I’m Out!

After a long run, I’m leaving the eyebrow game and have decided to let them be natural, it was fun while it lasted but its time to say goodbye as the game has got too serious and its taking over our lives!

When I first started really paying close attention to my eyebrows it was in first year of uni, which was 3 years ago now- what!? I’ve been having them waxed ever since I can remember after begging my mum to let me get them waxed when I was 13, and back in the day it was all about the thinner the brow the better. But then thanks to Cara Delevinge, people started to love and appreciate big browsthank the Lord– and us girls with naturally thicker eyebrows now had our day, and it was goodbye waxing and hello threading!

But as I was doing some background research for this post and was also just scrolling through Instagram and Pinterest, there are so many posts dedicated to creating the perfect brow. And yes some girls brows deserve an award as they really are a masterpiece drawn on their face. But our eyebrows are now one of the first thing about us that gets judged.

The eyebrow industry is huge! When you go into stores there are shelves dedicated to products for your eyebrows; you can buy serums, make up, gel, brushes, liners- all to aid you in creating the perfect brow. There is even merchandise in the form of t-shirts saying things such as “It’s not you its your eyebrows” and “Don’t worry about me worry about your eyebrows”. And what’s worse is you can get your eyebrows tattooed on you; that’s some serious dedication to the brow game- something needs to be re-evaluated here.

This decision to leave the long played eyebrow game, came to me as I was getting ready with yet again, family waiting for me to do my make up, and I just didn’t bother with doing my eyebrows, which significantly reduced my getting ready time. I probably take around 10-15 minutes to do my make up, but when I was doing my eyebrows as well, then it would take me half an hour to do my make up- crazy! And since that day, I haven’t looked back and in fact I’ve been complimented on my natural brows more so than my perfected ones- so thank you eyebrows for being thick!

Aside from compliments and saving time, I’m also going to be saving a fair amount of money, as when I figured out how much I spent on eyebrow kits, it was quite embarrassing, when I should be spending money on more practical things, such as shoes.

Have we took it too far with our eyebrows? Yeah sure rocking a monobrow is probably not a good look, but do we really need to spend money and precious time to make our eyebrows look like the most perfect and unnatural things about us?

I’d quite like to keep my eyebrows looking natural, so with that being said, I’m out of the eyebrow game.


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