Hello! So I’ve been on my travels again, this time to Berlin; a place I haven been wanted to visit for a long time, and I am so glad I did. Aside from the stopover at Brussels for 14 hours on the way home- it was torture– it was a wonderful trip and all is shared below…


Surprisingly the journey ran very very smoothlyyou know when something runs a bit too well to plan that you wonder what’s the catch here? Well thanks to my great organisational skills and keen sense of direction, I got us there in one piece to the Weinmeister Hotel in central Berlin (more on that in a bit). The bus was easy to navigate and people were willing to help with anything we didn’t understand- and everyone spoke English; although my limited German did come in handy some of the time I feel. We got a bit lost trying to find the hotel, but thankfully we had unlimited data, so we managed to Google Map navigate our way to the hotel- where we collapsed before taking on the city…



The hotel was lovely, although I walked past it as the door just looked like a wall with graffiti on itBerlin is very edgy. But this hotel was amazing! It was quirky on the outside but my idea of elegant inside. The bed was the comfiest thing in the world- so yeah I napped a fair bit whilst away- but I think that’s an unwritten rule on holiday. There were sofas in our room and a balcony, and yeah we felt very much like pimps. But the best bit about the room was the bathroom- oh hot damn! There was a waterfall shower, which was amazing, and ladies, the lighting in the bathroom was perfect for doing your make up. There was also a LED make up mirror that I fell in love with (and have added to my Christmas Wish List). Interior aside; the hotel was in prime location, right in the heart of the city centre, meaning we were walking distance to all the main shops (COS, All Saints, Urban Outfitters and Monki- to name a few). We were also close to the local market and restaurants, as well as being walking distance from some great attractions…



Ramones Cafe, Bar and Museum

We happened to stumble across this on our walk to the museums in Lustgarten, and were just after a place for a drink (non alcoholic- we can control ourselves), and after being shot down after saying we should go to this Vegan and Dog Friendly place- the lad thought it was weird (but dogs!)- we found this little gem, and I’m glad we went here instead. It was so cool, and the walls are covered in photographs of the Ramones, along with the interior again being quirky and original. We didn’t go round the museum, for reasons I cannot remember- but if you ever visit Berlin this is a must (along with the Dog Cafe which is linked here).


Lustgarten Area- Museum Central

A straight walk brings you to the tourist and cultural part of Berlin– the heart of the museums and cathedral. It was a real tourist destination, and there was also more markets to enjoy. The stroll down the canal was beautiful, as well as being able to see such beautiful and historical landmarks. The only museum we visited was Anne Frank’s one- obviously its much smaller and very different to Anne Frank Haus in Amsterdam, but anything to do with the war I’m interested in, as it is still a very recent event, so I always like to learn more. We also paid a visit to the Jewish Quarter, which was very interesting and holds a lot of meaning to it; I felt very moved whilst visiting there.


Checkpoint Charlie and The Berlin Wall

So this is something I was dying to see, as like I said I’m really interested in recent history, and this was such a pinnacle moment for me. Yes I was aware that the wall had fallen, but I still thought there would be more to this area, or somewhere you could see the remains. And after walking for nearly an hour, we were greeted with disappointment.

You had to pay to see the remains! We were both outraged, and I’ve never been so disappointed in my life. The worst thing was to get in to see the remains was 10 euros each, and with us sharing money (oh and you couldn’t pay on card in most places, aside from restaurants), we didn’t have the cash to splash. On the upside though, Checkpoint Charlie was pretty good, and there are actors pretending to check passes and stuff to let you in, so that was good. But I will never forget the moment when my dreams came shattering down.


Go down the Alley

So this isn’t something I would usually encourage people to do, but we found the most interesting places when we down an alley way. We found graffiti central places, a cool burger joint, a rum bar (hello- my eyes lit up), and even when we walked the same street back to the Hotel, we would spot another alley to explore. Berlin has hidden gems and secrets waiting to be explored.



Speaking of exploring, we well and truly explored the nightlife Berlin had to offer. To get to the main strip where all the bars are, it was a 10-15 minute taxi ride away at the cost of around 12 euro. But thanks to the 21st Century, Ubers and unlimited data combined; it was easy to get a taxi there.

I can’t remember all the bars we went too- as they are very generous with both drink sizes and prices over there (but remember its cash only),- however, a bar we kept going back to was Soylent. All the bars have their own unique vibe, and my camera really couldn’t capture the essence of it- so I did it like back in the good old days- and just enjoyed the moment. On one of the nights we went to Booze Bar, where they custom make cocktails for you based on what you say you like- which was amazing- and I again didn’t get pictures- although I’m pretty sure I snapchatted it. We did want to go to this exclusive nightclub, but to get into clubs in Germany requires, skill, discipline and queueing for a lifetime. After an hour and a half in a queue, which was not going down, and with me freezing and on the beginning of an asthma attack, we left and just went bar hopping instead- no club is worth that much queuing! But overall the nightlife there was great, its more relaxed compared to the screams and chanting we get in the UK, but the Germans know what they’re doing with their drinks- and they get you well and truly drunk.


Berlin was such an amazing and inspiring place. A city vibrant in art, fashion and individuality, as well as place beaming with history and culture. I had an amazing time and will definitely be going back in the future.


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