Your Job Doesn’t Define You

The beginning of every conversation with either new acquaintances or old friends involves a four letter word- work.

How’s work going?”

What do you do for work?”

There is no mention of hobbies we may be involved in or events we may be attending- it is work at the forefront of people’s minds. But does our obsession with work shy us away from many other interests we have, does our job title say more about us as a person than our hobbies and interests- does our job title define our persona?

For me a job has to be…

  • something that is making a difference

  • an environment that I enjoy working in

  • a good work/life balance

So in a way you could say that my job does not define me, as, for me, when I leave work- any issues there are left there. Being able to travel, explore, be with family and friends and doing the things I like to do is the most important thing. If my workload suddenly increased and I was every night up doing work- even on the weekend- I’d really struggle with it. I’d become miserable and irritable that I hadn’t done anything.

Yet there are others of us, where work does comes first. Where your job title speaks for you– this is the best example of you you can display. These people I admire, that despite their exhaustion, they will continue. They make sacrifices for work, they are the late sleepers and early risers and its exhausting to think about let alone live it! But did nobody tell these people that its okay to relax, to let your hair down. It’s okay to do something not work related.

At work, try to break that cycle as well, by talking with your colleagues about non work related things; you may be pleasantly surprised to find you share similar interests. It’s also nice for the other person as well, as they feel they can share that little bit more of themselves with you- as opposed to being known as Dave the Admin Guy.

We can all get het up with work, we spend so much time there- but we need to make sure we are having time for ourselves. Have big goals and ambitions in life- but also remember no job is worth your well-being and fulfilment in life deteriorating.

Your job doesn’t define you, its one part of you.


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