July Favourites

Hello! It’s that time of the month again where I share with you what I’ve been loving and lusting over this past month; as well as my highlights of this month, so let’s get straight into it…

The Beauty Edit…

You know when you really can’t be bothered to go to the beautician and just want to sort out your hair problems at home? Well this is the thing for it! Oh my god this is the best at home hair removal product I’ve tried (and let me tell you, I feel like I’ve tried them all!). It’s so easy to use and there’s no messing around with creams and timings. I initially bought the normal Precision Wax Strips for normal skin, but as I was so impressed with the product, I bought them from the Natural Inspirations range, which are suitable for all skin types. They both smell great, and again are super easy to use and as effective as going to the beautician.


I recently switched up my mascara and this one is my new favourite! The brush is perfect in giving me both the length and volume I’m after for daily use. I use a different MAX FACTOR mascara for the evening, but I felt that other mascaras just for my daily look, were too over dramatic and overpowering on my face. With this mascara it gives me the desired look I’m after without being over the top. I got this mascara in black brown as opposed to just black, and this really makes a difference to how your eye make up looks. I felt that having black mascara on during the day was too harsh, but black brown is really great for a daytime look, and softens your face. For me, as I have brown eyes, it really opens up my eyes a bit more as well.

13871745_1102911776438903_1275789351_n (1)


  • MISSY EMPIRE Culotte Jumpsuits £22

I’ve been loving comfy clothes so much at the moment, as having to be smart at work all week, come the weekend I want to look chic yet be as comfy as possible! I basically would wear pyjamas all the time if I could, but since I can’t really go around with my little polka dot shorts and ‘wake me up in Paris’ tee, culotte jumpsuits are my new favourite item. I got this one from MISSY EMPIRE and I love it so much! Plus it’s another pink item to my ever growing collection of pink things- so proud! I also got a couple of ribbed culotte jumpsuits as well (in my trusty colour of black). I can’t find the exact ones that I purchased, but this link is similar to the black version I’ve got. They are definitely an investment piece.


  • TOPSHOP Lace Up Sandals £29.00

I’ve been wanting these since March and I finally just got them, as every time I went to get them they were sold out! They are such a dream shoe for spring/summer, they go with pretty much everything and it makes a nice change from having a black shoe. I also love that they have a heel for that extra bit of height (which I need), and because of the heel they are perfect for both day and night.

TS42D03JTAN_Zoom_M_1 (1)


If you haven’t got on this hype are you okay?! This is our childhood dream come true people! I am so obsessed with this app, and what better way to spend an afternoon than catching Pokemon? I can’t think of anything better other than watching Netflix, and that’s doing nothing for my waistline! I find this so encouraging as not only is it amazing, but it’s getting people active and connecting with others as well. It’s a win win as far as well-being is concerned. So if you don’t have the app- get on the hype!

download (2)

  • Snapchat!

Yes I know I am 100 billion minutes behind the times with Snapchat, but since my old phone wouldn’t update and then the worst thing in the world happened, where I couldn’t go on Instagram (shiz got real), I knew I needed a new phone and fast! So now with my new phone, which I’ll talk a bit more about later, it has all the apps- yaaaaas! So now I am kind of snapchatting a lot, but I love it! If you want to follow for some top snaps its gemma_94w– you won’t regret it!


I’ve had this book for quite some time, but I just recently really appreciated it. I have quite vivid dreams and always remember them, some of them really freak me out and I can’t distinguish between what was a dream and what actually happened as they seem too real, but never mind! But since I’ve always been interested in the meaning of things and signs and stuff, this is such a handy book to have. It’s really great for trying to understand what was the point of the dream. I mean okay sometimes there is no explanation as to why you are dreaming of chocolate all the time other than maybe your craving it, but something a bit more complex, such as dreaming about saving the animals can relate to an aspect of your personality- such as your caring nature, and I find it very interesting. I don’t take everything it says as gospel, but it is nice to refer to try and understand the context of the dream.



  • New cushion, PRIMARK £7

I love cushions and my bed is full of them, which makes it a bit of a challenge to actually get into bed daily, but they look so nice! I just recently purchased this new cushion, as well it looked very summery and yeah I just couldn’t resist! I got it from PRIMARK, and it’s actually a really comfy cushion as well as looking nice.



  • M.O. ‘Who do you think of?’

