‘Can I touch your hair?” Her fingers already there.

What should I do?

Do I tell her no; just for her to call me a bitch and have a go.

Should I squirm away, but that’s rude and I don’t want come across in that way.

So instead I smile as she pats and strokes and smells my hair.

Questions 1, 2, 3…

How did it get like this? What did you do? Is there any products you use? Is it real? Is it yours?

Questions 1, 2, 3


Of course it’s mine who else’s would it be? I’m mixed race and my hair is a big part of me. I love my hair and I’m glad you love it to. But I’m not a toy, I’m not a dog to pet, I’m not strange and new so please let me rest…

I used to find it nice when I first went natural that a girl once so concerned with her hair now had an afro with you I share.

But now it’s a curse as I can’t walk down the street without hearing the sound of running feet. An extended arm, a stroke here or there, fingers reaching towards that afro hair.

I guess what I’m trying to say is, look but don’t touch. It’s nice to be appreciated but this is all a bit much.


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