017. I’ve made this blog and I have enjoyed posting and blogging, more than I thought- with me having content ideas up until February. To sum up what I’ve achieved I would use the word Happiness- I am happy in myself, in my well-being and in life- and that is the greatest feeling of all.

What I’ve Learnt…

Every day I learn something new, and coming to the end of the year I always discover something new about myself. What I’ve learnt this year is to appreciate the little things. I made small changes to my life at the start of the year, such as buying flowers every week, making sure I take time to read a book, to switch off my phone and have some me time and not to get so caught up in work that I forget I have a life outside. I joined the gym (long time coming) and again just focused on my well-being and helping others do the same. Life is crazy busy at times, and balancing work, family, friends and relationships can be challenging- but even if you don’t have all the time in the world- just little messages to your nearest and dearest, can do the world of good. I don’t get to see my friends as often as I would like, but I message them near enough every day- and its that contact, that thought of them; their thought of me, that I really appreciate. What I’ve learnt this year is to be Appreciative.

What I’m Taking Away…

What I will be taking with me into the New Year is a willingness to try new things and say yes more to things. I was nervous about starting this blog and yet I am so glad I did. I was nervous about starting a new job, yet I am glad that I did and have made great friends from it. I was nervous about going away with my partner for the first time, yet I had the most amazing time, and have since been away more together. I want to continue taking risks, be that as small as a statement outfit, to as big of a risk of swimming with sharks! So what I’m taking with me is Saying Yes!

New Goals…

Of course, it wouldn’t truly be New Year without setting some New Year’s Resolutions and here are mine…

  • To learn to drive

This kind of backed fired this year, as I was learning to drive in a manual car, however due to me suffering with nerve damage in my left arm, I was finding it very difficult with the gears and handbrake, but I kept pursing it. However during my lessons, I almost crashed twice, due to my arm seizing up and being unable to get our of sixth gear down to fourth. Thankfully I was with an instructor, but it shook me up and I gave up lessons. But this year I am attempting them again, and for the safety of everyone and myself, will be doing automatic lessons to save my twitchy hand.

  • Skydiving

I have volunteered with and am an active member within the charity Anthony Nolan, which is a charity for Leukaemia. I am a stem blood donor, meaning I am on standby to give my stem cells to a patient with Leukaemia if we are a match. My Uncle died of Leukaemia when I was 10 years old, and as I grew up and learnt more about this cancer, I wanted to get more involved in both prevention and raising awareness, and that’s how I cam across the Anthony Nolan Charity. For next year I would like to Skydive for them to raise money and awareness about Leukaemia.

  • Learn an Instrument

I used to play the violin and cello growing up, and have always loved the acoustic guitar, so I am going to give that a go. Who knows if I will be any good or not, but no harm in trying !

  • No Snacks!

I am the queen of snacking and snack all the time! But in an attempt to get a bit more healthier, I am going to try to stop snacking, although everyone is convinced I’m going to be grumpy without snacks, I’m going to give it a go. And if it is making me cranky- well then back to the snack drawer- (and yes I have a snack drawer)!

  • Switching Off

Its all to easy nowadays to become addicted to social media and constantly checking and refreshing pages, closing and re-opening apps- and it can leave you feeling drained. I don’t have my phone on me at work and will do all my checking of messages and social media updates in my lunch break, or when I get home. But when I really get my burst to check my phone is right before I go to sleep, and that’s really not healthy. So in an attempt to ditch this bad habit once and for all, I will be moving my phone to charge on the other side of my room, out of reach from the comfort of my bed. And instead of scrolling through endless posts, I’m going to settle down with a good book- which will hopefully lead to a more peaceful night.

I hope you have had the most wonderful Christmas and have a fantastic New Year and whatever life throws at you next year- you’ve got this!


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