Autumn/Winter Pieces

Winter is well and truly here, with our essentials now consisting of tissues, olbas oil and gloves for those early morning starts. In this blog I’ve got a whole range of my favourite AW/16 picks for commuting, from work to night, weekend ready and for those frosty nights out on the town.

  • Comfort Chic

I love to be comfy yet chic that is my style mantra– so in a bid to avoid the wind lifting up my skirt, lunging across the room to sort my now twisted tights; I opt for trousers. For those of you who have read previous style posts of mine, you know how much I love and rate jumpsuits and that I can’t live without them. But with all the additional layers on the top anyway, jumpsuits are not always the most practical, particularly when your in a rush for the toilet! So bring on the trousers and the comfier the better! My favourites are these…

Sports Style Cigaratte Trousers £28 @ASOS

For a non sporty person (aside from my gym membership) I really love the sporty look. Although I can’t really pull off some of the items, mainly snapbacks- afro problems! I do love the style and comfort of sportswear. I love these trousers from ASOS because they have the sporty look, yet they are a tailored trouser, meaning they are suitable for work.


Wool Fleck Trousers £24.99 @NEW LOOK

These are super super warm! So say goodbye to holding onto a hot water bottle for dear life whilst at your desk! They feel so nice and snug, and oh you may as well be wearing your pyjamas to work! I love the detail of them, and they remind me of Grandpa wear, but in a more sophisticated way. Being grey, they will work well with most colours, and it’s good to add a bit of colour to your outfit as winter can sometimes be dark and miserable.

Check Mensy Trousers @TOPSHOP £39

I’m loving the Grandad inspired look at the moment, and fell in love with these trousers. High waisted, patterned and ankle length- and that’s a winner for me. Team this with a roll neck, throw some fur in there and some docs and your good to go.

  • Funky Socks

I hate buying socks, as although an essential, they are just annoying to buy! So I rely on my yearly supply from my stocking at Christmas. But sometimes you stumble across some socks that you need in your life, and in winter- the funkier the better! My go to shop for funky socks is Topshop, and these are my favourites…

Glittery Socks are the best things ever! And I love these space themed ones as well as these orange ones from Topshop. I love orange and rockets- amazing!

Also referring back to the sports look, I also love these yellow sport inspired ones. All socks £3.50


  • It’s All About The Layers

When you don’t know whether the temperature is going to increase or decrease at any given point- you need layers! And here are my top picks…

Wool Funnel Neck Jumpers £65 @TOPSHOP

Oh its so pristine and clean and cosy and fluffy! I’m extremely clumsy and manage to drop things down me before I leave the house, so this could be a very dangerous purchase, but it looks lovely, and very easy to style. Also a perfect piece for both the work look and for keeping it causal at the weekend.

‘Royal’ Cashmere Jumper £50 @WAH LONDON

I am strangely attracted to this little number. I think its because it reminds me of Lorde with her Royals song, and I love Lorde. But I also love the colour of this, as it perks things up for winter with a different shade of blue.

Lounge Jumper £32 @ASOS

I love this jumper and its so comfy, as well as being available to purchase as part of a set, for the ultimate comfort package!

  • Head Gear

I love beanie season, but unfortunately due to the size of my fro, I can’t actually wear them unless I want to straighten the fro and that’s never going to happen again! But if I did want a beanie this is the one I would get…

Cable Knit Hat £7.99 @H&M

But as I can’t wear hats, but I need something to warm my head slightly, I tend to opt for head gear such as headbands.

Rib Headband £6.00

I love headbands, as it means that with my fro tied up, I actually can have some form of warmth for my head. As well they are always perfect for when I’m having a bad hair day!

  • Fluffy and Furry

Winter just screams fur and fluff and all the comfy things in the world; and the fluffier and the furrier the better (of course faux)! Blankets are all well and good, but unfortunately you can’t take them out and about. So fur has to come in other forms, for example, coats!

Cropped Shaggy Jacket £35 @PRETTY LITTLE THING

This is perfect for an evening out on the town or for a trip into town to meet the gang. I love love this and the grey is perfect!

Pink Causal Faux Fur Coat  £89 @TOPSHOP

How cosy is this coat? It’s basically like wearing a duvet!

Faux Fur Shearling Mittens £7.99 @NEW LOOK

With every furry coat, you need fluffy gloves too!

  • Velvet Baby

Velvet really is the epitome of Autumn Winter for me. It just looks and feels wintery and my favourite pieces are…

Hitch A Ride Lace Up Mules £31.50 @ASOS

Tiara Babydoll Dress £35 @MOTEL

  • Boot It

I love boot season, and for me (speaking as a woman who owns 7 pairs of boots- oops) two essential boots are knee high boots and ankle boots, and these are my favourites…

Truffle Ankle Boots £18 @ASOS

Ankle boots are an essential, and you should get some leather or pleather boots, and some suede ones. They are such a great essential piece and can be teamed with anything.

Knee High Boots in Suede £39.99 @NEW LOOK

It took me ages to find my perfect knee high boots but when I did, oh I didn’t realise what I was missing out on. They are so comfy and warm and I really appreciate them in the depths of winter

Crushed Velvet Boots £39.99 @PUBLIC DESIRE

Basic black boots aside, you need some dressy boots as well, and keeping in with the the theme of velvet, these are perfect!

Embroidered Boots £39 @TOPSHOP

Again some more funkier ones, to jazz up an outfit- are these embroidered boots from Topshop and I love them!

  • Party

Of course the winter doesn’t stop us partying- but we just wrap up and drink up! And these are my favourite party pieces…

Tie Waist Bell Jumpsuit £28 @ASOS

Yes I know what I said about jumpsuits, but I just love them, and I really love the rust orange colour, its warm yet bright.

Ebonie n Ivory Embroidered Mesh Dress £35 @ASOS

Well its got sleeves so that should keep you warm on a night out right? Hmm maybe some tequila as well. I love the pattern of this dress and think its really fun!

Vila High Neck Dress with Sequin Skirt £47.50 @ASOS

I love this two piece, and its such a great party piece! Its pretty festive- so that’s getting me excited for a holiday coming up… (I’ll say no more).


Sequin Dress £47.50 

I hope you’ve had a wonderful week and enjoyed this blog post!


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