November Favourites

Hello again! I am sorry again for the lack of content this week, but I was off on my travels for the final time this year in Prague. I got back yesterday, after a wonderful Christmas filled time away- and I now feel very excited for Christmas- plus we are picking the tree next weekend- wahoo! I will do a separate post about Prague at some point, but for now- here are my November Favourites and Highlights.

Enjoy 🙂

Beauty Feed

  • YSL Black Opium Perfume from £47.00

I’ve been on the hunt for a new perfume for a while now, as I was stuck in a rut with perfume and the only one that I loved the smell of was Marc Jacobs Decadance but I finally struck gold with YSL Black Opium Perfume– and I love it! It’s a heavy, musky and sexy scent and is one of those perfumes that smell better as the day goes on. A really lovely perfume and would also make a fantastic Christmas gift.


  • NYX Dark Circle Eye Cover £6.00

As a mixed race woman, I have often struggled in finding make up products to suit my skin tone whilst growing up. Nowadays, its so much more easier and there’s so many brands out there to suit skin tone and type. Although I’ve found my perfect matches for foundation, BB Cream and concelar, what I was missing from my bag of tricks, was an dark eye circle cover, but I have at last found it- thanks to NYX. The orange undertones to this eye cover are really amazing! And the results are instant! I put this on to try out quickly and my mum was in shock over how awake I looked! This is now an essential part of my make up kit.


  • NYX Lingerie ‘Ruffle Trim’ Matte Lip Cream £6.50

I can never resist the urge to buy a new lipstick when I’m doing a beauty shop, and this months little treat is this matte lip cream from NYX’s Lingerie brand. I really like this colour, and tend to mix it with my NYX Lip Cream Cannes to give it a less intense matte look. As I have quite prominent lips I feel too much matte can make me look like Kylie Jenner- some people’s ideal, my ideal of hell!


  • ZARA Femme Perfume £5.99

With a new scent in my nose- shout to my YSL Black Opium- I wanted to get a high street perfume as well for my handbag. I always really like perfumes from ZARA, and opted for this Femme perfume to try out. I liked the design of the bottle- with its simplicity and neat look of it-but the scent is beautiful. It’s a very warm and woody scent- perfect for winter.


  • POPBANDS from £2.99

I have stumbled across a miracle invention– in the form of a hair band! I recently went to attend an opening of the Hairdresser chain RUSH with my friend Bethan, and in our little goodie bag were these POPBANDS. They are metal free, look like a festival band, and here’s the best bit (it fits my afro)that’s one of the best things. But THE best thing about it- it leaves no kinks in your hair! They are amazing! They also come in a wide range of patterns and designs.


Fashion Faves

  • Missguided Red Velvet Tie Heels £40

I had an outfit all planned out for a wedding I attended this month, more on this later, but the fashion gods were against me and I couldn’t get the outfit I had planned. However in my haste to find something quickly- I stumbled across two pieces that I now love. The first being these Red Velvet Heels from Missguided. They are so festive and the softest feeling on your toes! I really love these- although they did hurt the balls of my feet as the night went on; but a small price to pay I feel.


  • ASOS Polka Dot Jumpsuit £45

Teamed with these dream red heels, was this gorgeous jumpsuit from ASOS. I wasn’t sure what to wear to a Winter wedding, and opted for a jumpsuit, in the hope that this wouldn’t be too causal. (I am actually obsessed with jumpsuits!) I also wanted a piece that I could wear daily as well, and this jumpsuit is very easy to wear from day to night. For a day time look, I team this with a choker and black trainers and oversized longline black jacket. And for the evening, dress it up with heels and a faux fur clutch bag.


  • H&M Knitted Cream Dress £24.99

A must have item I purchased this month, is a knitted dress from H&M. It is the comfiest thing in the world! I couldn’t find the exact one I purchased online, but this one is very similar. It’s such a Sunday outfit, in terms of wearing something comfy and easy to style with. And to go with this wonderful comfy dress are my new grey trainers…


  • ZARA Grey Trainers £19.99

I had been meaning to get some new trainers for a while now, but I couldn’t find any branded ones that I love more than my black NB trainers. However, I did really want a pair of grey trainers, and instead of getting branded ones, I decided to go with a high street brand I love and trust- ZARA. ZARA are my go to for so many things, and when I saw these trainers in store- I just knew I had to have them. They are really comfy and they make a nice change from black trainers.


Film and Music

  • Louis Theroux ‘My Scientology Movie’

I am always keen and interested in learning about new things, and mix that with Louis Theroux, and you’ve got a winner. Scientology is something that I knew very little about, aside from Tom Cruise is involved with it, and this documentary really opened up my eyes to what it is about. Upon watching the documentary, I found the ‘religion’ of Scientology very shocking and quite disturbing, but I enjoy watching documentaries as they really get you to think and question things.


  • ‘Side to Side’ Ariana Grande

I don’t usually like Ariana Grande, and usually find her highly irritating- apologies if your a fan- however I do really love this song by her. It’s ridiculously catchy and a feel good song.

  • ‘That’s My Girl’ Fifth Harmony

Another song I can’t get enough of is ‘That’s My Girl’; this is such an empowering song, and whenever I am feeling a little down or need some girl power; I mean Beyonce or the Spice Girls are my go to, but this is really an empowering song.

  • The Girl on The Train

So I finally got round to seeing this at the cinema with my friend Ellie, and I was highly impressed with it. I am a big fan of the book and although I’d heard great reviews of the film, I was still a little sceptical- mainly because it was set in New York and not London. However for the film it worked being in New York. Emily Blunt was faultless, and I admire her even more than I did before. She played the role phenomenally and the whole movie was better than I expected.



  • Jones and Tolley Wedding

I was really excited to be invited to attend my best friends Dad’s wedding, and my first winter wedding- there’s a couple mixing it up. As I said previously, I was unsure what to wear for a winter wedding, and opted for a jumpsuit, which I was pleasantly surprised to see others adopting the same mentality. Colour wise, the main colours seemed to be plums or navy blue, but clothes aside- the wedding was beautiful! The hotel and surrounding areas were lovely, great for pictures, and the day itself was just laugh after laugh. Although I did get a bit tearful when the bride came down the aisle.


  • Bonfire Night

Bonfire night seems so long ago now, but its one of my favourite celebrations, as it gets me really excited for the winter months. This year I went to one of my local bonfire nights, where the display was beautiful and there was an extremely random kids rave going on in the field- but stranger things have happened. It was really lovely and the doughnuts we queued for half an hour for were worth it.


  • Uni Reunion

This month I finally got round to seeing my uni crew! We try to make this a monthly thing, but sometimes life just goes too fast and before you know it, you haven’t seen people for 3 months! I unfortunately was unable to attend two previous meet ups, so was really glad to make this one. We went back to our uni roots in Leicester for food, drinks, shopping and a massive catch up! The day always seems to go too fast and we are trying desperately to plan a weekend break together- so fingers crossed we can have more than a few hours together!


  • Prague

So I got back from Prague yesterday, after a really nice mini break away! It’s my final travel destination this year, and I’m already excited for what next year will bring in terms of travel. (Barcelona with my friends is already on the cards- wahoo!). A much fuller post on Prague will be coming soon, but Prague is such a beautiful city; the architecture there is phenomenal, as well as just being a very interesting place. It really was beautiful to visit, and the Christmas market there really got me in the festive spirit- so much so I’ve even fished out my Christmas jumper.


I hope you’ve had a wonderful month, and are looking forward to what this month will bring- I’m going to catch up on my advent calender chocolates 🙂


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