Hersonissos, Crete

This time last week I was enjoying a tequila sunrise poolside in a bikini with my bestie. Flash forward to this week and I’m wrapped up in a jumper, boots and coat. But aside the difference in temperature, I also experienced a new type of holiday in the form of an all inclusive holiday and all is explained below…


Me and my friend Bethan (hey babe- you should also check her blog out here), booked this following us talking about needing some sun and just going ‘fuck it’. I’ve never been on an all inclusive holiday before, so this was a new adventure for me. I’m a city break lover through and through (plus the ultimate momager), but it was actually really nice not having to worry about everything. Well so we thought…

Unfortunately our flight got delayed for a whole 24 hours! It was annoying that we missed a day of our holiday, but we did get to stay in the Hilton for free- which was amazing! I wanted to take the duvet with me- it was like sleeping in a cloud! So eventually on the 23rd September we arrived in Hersonissos, and then got transported (sounds like we were vegetables being shipped) to our hotel Chrissi Amoudia– which I could not pronounce the latter for the life of me! But we had made it- finally!



The hotel was lovely, and due to the inconvenience of getting delayed and ultimately a shorter stay, we got upgraded to bungalow instead of being in the main hotel. This was lovely, as we had a tropical garden view and were right by the pool– so I could fling the door open and run to the pool! The hotel was lovely and clean, and the food was all lovely. I was a bit nervous over how many vegetarian options there were going to be, but was very pleased with the options they had. I loved the poolside area, and for a very busy hotel, it never got packed out poolside or in the pool. But I think this was because we were 10 minutes from the beach- good central location- and people were going there instead of the pool. It was lovely to have such a gorgeous view of the sea whilst enjoying our breakfast in the morning too. There was loads of entertainment for all ages going on throughout the day and into the night. My personal favourite was aqua gym (which I never took part in) but I just loved watching it and doing it from the comfort of my sun lounger. The staff were all lovely, friendly and helpful and couldn’t do enough for you. I would highly recommend this hotel, whether your going with friends and want to chill out, your partner or on a family break.



Like I said our location was excellent with us being 10 minutes from the smaller beach and a half hour walk from the main beach, leading into the main city centre, filled with bars all across the coast. We enjoyed a cocktail or two whilst watching the sea and this man attempt to put his flippers on whilst in the sea (I had the giggles for 20 minutes straight). On one of the days we went to the old village of Hersonissos, which was the most adorable little square I’ve ever seen- like something out of a Disney movie! We went to Sofa Taverna to eat out on one of evenings, where we were very experimental and had pizza- (but it was amazing pizza so who cares) oh and I also was over the moon to have fresh orange juice! As the orange juice everywhere else tasted of sugar and nothing else (grim). Aside from food and drink, we also explored the harbour, market, mountains and wildlife park- all of which were lovely and gorgeous, but the one I want to talk about is Amazonas Animal Park.


This is a wildlife rescue centre, with the owner moving from Brazil and building this all by himself. It was truly amazing and you could tell he really cares about the well-being of the animals and his passion for his park. It was really amazing to witness and also to walk amongst the lemurs and the monkey’s and see them free in large roaming spaces.


Getting around was really easy as well, with us either travelling via coach, arranged by the rep, or with a taxi, which staff were more than happy to book for you. This made things a lot easier and we weren’t left stranded or stuck trying to figure out a bus route into the unknown.

I really had such a lovely time in Greece (and an even lovelier tan), and have been converted to liking all inclusive holidays and admitting that I am a little bit of a summer lover after all.



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