What’s In My Suitcase: Beauty Edition

Hi guys! As I am going on holiday in approximately 10 days, and since I have began packing, I thought I would do a what’s in my suitcase two part piece. This week I am focusing on the beauty products I am taking with me, that I really can’t live without. Then next week I will be dedicating a post to style ideas and the pieces I’m taking with me.

Hair Care…

  • Tommy Guns ‘Leave me in Conditioner’ £5.50

It took me ages to find a product that enhances my curls in the right way, and keeps my hair feeling hydrated and smelling amazing, as well as keeping my fro as tamed as possible. I order this from Tommy Guns salon in London, as it is not available in stores. Check them out… http://www.tommyguns.yokaboo.com/all/


  • Palmers Coconut Oil Strong Roots Spray £3.49

Again another daily hair product that I cannot live without, that reduces tightness and dry scalps, which is going to be greatly needed in the heat. Humidity is not my friend.


  • Palmers Protein Pack £1.99

As I will be in the sun a lot and in and out of the pool and sea, I felt that my hair would begin to suffer after only a few days of beach life. So I have purchased this intensive protein pack for my hair, to keep it strong and soft whilst away.


  • Vaseline £2.65

Vaseline is a basic human right for everything! I will be using it for an array of things, for removing make up, lip balm, enhancing my lash length, and when it comes to my hair, it will help with stray aways. Always a winner.


If you want to read more about the hair products I use, then check out this post…Au Natural

Daily Facial Routine…

  • Simply Pure Foaming Cleanser £2.69

I use this every day to really cleanse my face, before applying my moisturiser and make up for the day. It’s a very light and non scented product, meaning its not overpowering on the skin. This is part of my daily facial routine and is something that I could not go on holiday without.


  • No7 Beautifully Matte Foundation £14.50

I’m not planning on wearing much make up whilst on holiday, but for when I go out in the evening, I will be putting on foundation, and this is my go to foundation. It is true to my skin tone thanks to the skin match test available at No7, and is in a medium price range.


  • MUA Pro Base Mist £5.00

I always use Revolution’s Fixing Spray to hold my make up in place, but thought I would give Make Up Academy’s (MUA) one a shot, as I’ve heard such great reviews. Both are priced at £5.00, although the bottle is slightly smaller than the Revolution one, they both have the same mils as well. Like I said I’m not planning on wearing much make up in the day, but come the evening, I don’t want my make up melting off in a few minutes, so this will be handy to have.


  • Veet Precision Wax Strips £4.20

I love Veets Precision Wax Strips, and I’ve now tried and tested the whole range of them! They are so easy to use and are super effective! I wrote a fuller review on this product on my July Favourites post; so have a look!


  • Vitamin E Night Care Range £2.99

I love Superdrug’s Vitamin E range, they are reasonable and vitamin e protects against harmful toxins such as pollution, and in reducing the ageing process (say goodbye to those wrinkles), so I’m starting young! I’ve purchased the night cream, for an intensive conditioning overnight, and the eye cream, to reduce puffiness.


  • BB Cream £6.99

I used to use BB Cream before the days I was allowed to wear foundation, and purchased this for my holiday to wear in the daytime to wear instead of foundation. What I love about BB Cream, is its lightness, whilst holding the ability to cover any imperfections, and giving your skin a lovely natural glow. It’s a product which is now part of my daily routine, with me now applying it after moisturising and before I apply my foundation; it makes the perfect primer. Also it contains the all important SPF 15 needed!



  • Radox Coconut Kiss Shower Creme 99p

I love the smell of coconut and since my hair smells of coconut, why not make my body the same? Also coconut is the epitome of summer smells if you ask me. I bought a big bottle as I feel my days are going to consist of shower, pool, shower beach, shower, out- a lot!


  • Clinique Liquid Soap £16.50

I use soap as part of my daily routine as despite all the facial products there are, you can’t really beat soap and water to remove any dirt or make up from your face. I didn’t really fancy taking a bar of soap with me on holiday, so this mini liquid soap from Clinique is the perfect size! I wash my face with soap in the shower, before using all my lotions and potions once I come out.

  • Sanctuary Spa Body Scrub £4.12

Body scrub is a crucial element to my weekly beauty regime. I use body scrub twice weekly to exfoliate my skin to leave it smooth and soft (which will be needed on holiday as my legs will be out 24/7).

  • Champneys Hand and Nail Cream £3.00

After I have my completed my daily facial routine, where a lot of water is involved, my hands are often dry. At home I have a large Bayliss and Harding Hand Lotion on the sink waiting for me, so this miniature hand lotion from Champneys is just the ticket I need, to keep my hands soft and subtle whilst away.


Body Care…

  • Palmers Cocoa Butter Moisturiser £4.19

To keep the theme of all things coco flowing, I will be taking Palmers Cocoa Butter Moisturiser with me. At home I use this moisturiser for my feet and elbows- which tend to be the driest parts of my body, but since I don’t really want to take my massive Coco Magic Lotion with me, I will be using Cocoa Butter daily instead. My skin is naturally dry and a day without moisturiser is sinful, and due to being in a hot country, I need moisturiser to make it out alive!


  • New York 02 Body Spray £3.00

As me and my friend Beth, who I’m going on holiday with, are both obsessed with Marc Jacobs Decadence at the moment- with both us owning it– it would be disastrous if we both took it! As I can picture us using the same one then it will be a fight to the death over who gets to keep the more full bottle. So to prevent this happening, that perfume will staying put and a cheap body spray will be coming with me (and maybe something I’ve purchased from Duty Free). This smells great though! And a body mist will be refreshing as well.


Sun Ready…

  • ‘Cool It’ Cooling Spray £3.99

A handbag (or rucksack in my case) essential! There is nothing worse than an uncomfortable heat, as that makes for a grumpy Gemma (and no one likes that), so to keep my cool, I’ve purchased this cooling spray which will be making its debut many a time.


  • Malibu Sun Cream and After Sun £5.99

Okay so the SPF on these isn’t the highest and I’m going to be applying both of these, and taking my factor 50 sun cream with me as well, but how cute are these! I loved that you got a little pack and after sun as well- plus it worked out cheaper to get all of these little ones.


  • Plasters £2.00

I am accident prone, so safety first! These plasters are so cool as well, so there will be major plaster envy!


I hope you’ve enjoyed this post, part two will be coming next Sunday 🙂


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