Hello! This month I went on my final journey (that sounds a bit dramatic- I meant travel journey this year) to Prague. It was yet another place on my never ending list of travel destinations to visit, and Prague was the perfect place to get me in the Christmas spirit. I had a weird and wonderful time in Prague, which is revealed here…


So I was yet again in charge of getting us to Prague in one piece, but instead of flying from Birmingham (where I live), we had to fly from Stansted airport- a 4 hour train ride away. Which I failed to tell my partner about the journey length until the night before (I am a bad person I know). So with no choice in the matter, 4 hours and 4 train changes later we arrived at the airport. Despite the length of the journey it took us to get to the airport- everything went to plan and there were no cancellations, thankfully. Then we were finally on our way to Prague. Our flight got us into Prague for around 8pm and it was snowing as we landed (so cliché). We got a taxi to the hotel, dumped our stuff and headed out to explore.



During our time in Prague, we stopped at the Hotel Angelis. Our hotel wasn’t exactly central, but it was in a nice quiet area and easy to navigate to places from. Upon entrance it was much better than I expected, it looked very grand and I felt like I was in the 1920′s or something. However when we got to our room- well there was a whole new vibe going on there! I was convinced the room was haunted- mainly due to the dim lighting I realised in the morning, but still- spooky! We didn’t spend a great deal of time at the Hotel, but it was good as breakfast was included in the price.



On the first night we found ourselves in the Old Town, near Charles Bridge, which had such an old village feel, and we went to eat at a very traditional Prague restaurant. I had eaten junk all day and opted for a caprese salad for my main (please don’t judge me), but my partner had the traditional pork knuckle which was huge! There was some weird entertainment going on as well, with some lady in a Easter bonnet and long velvet gloves singing to Britney Spears. Part of the experience I guess! So after our meal, and a few drinks down my neck, I was on the hunt for a bar and I stumbled across this underground bar just round the corner. I really wish I wasn’t as drunk as I was when I entered the bar so I could remember the name, but it was round the corner from the Night Gymmore on that later. But the bar was really cool and quirky and had a Berlin feel to it. After one too many tequilas, I found myself dragging my partner to this Night Gym- which surprise surprise was actually a strip club! It was so weird, that the Old Town had transported me into a different century, but there were strip clubs round every corner- a massive contrast.


The next day we went properly exploring to the Prague Castle, which looked much closer on the map. But after walking for almost an hour with no end in sight, we got an Uber to take us the rest of the way. Prague Castle was beautiful and the views from it were phenomenal, and there were some hidden markets at the back of the Cathedral and Castle to explore as well. Later on in the day, we went to explore the town some more and came across this amazing sweet place called Captain Candy- which you were sadly unable to take pictures of in there- but I was drawn to it because… A) sweets and B) pirate theme. We went and got food from this restaurant called Fat Cat and the food was beautiful as well as the interior. In the evening, we went to visit the Christmas market- which was amazing! There were horses and carriages, stables with goats, sheep and donkey’s, and endless market stalls- and I had the dreamiest crepe to eat ever! There was a Christmas show every half an hour, which I somehow managed to miss 3 of them from looking at something else- but oh well! We then went to an Irish bar and befriended these guys from Germany and before we knew it were singing our hearts out to karaoke in a Gay bar- so that was brilliant!

On our final day, we were very hungover, and walked the Old and New Town to get as much fresh air as possible and paid a visit to a few museums.


Prague was a wonderfully fascinating country. The architecture was breathtaking and I felt like I had travelled back in time. What baffled me was how backwards some things were, in terms of the traditional feel, yet how open they were in others- such as sexuality. Prague is really an amazing place, and I would recommend going there 🙂


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