October Favourites

Hello again! It feels like such a long time since I blogged, but I am back, again, kicking things off with my October Favourites and Highlights post. This month seems to have flown by in a blink of an eye, meaning its one step closer to Christmas- (not excited at all), but for now I hope you enjoy my October Favourites and Highlights 🙂

Fashion Faves

  • Pope Jumper £25 @Fashion Union

I call this my pope jumper, as I just feel very holy in it. But I am absolutely in love with this jumper from Fashion Union, and it is not something I would usually go for. I was drawn to this piece due to its high neck style and bell bottom arms- which I’ve been trying to find for ages– so this really persuaded me to buy it. But I was even more impressed when it arrived as it so comfy! Due to the oatmeal colour of it, its very easy to style with and I tend to add my crazy colourful H&M faux fur scarf to my outfit, to give it that bit of edge. Just don’t wear this out if your a messy eater like me.

  • Cross Body Bag £28 @ASOS

I’ve been meaning to get a new cross body bag for a while and fell for this simplistic black bag from ASOS. It was much smaller than I thought when it arrived, but it fits all my junk it it perfectly still. It has a velvet pouch at the front, which is great for throwing my headphones into, and I really liked the circular buckle detail on the bag as well. The material of the bag, gives it a sort of worn look- which I really like, as I don’t like things too polished.

  • Black Suede Boots £18 @Truffle

Despite having 6 pairs of boots, I need more and I actually don’t own any black low heeled ankle boots; until now. I have been waiting literally months for these to be in stocknot even exaggerating- and finally the shoe god changed my luck just in the nick of time for winter and now I am living in these boots. They are so easy to style and I’ve been wearing them with mainly jeans, and they also look really good with a black pleather/leather skirt with bare legs for an evening look. Mine are a bit worn already, as a few drinks turned into a full night out, and I wore them in a club- oops!

  • Suede Heels £21 @ASOS

Keeping in the theme of shoes, I’ve been wanting some good going out shoes for winter, as girls we don’t half freeze ourselves to look good on a night out- and I’d had enough of having cold toes. So I found these simple lace up heels, which keep my toes hidden and my feet happy. They are really comfy to wear all night, due to the chunky heel– so its a win win.

Beauty Crush

  • L’Oreal Colour Riche 703 Oud Obession Lipstick £6.99 @Boots

Being in the full swing of everything Autumn Winter, I wanted to get a new dark lipstick; and since L’Oreal are now my new favourite lipstick brand, I went with one from this range. I love this colour, and it is very dark, but looks great on! I tend to wear this more in the evening, but for a more subtle look in the day, I use a nude as a base (here’s my favourite one) before applying the L’Oreal one.

  • Botanics Bronzer Brush £14.99 @Superdrug 

Whenever I get a new powder I need to get a new brush to go with it, and on purchasing my bronzer, my usual go to bronzer brush wasn’t available- so this was a prime time to try out something new. And Superdrug graced me with this brush- its so soft and feels amazing! It also holds the bronzer really well, so that I get a good even coverage and don’t look like I’ve fallen head first into a tub of bronzer- so I’m now going to get the full make up brush range of this brand! I’ve been converted!

  • Dusty Pink Make Up Bag £6.99 @H&M

As I am trying to expand my dusty pink collection more and more each day- (I’m on 4 items now, wahoo!) I knew that I needed this make up bag from H&M. A girl can never have too many bags– be that handbags or make up bags, and I really love both the structure and colour of this one. They’ve got them in a range of colours, and I was torn between the grey and the pink one- but I am dedicated to the dusty pink game (for now).


Book Worm

  • Asking For It– Louise O’Neill

This is probably one of the most important books I’ve read, and I would urge you all to read this. It’s a book about rape and the reality of it. It’s not overly graphic, but really hones in on important issues surrounding rape and the effects it has on everyone involved. It’s very real in terms of the emotions and in the understanding or indeed, lack of understanding there still is surrounding rape, and I have high praise for Louise for this insightful book.


