August Favourites

Hello! It’s that time of the month again where I share with you what I’ve been loving and lusting over this past month; as well as my highlights of this month. So this month I feel I have spent loads, but don’t really have a lot to show for it, so instead of splitting things into categories, it’s just going to be a flow of my favourites, leading into my highlights…


  • L’Oreal Color Riche 630 Beige A Nu £6.99

I’ve really got into nude lipsticks after discovering a couple of months ago, that I can actually pull them off- winning! I’ve been gaining a nice collection of nudes (lipsticks not pictures), and this one is my pick of the month. The packaging is very chic and elegant, and what I also love about the lipstick is its rounded shape. As I have quite full lips, it just makes my life easier having a lipstick that will cover all my lips in one sweep. It’s a perfect daytime lipstick for the summer, as it keeps your lips feeling hydrated, as well as giving them that natural shine.


  • Not so Selfie Stick £6.99

So, I’ve never really been a fan of selfie sticks; this stiff pole with no flexibility jutting out in front of you as everyone crowds round, is not what dreams are made of. But despite me not wanting one, I wanted something. Something that would allow me to take pictures without having to stretch my arms, and also allowed me to move around without knocking anyone out with this great big pole! And I’ve got it! A flexible tripod is the way forward ladies and gents! It’s super flexible, allowing you to place it and twist the legs in many directions to get that perfect scenic view (or selfie).


  • Topshop White Dress £42

As I’m going on holiday in approximately 22 days (not that I’m counting), I have been planning my outfits. I didn’t want to buy loads of new holiday clothes, as I will probably only wear them whilst there, as Summer is hit and miss here. But one of my essential pieces that I wanted to get was a white dress. And I searched far and wide in a bid to find the perfect white dress, and when I found it; it was out of stock! Story of my life. But on Friday, luck struck, as a rummage through Topshop sale, resulted in me landing this beautiful dress for the grand total of £7! It’s a bit ‘hello boobs’, but other than that I love it! The crepe design, the lightness of the dress, and also the underskirts thickness, meaning that I don’t have to worry about what pants I’m wearing; they can be any colour I like.


  • Missguided Pyjamas £15

I haven’t bought new pyjamas in years, and was really in desperate need for them. I bought a bunch of really cute shorts all from Primark for £2.50 each, but my favourite pyjama piece, at a bit more, is this candy stripe teddy from Missguided. It’s another tick on my ever increasing pink items, and I just love it! It’s so pretty and comfy– although I haven’t slept in it as of yet, as I want to save it for holiday, but it just looks so nice to lounge in. Unfortunately the one I have is out of stock, but here’s another one that I like…


  • Eyemask

Whilst we’re on the topic of sleep and pyjama’s I also purchased an eye mask from H&M. So yes I do feel a cross between a 70 year old woman and Holly Golightly, but it really is the best decision I have made. As I have a rather needy and prone to diva fits, house rabbit called Pebble; he sleeps in my room, as he really didn’t like being on the landing alone. But the diva fits increased when he was left in the dark, so I’ve had to resort to buying a night light- yes you read correctly- a night light for my rabbit so he can have a peaceful night. But although all his needs of peace and calm are met- mine weren’t until I found this eye mask. I like rooms to be pitch black; but since that is no longer an option, this eye mask is my new favourite thing. I am having the best sleeps ever now. Again apologies I couldn’t find the link to the exact eye mask I have, but I have just fallen for this one.


  • TV Show: Power

Some of my friends have been going on about this TV show for some time now, and since I’ve not finally finished White Collar, I needed something new to watch, and Power is as good as my friends said it is! It’s such a great TV show where characters are easy to remember and have distinctive personalities. It’s got the right about of drama and emotion and yes its just so good! Not to mention ‘Ghost’ is dreamy!


  • Music: Frank Ocean Blond

Finally yo boy’s back! Finally after waiting years for Frank to drop some fresh music he has delivered, and my god he was worth the wait. It’s such a transporting album and is just really beautiful. It’s so different to anything else, and that’s what I love about his music. Its raw, its different and it transports you.


  • Film: Star Trek Beyond

As an avid cinema goer, I spend 80% of my time at the cinema I feel (possibly more). I didn’t really rate the BFG, and David Brent was a strong contender, but the real winner was Star Trek, purely due to the phenomenal graphics. The storyline was great, Bones makes me howl with laughter every time, but it was the graphics of the film that really got me to rank this up to number one and crown it film of the month. I saw this in 2D, and if the graphics are that good in 2D, then it deserves an award. It lived up to my expectations (although I wish Idris Elba’s beautiful face wasn’t hidden for most of the film) sigh!



  • Outdoor Cinema- Pulp Fiction

I had my first outdoor experience last year, but it was in October, and was raining, freezing and in the middle of the woods and I was convinced I was going to die! But aside from the elements, I found it quite refreshing to watch a film outside, so tried my luck again, by going to one in August. This time around I saw Pulp Fiction, one of my favourite films ever, and it was so nice to watch it out in the open (and in a less threatening woods). Just be sure to take layers, camping chairs and a thick blanket or a sleeping bag, as you want to be as comfy as possible.

  • Swansea

As it was the Bank Holiday, I went to Swansea, and it is such a beautiful place and I really want to go back already! It was like being in a different country- which is technically true- but the beach was so much more enticing and the sea was actually blue and warm! Unlike England’s beaches which are full of pebbles and murky sea. It was such a lovely way to spend the bank holiday doing something different as opposed to going out and getting really drunk, and actually doing something relaxing and fun with loved ones.

  • Everyman Cinema experience

Yeah so I have a slight cinema addiction, but I had the best cinematic experience at this cinema, where we had a sofa to sit on, and our food and drinks got bought over to us. And yup I was there knocking back the cocktails whilst watching David Brent and eating nachos- what could be better! It wasn’t much dearer than the usual cinema prices, so its definitely worth the money for a different cinematic experience.

  • Booked Holiday!

And last but not least- I’m going to Crete! I’m so excited to be going to Greece, as it will be my first time going and I can’t wait! Our hotel looks so lovely and the beach is down the road, so that’s where I will be most of the time! It’s also my first all inclusive holiday, as I’m more of a city break kinda gal, and prefer stopping in hostels, but Greece is an exception. I really can’t wait for this break and will be most likely snapchatting and instagramming my time there, so be sure to follow….

Snapchat: gemma_94w

Instagram: gemmal0uise

I hope you’ve had a wonderful month and that there’s plenty of things to look forward too!


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