Oh Life!

Life sometimes is a never ending list.

You have lists for your groceries, your places you want to travel list, activities you want to do list, things you want to buy, tasks you need to complete, books you need to read, films you must watch, your bucket list, the before you hit ‘that age’ and the lists never end!

But do you know what one of the greatest things about life is? That it can’t be planned!

There are things and people in life that you always thought to be constant and then one day, they are not there anymore. You’ve drifted apart for whatever reason, and that wasn’t part of your life plan, and it can be difficult to come to terms with. Every single one of us has an idea of how our life will pan out, how we want it to be, and we also have an image of our ideal self.

But whilst you can work towards becoming the best version of yourself, there are many moments in life that are unplanned, which is the beauty of life!

No one knows that on September 22nd of this year, they meet their new best friend for life, but that might happen. You don’t know that you’ll be roped into a mad night out in a city you’ve never been before. That you make someone’s day by giving them a warm smile. That you end up on the news for doing something for charity. Things happen, and when something extraordinary or bizarre happens you can’t help but wonder about how special life is.

So do we really need all these lists and plans? All these goals and ambitions wrote down on endless scraps pieces of paper, or in journals locked away. Or do we just say ‘what the heck’ and enjoy the ride on this roller coaster of life into the unknown?


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