September Favourites

Hello my lovelies! I’m back of holiday, featuring a lovely tan- and thought I would kick of my blogging with my September Favourites and Highlights! There is a lot of stationary featured in this months post, as I went a bit crazy with post it notes- but never mind! Hope you have had a wonderful month and enjoy my favourites and highlights…

Beauty Favourites…

  • Gel Nails £25-£30 (prices may vary)

So at the beginning of the month I got really irritated over how many times I was having to redo my nails, for them to end up chipped at the end of the day. My frustration led to me booking to get my nails done at my local salon with the intent that this would be a one off visit as I knew I would get annoyed with them in 2 days time. Yet surprisingly, one month later, and I love acrylic gel nails! I always thought that I wouldn’t be able to pick things up with them or type for that matter, so I wouldn’t be much use at work; but I really love them! They last for 2 weeks as well, before I want to get them sorted and pick a different colour- I’m really impressed and it’s nice to have nails that look good all the time.


  • BB Cream £6.99 @Superdrug

I’ve wrote about this product in one of my previous posts ‘What’s in my Suitcase: Beauty Edition’, with the natural intent to just use this product whilst on holiday, as foundation is too heavy for a day in the sun. Yet I was again pleasantly surprised to find the benefits of using BB cream, not only as a refreshing alternative to foundation on days when I don’t need/want to wear so much make up; but as a primer as well. I now have added this to my daily make up routine, as it is an excellent primer, at an excellent price too.


  • Champney’s Spa Indulgence Distant Shores Body Butter £2.50 @Boots

Surprisingly I have a night routine (not like that’s much of shock as a beauty blogger), and part of my night time routine is to use a night cream for my hands, feet and elbows. My go to product is Burt’s Bee’s Night Hand Cream, however in the spirit of switching things up, I opted for this body butter from Champney’s. It smells amazing- with it containing extracts of passion fruit and mango, which brings a bit of summer inside, as we move into the colder Autumn months.


Stationary Crazy…

  • Planner/Diary £8.00 @TK MAXX

As my old trusty diary is looking a bit worse for wear (and just because I’m being annoyingly organised), I purchased a new diary for 2017 from TK MAXX. It’s a bit bigger than my old one and has enough room to write down any notes I may need to scribble down. It’s not the most exciting planner, but I like its simplicity.


  • Notepad £5.99 @TK MAXX

Another essential piece of stationary for me is notepads, and I really loved this turquoise blue one again from TK MAXX. Again it’s bigger than usual notepads I go for, but it just means I can fit more notes on one page.


  • Post it Notes £3-£7.00 @Paperchase

Yes I am aware that I went a mad with stationary this month- but I can’t seem to go into Paperchase for one thing. I purchased these post it notes, meaning I have post it notes for days. I love Paperchase’s post it notes, with their quotes on them, it just makes them a bit more interesting- plus I will know the culprit who keeps stealing my post it notes at work (eye twitches). The ones in the little pack have a mixture of shapes and sizes, again with little slogans and sayings on them. And the ‘blah blah’ jotter just was a necessary extra.



  • FILA Sliders £25 @ASOS

Well I won’t be wearing these anytime soon (see you next year sliders), but I purchased these for my holiday and they were so comfy and an essential piece for my holiday. I wore them all day, whether that was by the pool or out exploring, as they are super comfy and just easy to style.


  • Choker £5 @New Look

I remember chokers being big a couple of years ago, then they kind of fizzled down due to body chains overshadowing them, but now they are back! Although I did almost choke as my mum thought it was a normal necklace when putting it on me- nice one Hevs! Some chokers I have come across have been very pricey, so I was pleased that I found this simplistic one from New Look, and is a steal for £5!


  • Jungle Jumpsuit £35 @ASOS

Autumn is upon us guys and I’m so excited as I love everything to do with Autumn– the colder nights, being cosy in bed, endless hot chocolates, boots, large coats, chunky jumpers, Halloween, Bonfire night- ooh I love it! And my favourite new Autumn piece is this jungle jumpsuit from ASOS. As you know I love jumpsuits, and are an item I can’t live without, but I love this print. I’ve found that in stores there’s a lot of the same colours going on of burgundy, camel, khaki and grey, with there being little prints aside from leopard. But certain stores are doing it right- big up Topshop and ASOS- and are reminding us that fashion should be fun!


Bits and Bobs…

  • Vogue Magazine October Edition

I was really excited to purchase October’s Edition of Vogue, as I had stumbled across a snippet of Victoria Beckham’s letter to her 18 year old self, and that small snippet was really inspiring, that I wanted to read the full article; and inspiring it was. It was so lovely, raw and honest and I think she is a wonderful woman.


  • Plant

Okay so I managed to kill of 3 cacti so who knows how long this plant will last, but so far so good! I have flowers on my desk, but for my room I prefer to have plants, as it makes the room feel fresher. I really love this leafy plant, and fingers crossed it doesn’t die!


  • Candles

Candles are an essential feature throughout our house, and I recently made the purchase of these gorgeous candles. I love woody scents, and opted for;

  • Pecskniff’s England Bamboo and Vetiver £12.00


  • Olivia Blake (she my fave) Blackberry and Chestnut £25.00- a real winter vibe


  • Alchemy Passion-fruit and Coconut £15- to give the reminder of summer



  • Alzheimer’s Society Walk

This year me and my mum took part in the Memory Walk for the Alzheimer’s Society. The weather actually held up with there not being any rain, but plenty of sunshine! It was such as well organised event, and was lovely to meet people all there to raise awareness and money for the same cause. Dementia is really important to me, as I have worked with people with dementia in the past, and any opportunity I can raise awareness or help in anyway, I get involved.


  • Crete

It seems like only yesterday I was in Crete (well it kind of was), and we were welcomed into the UK with wind and rain. Although the journey there was a bit problematic (which I will go into more detail on Wednesday’s blog), the holiday and Crete itself was amazing. We stayed in Hersonissos (pronounced like soy sauce), which was right by the beach. It was my first all inclusive holiday, and I’ve been converted to, one become a sun lover and two an all inclusive lover. It was really refreshing to not do anything or have anything to worry about too.


  • New Tattoo

I am in the progress of getting a sleeve, very slowly, as I want to be certain on tattoos before going ahead. But I got this sunflower design done which is located on my top right hand shoulder, and I really love it! I will keep you updated with any more tattoos coming up.


  • B’day celebrations

It’s been a fair few people’s birthday’s this month, and was lovely to celebrate with friends. Due to work and other commitments these days, it can be difficult to get everyone together, so it’s really nice when it happens. It was also nice to meet some new faces, and everyone was so lovely!


I hope you’ve had a lovely September and have got lots to look forward to in October 🙂


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