What’s In My Carry On

Packing for any trip away for me, requires lists and organisation. I have had far too many occasions in forgetting something vital for a trip- you know like a toothbrush or a weeks worth of underwear (yup that happened), so to prevent these disasters from every happening again- I make lists.

For my main luggage I plan outfits that are practical for wherever I’m going. I like my outfits to be effortless, as I want to get up and go, pretty much, so I’d rather not spend precious time tweaking an outfit. I tend to wear trousers, jumspuits and jeans a lot when I’m away- (in Winter trips), and dresses and shorts for Summer. Tights and dresses for a winter trip away is my idea of hell– think how many times you’d be stopping to sort your tights out?! It’s the same when it comes to shoes- I like to be able to walk for a good 3 hours without my feet hurting, so trainers are always a safe bet for me when I’m going to be on my feet all day.

But before you reach your destination, there is a flight involved, and regardless of how many hours I’m going to be on a flight- these are the items that I without fail take with me…

  • Phone

Well this is in my hands the majority of the day anyway, so I’d be pretty silly if I forgot this! I don’t use my phone on the plane, unless I may take a Snapchat before I fly, but it’s just force of habit.

  • Tablet

Before flying, I like to download some TV programmes to watch- as I get very fidgety on the plane and need to switch between TV, reading and sleeping. I like to watch funny programmes, so ready for Prague at the end of the month, I’ve got Parks and Recreation and Brookyln Nine Nine already lined up.

  • Headphones

Of course, I wouldn’t want to annoy anyone around me when watching said programmes (although I’m pretty sure I annoy people from laughing out loud- sorry!) But I have my headphones even when we are ascending and descending, as I find they help with my ears, and means I can hear when I get off the plane- bliss.

  • Magazines/Books

Like I said, I get bored easily on the plane and like to switch things up- so I like to take a couple of magazines and a good book for the journey. And no I don’t mean a Kindle, I mean a good proper book- there’s nothing better than that.

  • Moisturiser

I suffer with dry skin as it is, and the change in climate, weather or anything really- results in my hands in particular, becoming very dry. So to prevent this from happening, I always take my trustworthy Neutrogena Hand Cream with me.

  • Lip Balm

Again, its the same with my lips- something about being in the air makes my lips so dry. I think it also has something to do with me not drinking as much as I usually do, as I really try to refrain from using the plane toilets. A lip balm I trust with my life is the Blistex Intensive Hydrating Lip Balm- I bought this in a rush before a flight, and I’ve never looked back since.

  • Travel Cushion

I like to be comfy on the plane, and since I can drop off to sleep literally anywhere! To safe my neck from a lifetime of pain, I invested in a travel cushion- and take this with me regardless of the length of flight.

  • Socks

Speaking of comfort- I hate having my shoes on whilst I’m on the plane, as I said I’m very fidgety and will wriggle in my seat a lot, so shoes just seem to annoy me, especially when I want to sit with my legs crossed. I probably should invest in some flight socks, but instead I opt for nice big fluffy socks.

  • Eye Mask

Although I can drop off anywhere, if I really need a good nap, I will be that diva with an eye mask- sometimes its too damn bright on the plane- so this helps me get off to sleep better.

  • Chewing Gum

I always take chewing gum on the plane as it prevents from my ears popping, also I just always have chewing gum throughout the day, so going without it for a few hours feels weird.

  • Wallet

I like to keep my money on me, so I know where it is at all time, as well as my cards and will safely secure them in a safe place and check regularly that they are there.

  • Passport and Other Important Documents

And of course, how are you even going to make it on the plane without your passport and boarding pass? I also- from being an annoying organised person- will have an itinerary with me, including directions, bus routes and times- so I get us to the hotel in one piece.

What are some things you take with you in hand luggage? 🙂


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