Click, click…clique

I got thinking, and realised that I have a fair few male friends, and then I also thought that a huge label would be slapped on me if I dared to share this (ahem slut), but how does having friends make you a slut?

I don’t like the word slut, because what does it actually mean? (more on this on my other post…S-L-U-T!) It’s never used in the context it was intended, which isn’t a nice context anyway! If a girl announces she is texting two guys at the same time, she a hoe, but a guy being the biggest player going, is just that; a player- why can’t we be called players too?! (not that I am or want to be, just saying).

My bestest bestie friend happens to be a guy (hey Joey if your reading this)! He’s the first person I ring with any news, for support, to go out somewhere with, and he’s also on holiday at the moment so I keep sending him loads of Snapchats of me as a bear, which I’m sure he loves! Again, at work, my best friends are both guys, and I enjoy hanging out with them after work too.

But why am I more drawn towards a guy’s company than a girls?

And I figured it’s because they get my sense of humour more. I can take the mick out of a guy and they will take the mick right back, but, from experience, saying something which is really witty and deserves a drink, I have somehow ended up offending poor Louise because I’m mean. What?! My sarcasm, for people who don’t get my sarcasm, can come across as harsh. And if your a guy reading this, I’m sure you’ve had to apologise to a girl for taking something you said to heart. I mean I’ve even been guilty to crying over something a guy has said, when I shouldn’t have took it to heart in the first place (I do think it was about my shoes, so it was very serious).

I have and adore my uni, work and home town girls and they are the exception, because WAHOO!– they get my sarcasm! But even if that were the case with every girl, I still feel that I would have and need guy friends; you need to be friends with the opposite sex- it’s healthy in my eyes. Because if the only contact you have with a girl is your great grandmother or your cousin, then do you really understand the opposite sex (or think you understand them a bit more). Why do you think so many couples have petty arguments, when the only experience of the opposite sex is with each other? And in a relationship, it baffles me that someone can be so annoyed over you being friends with opposite sex. I’ve been out with people before (here we go, another snip from the story of the tragic dating life), who have been irritated over my male friends, and also annoyed that I’m not jealous if they have girl mates- what is there to be jealous about?

But the jealousy and stares stem further than a relationship; and transpire into the public eye too. When you see a girl with a group of boys, the ‘S’ word will spring to mind. Similarly when you see a guy with girls, that must mean he’s gay. Do we unknowingly pick our friends based on gender or do pick them based on interests and similarities?

Picking your friends shouldn’t be based on their gender; you either click with someone or you don’t.

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