Strong VS Submissive

As I was reading Cosmopolitan a few weeks ago, there was an article featured about women who are strong women on the street, but submissive in the sheets. And there was varied thoughts over whether you could be both.

I would describe myself as a strong woman; in the sense that I hold strong beliefs, I’m not afraid to speak my mind, and I surround myself with equally strong and empowering women. But when it comes to bedroom, is it wrong if a woman likes being submissive in the sheets?

As I was reading the article, one of the women said that although she was submissive in the bedroom, it did not change the fact that she was a strong woman. And why? Because her pleasure and fantasy was in her control in a way, as she wants her partner to be that way with her in the bedroom, but of course a man acting that way to her in the street she would no way accept.

Being submissive to your partner in a sexual sense is different. You trust them, they aren’t going to hurt you, they are treating you this way because it’s sexually stimulating and pleasing for you, and they want to please you.

So can we be strong on the street and submissive in the sheets? I think so- hey there’s empowerment in taking control of your sexual desires.


One thought on “Strong VS Submissive

  1. Skatsz says:

    This article cracked me up for some reason but I think naturally women enjoy being submissive to men in the bedroom. I also think the submissive fantasy is indicative of so much more than just sex. It shows there’s some amount of healthy communication, trust, comfort etc

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