The Real Reason We’re Not Having Sex

I read the other day that us millennium kids aren’t having as much sex as previous generations, which really comes across as quite shocking, considering that’s what we talk about a lot! But just why are we not having much sex? There are many reason as to why this may be….

Could it be our increase in awareness surrounding sexual health?

Ah the sexual health clinic, the place you don’t want to be the morning after a night out, but better to be safe than have gonorrhoea! I used to work in a sexual health clinic whilst studying at university, and we did loads of things to promote safe sexual health on campus. So is our carefulness in the bedroom (or wherever you want to get down) pushing us towards keeping our legs closed altogether? I think perhaps not. Although yes we are perhaps the most knowledgable generation when it comes to safe sex, that’s not stopping us from having sex.

Is it our access to porn?

Whatever your into, the porn hub sites are bound to have it, and heck it saves you the embarrassment of asking your beloved if they are into playing scrabble with whipped cream whilst dressed like a cow or whatever obscure fantasies people have (please note that is not my fantasy)! I think that porn has altered people’s perceptions of sex and they expect it to be how it is on screen, so yeah actually the real deal may be a bit of a disappointment, but is that the reason we’re not having sex? It’s still a no from me.

It’s not rebellious enough!

Once upon a time, Dr Martens were a symbol of rebellion, now 14 year old Tiffany has got a pair of floral docs. Tattoos we’re the epitome of saying ‘f you’ to the system, but there’s people with ink saying ‘live love laughter’ with most of it spelled wrong. Women have freed their nips, breastfeeding in public is welcomed (hallelujah) and now sex has its day, with there programmes existing that just talk about sex. Sex stood the test of time of being a secretive and almost rebellious thing, particularly when you’re younger. It’s the secrecy of it all that makes it seem so rebellious. And if your a risk taker and the adventurous kind (hit me up- I joke), but then the thrill of having sex anywhere aside from the bedroom is rebellion itself. But has all this openness with sex now diminished its rebel status? Everyone’s doing it and talking about it, so where’s the rebellion in that? I think this is partially the reason.

But do you know what the real reason is?


Hello technology and thank you for gracing us with the ability to send nudes, where you can try before you buy! And hunnies; some of the d pics that come through on my phone- I don’t want any part of it!

You already know someone’s body before you have even slept with them, and that’s just weird. Plus a guy sending really bad angled pictures of his pride and joy, is not doing anything for me, apart from making me question life itself! And do what the worst thing is? When you haven’t even met someone and they send you nudes! That is just plain stupid- how does he know that he’s actually messaging me, I could have gave him the wrong number- oops! Or, worse, I could be some kind of criminal! (I’m not).

I had this scenario not long ago, where a guy was literally pestering me to send him nudes. It was every freaking day, with him whining going “please I can’t sleep without them”- has he not heard of counting sheep? Anyway, it was really irritating, and I just ignored him- lets bare in mind (no pun intended) that I’ve never met this guy, only spoke to him via my favourite app Tinder! So this one day, wasn’t even night, it was 1:30pm on a Sunday afternoon, when I’m having lunch with my family and I click on my phone and jumping Jehoshaphat there was his glory! And my god it was not very glorious. He then was getting really irritated that I wasn’t feeling hot under the collar about it and hadn’t returned the favour. So, I decided, to shut him up, to send him a picture of some naked mole rats- they are nude after all. And well that didn’t go down well, but it was funny and stopped him messaging me- hooray!

I think that the real reason we are not having sex as much anymore is because well, if I’m going to get sent pictures like that, it is just off putting. I’ve already seen you naked and I didn’t like what I saw, so no sex for you.

You need to be tempting your opponent without flashing all you’ve got (which in this guys case wasn’t a lot).

Lets keep sex sexy, and shy on the streets, sexy in the sheets.


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