I don’t usually like really poppy songs (that’s not even a real word), but you know what I mean- pop songs, they usually irritate me because they stick in my head, but in an annoying way- I don’t want them there! However I was pleasantly surprised that I found enjoyment in ‘who do you think of?’ by M.O. It’s a nice catchy song and a good summer song!


  • Old School R&B

I can’t get enough of old school R&B anytime of the year, but I have rekindled my love with some absolute bangers, including ‘promiscuous by Timbland and Nelly Furtado. Oh my god I used to be obsessed with this song and now, however many years later it is, I’ve realised that I still love it! Which I think is annoying my mum, because I keep playing it every day, but never mind!

  • Kanye West, ‘The Life Of Pablo’

I’ve always been a huge fan of Kanye and feel like I can rap pretty much all his songs (very badly), but still I give it my best shot! And although I’ve listened to this album numerous times now, I listened to it all the way through a few days ago and just thought- yes! He is the man! Yes okay he is a bit of an ass-hole, but heck aren’t we all sometimes? I love his music, I think it’s so clever and just amazing!


TV Programmes…

  • Brief Encounters

I feel as if there hasn’t been a great comedy, yet wonderfully British T.V. Programme for quite some time. I loved Marcella, but that was very much centred around crime, but Brief Encounters encompasses both drama, love and laughter. There hasn’t been something that I will religiously sit down to and watch week in week out live (not on catch up or Netflix) for ages, so it’s very good!

It’s set in the 80’s and is basically about lingerie and Ann Summers, (and I’m the worst person to describe T.V. Programmes/ films, I could make Titanic sound like it was a rubber dinghy sinking), but it’s amazing and has a great cast too!

  • Pretty Little Liars

So I didn’t know that Season 6 of Pretty Little Liars had been available on Netflix for a while so I had a fair bit of catching up to do! And although I was really annoyed with how things ended in season 5, I thought that as a dedicated fan since 2011/2012, that I should continue in my journey. And I was surprisingly gripped with season 6! I’m on season 7, and am counting down the days until the 3rd August until the next episode comes out. I think it’s one of those programmes that even if it got awful I would still watch it, particularly if Ian Harding (Ezra Fitz) remains in it mmmmm.

July Highlights…

  • Rolling Stones Convention, Knightsbridge, Chelsea, London

Yesterday it was my friend Bethan’s birthday and we went to London for the day to celebrate and go to this Rolling Stones convention in Chelsea. It was seriously one of the best conventions I’ve been to! We weren’t allowed to take many pictures (or any pictures, but I was sly), as a lot of the things in there were originals. However aside from the originals, there were many opportunities for us to be interactive, as the technology and modernisation of the convention was spot on! We could even mix our own music in a studio- so cool! And there was also a section involving something to do with 3D (which I won’t spoil in-case you want to go). Tickets are £20 and are available on http://www.saatchigallery.com/current/rolling_stones.php with the convention running from now until 4th September, so don’t miss out, especially if you love the Rolling Stones.


  • Seeing the uni crew, Nottingham

Your uni friends probably play the shortest yet most influential group of friends you’ll meet in your early adulthood, and although we all live miles apart now, me and my uni gals try to make it a regular thing to meet up and we’ve done really well with it a year on! I love meeting up with them, and although sometimes I wish there were more hours to see them it’s always lovely. We try to meet in places which is easy for us all to get too, but somewhere different so we can explore a new city as well- winner winner. This time we went to Nottingham, which a few us went to before for a road trip, but we went to this all you can eat place (my eyes were lit), and it was a serious case of Gemma VS Food.


  • Jamie T, Brixton (in October) booked!

Gig season is approaching and already booked next is Jamie T, and seeing him in his home town of Brixton. I’m so excited to see him, and think it’s going to turn into a messy night (which usually happens with me and Bethan). Beers plus an artist we love and there will be an emotional drunken pair of friends swaying- usually us. It’s going to be so good and is a nice way to make a weekend out of it as well.

  • New phone (Finally!)

And finally I HAVE A NEW PHONE! And I feel like a whizz kid. I’ve gone back to my roots with a Samsung, and so far so good. Although it doesn’t always recognise my finger print and I end up shouting at my phone “don’t you know me!”, but it feels so good to actually know what people are talking about when it comes to apps and things.

I hope that you’ve had the most wonderful month and have got more exciting things to look forward to this coming month as well! Have a lovely Sunday, next post will be up on Wednesday 🙂 xo


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