YouTube Sensations and Aspirations

Do you know what people’s job aspirations were 10 years ago? They were to be teachers, nurses, doctors and in the police.

And now? Well most young people’s aspirations are to be bloggers, vloggers and YouTube sensations- and at what point do we stop this and get it back to being a hobby instead of a career? And at what point do these internet stars stop filming and start living?

I enjoy blogging as a hobby and like to set time aside a couple of times a week to share parts of my life, thoughts and interests etc. with like minded people, and I think blogging is a great way to share stories and interests over the internet. The same with certain vloggers, offering fashion and beauty tips, and helping with more personal issues and letting us know that we are not alone. In an increasingly technological world it can often feel lonely, and through watching a video of someone online who is talking to you in a way that a friend would, it can restore that sense of belonging. We feel that we know these people behind the screens, as we follow them on every social media site, subscribe to their YouTube- and never miss out on a video. But amidst all this, at what point do we draw the line between hobby and career? And how long will this Vlogger take over last?

People who started out vlogging for fun at 15 are now 26 and this is their career- but I always wonder as to whether they will wake up one day and question what they are doing. I’m not denying that there are many influential YouTubers who have made great careers, thanks to YouTube, and have gone on to pursue other interests. There are many who use their fame and power to talk about important issues and make a difference, such as Tyler Oakely.

But on the flip side of that, there are many newer vloggers who are self obsessed, and are interested in vlogging their daily life, which is surprisingly very normal minus going to coffee shops 20 times a day. And that is the reason I have a problem with vlogging as it expands. It holds the potential to be so powerful, which the original generation of vloggers have done. Yet, I fear that in a society that is becoming more and more self absorbed each day, is vlogging going to turn into this documentation of our own lives?

Are we going to end up as a generation of Vloggers; tripods at the ready to get that perfect latte shot, to document every inch of our life? And is vlogging dangerous and making us more self obsessed? I don’t want to grow old in a society where I can find 500 vloggers and not one doctor.

Vlogging and blogging are both powerful resources, but maybe we should strip them back, and keep them just as hobbies.


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