  • Animals– Sarah Pascoe

Moving on to a more light hearted and upbeat book- I purchased this book from Amazon after being drawn to it whilst browsing Foyles. It’s completely different to my usual genres of books- which are usually suspense books; as this is- one- an autobiography and two it’s hilarious! The way that Sarah words things and describes stories is similar to my own narrative voice, so no wonder I find her hilarious! I was reading this on the plane and I was properly laughing whilst reading it, which annoyed some people. I’m halfway through and am loving it, and its also refreshing to read something different to the norm.


TV Choice

  • Parks and Recreation @Amazon

Keeping with the light hearted theme, I realised that most of the TV programmes I watch are quite intense to watch, for example Power, PLL (Pretty Little Liars for non fans), Breaking Bad, The Walking Deadyou get the idea. But they are all kinda grim in their own way and require a lot of concentration. So as I seem to be switching things up a lot this month, I thought I would change my TV game a little– and who knew that I would get hooked on comedy. Parks and Recs (yup I’m a true fan, even abbreviated) is hilarious, and its so nice to watch something which is just funny and you don’t have to concentrate but you can just enjoy the programme.


  • Humans @Channel 4

And back to reality- with an intense programme– Channel 4’s show ‘Humans’ is back and I love it already! If you’re not familiar with the programme, its basically about human like robots- advanced technology which probably will happen (beads of sweat are now forming). It follows the life of these advanced robots living amongst humans, and there’s loads more to the plot, but I don’t want to spoil anything- but it’s so good! As well I feel it’s an important thing to watch, because the way technology is advancing, this could potentially happen. (dun dun dun…)


Au Cinema

  • Bridget Jones’ Baby

I haven’t been to the cinema as much as I usually do this month, even though there are loads of things I want to see, but the film that stood out for me was Bridget Jones’ Baby. I love the Bridget Jones’ films, they are wonderfully British and hilarious, and I was unsure as to whether the third film, considering how long its been since the second film, would work out. But it did! It was so funny and lovely- and just a real lovely film to enjoy with my friends.



  • Birmingham Royal Ballet- The Tempest

Ballet is my favourite performance to watch and every year I go to see The Nutcracker at Christmas, but in the spirit of switching things up- I went in October instead to see The Tempest with my Mum. It was so eloquently done and the dancing was mesmerising. Even the way that Caliban moved was mysterious but still beautiful. The scenery and lighting were also spectacular and it was lovely to spend time with my Mum at the theatre. I’m going to give The Nutcracker a miss this year, and hopefully will be going to see Red Shoes next for my birthday- as that is one of my favourite ballet pieces.


  • Jamie T, Brixton

Me and Bethan went to Brixton to see Jamie T this month, and it was so good! It was lovely to go away for the weekend and to be in Brixton, which is now my second favourite place in London after Camden. Our Premier Inn was so nice as well, the room was massive! It was in a great location on the high street, two minutes from the tube and on the same road as restaurants, bars and shops, and it was about a 10 minute walk, if that to the O2 where Jamie T was playing. The gig was so good! And me and Bethan did what we do best at gigs, and get drunk and sing/scream songs to each other. There was such a good atmosphere at the gig and we partied into the night after.


  • Halloween

October brings me a lot of joy, especially because its Halloween season! What with being away over the Halloween weekend, and what with Halloween falling on a Monday, the day I came home; I couldn’t do my original idea of hosting an Alice in Wonderland themed party with my friends, where I was going to be the Cheshire Cat- sigh! But that’s not to say I didn’t go out and celebrate my favourite night (well one of them, Christmas comes pretty close), and to celebrate this day I went to Southampton for the first time. Southampton is so good for a night out and despite being really tired from travelling, I had a great night out, still keeping in the theme of a cat.


  • Baby News!

So two of my friends are pregnant and I’m so excited for them! They are both due around the same time- so that means two lots of baby showers and double the baby shopping- yay!


  • Berlin

And last but not least, Berlin. Berlin was amazing and a fuller blog post on this will be coming soon. But it is a city which is rich in art and inspiration, as well as full of history. It was really easy to navigate around and a lot to see and enjoy.


I hope you’ve had a lovely October and have got lots to look forward to in November 🙂


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