Christmas Gift Ideas

Christmas is fast approaching us and for some of us we are calm and cool as cucumbers. All the presents have been purchased, wrapped and now you’re just waiting patiently for the big day to arrive. But for a lot us, we are in that Christmas manic spirit of- what do I get for them?! No matter who you are buying for or how well you know someone, it can sometimes be tricky to know what to buy people. So in this post I’ve got some no fail gift ideas to suit every personality.

The Beauty Queen

The Beauty Queen– She tries and tests every product, can give you the best knowledge on anything to do with beauty. Stores, products, brands- she knows the lot!

They probably have loads of make up in a massive bag or drawer, but are constantly having to search for it, so a good gift idea would be a Make Up Organiser. This will keep all their main day to day make up within easy reach, and will probably save them a bit of time in the morning. These are easy to come across, both in stores and online, and come in a wide range of sizes.


Another great gift idea is A Personalised Make Up Bag. When your on the go, make up bags are essential for keeping all your important and emergency make up together, and for a a beauty queen, you can never have too many make up bags. But a for a really nice gift, why not get a personalised make up bag.

And finally, A Make Up Brush Set. I know for myself that I can get really attached to make up brushes, and nothing else will do. I will use those brushes until they are worn and are not really doing their job anymore. But I have found a website called who have a wide range of make up brushes that I love! Getting a full make up brush set is a perfect gift idea, and they come in a range of prices, so you don’t need to break the bank.

The Party Animal

The Party Animal– if they could they would be out every night. They are the one constantly getting people to do shots, they want to dance the night away and are always the last one standing. Even if they are sick- they will keep on going- so what do you get a party animal?

A Drinking Game- They probably know all the drinking games going, but do they have an actual physical drinking game? My personal favourite is Shot Jenga, and for the party animal what better game to play over Christmas?

A Cross Body Bag- How many times have you had to carry their bag for them on a night out, or had to ring up the places you’ve been to the next day in attempt to find your party animal friend’s missing clutch? Too many! So to prevent this from happening, and you being on bag patrol all night, get them a cross body bag. I really like this cross body bag from Skinny Dip, its fun and out there- just like them.

Hangover Recovery Set– And after all that partying and drinking, they are probably dealing with a massive hangover. So they will really appreciate a hangover recovery set, to make them feel a little bit more human the next day.

The Book Worm

The Book Worm- they’re goal- to have bookcases filled; their very own mini library. Their reality, books piled up high in their room and any space they can find. So why not give them a kick start and buy them a wonderfully inexpensive book case from Ikea.

A Kindle– I know for myself I do prefer a good book as opposed to a gadget, but upon using my friends the one day, I was pleasantly surprised to find I liked reading from a Kindle. I haven’t replaced books, but when travelling, its less weight (meaning more room for clothes).

A Print- Every book lover has quotes from books that have really hit a nerve, or a story that they could read time and time again. So why not get them a print with that quote on it? I picked an Alice in Wonderland one, as the quotes in that are my favourite.

The Gadget Geek

The Gadget Geek- They are your go to if you have technical problem, and they don’t have one drawer full of wires, they have a cupboard full of gadgets and solutions to every problem! So what do you get this robotic human?

Wireless Headphones- headphones you have to connect? How 2015! It’s all about the wireless ones now!

Virtual Reality Headset– Who wants to live in reality when you can immerse yourself into virtual reality! Just hope that they don’t get too carried away with this and you never see them again!

Powerbank- And of course to keep all these gadgets going when on the go, they are going to need a power bank to stay connected with their technological world.

The Fashionista

The Fashionista is always bang on trend. She is ahead of the game, can tell you wear outfits are from on other people, and knows her high street and designers better than anyone. She never misses out on a Vogue magazine, and her room is shrine to fashion. They are often difficult to buy for, as if you get it wrong- well you get the Miranda Priestly look in The Devil Wears Prada...


So to prevent from being given this look, these are some good ideas.

Simple Jewellery– although their fashion is out there, when your buying jewellery for the fashionista, its best to keep it simple. A simple round necklace or simple midi rings are good ideas, as they are easy for the fashionista to style and we will actually wear them.

Faux Fur- Faux fur is bang on trend, and getting a faux fur piece means you can’t go wrong. I’d suggest getting an accessory, such as a keyring, scarf or a hat with a faux fur pom pom detail.

Design Print- Another great idea, is to get them a piece of art for their wall which is fashion related, and there are great designs out there to suit every fashionista.

The Musician

The musical whizz. You rely on them in music rounds in quizzes, they make every playlist for every event and if there’s a new band, artist or song out-they are the first to know and review it. Safe to say you’d be lost without them.

Record Player Stand- For this dedicated musician, why not get them a proper record player stand. That record player is their passion, and it needs to have a proper place to live instead of on any old unit.

Speakers- To get the party going, get them some speakers that they can easily travel with, so that its non stop music everywhere you go.

Vinyl Holder- And where do put all those beloved vinyls? In a vinyl holder. There are so many designs and styles out there to choose from, your bound to find one they will love.

The Traveller

The Traveller- they are planning their next adventure as soon as they are back from one; they are planning to travel the world. Their home is made up of items from all over the world and they have a bag ready to go at any minute.

Bum Bag- A bum bag is a really great idea for the traveller, as its safer and can hold all their essential pieces. It doesn’t have to be an ugly looking dad with sandals one, there are loads out there that are really cute and practical.

Round Water Bottle- A water bottle that will make anyone feel like a real explorer (plus looks really cool), is a round water bottle. It comes with a strap as well, so practical as well as cool.

World Map- And of course the traveller will want to tick of the places as to where they’ve been, so why not get them a colour me in or scratch away world map?

And if all else fails- get them a candle- everyone loves a candle!

Hope this is useful and happy shopping! 🙂


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