Life Would Suck Without You

As holiday season is in full flow and I’m travelling about here and there, I suddenly remembered, as I was packing, over the awful dilemma I faced whilst travelling to Belgium in November of last year.

I was travelling alone to visit one of my friends. Running on an hour’s sleep I was trying to navigate myself around Manchester airport (which is the most complicated airport ever!) to find where the hell I was supposed to check in. But after being directed in various directions, with no end result in sight, I ended up missing the final call for check in and had no choice but to put my not prepared suitcase through as hand luggage. I found a plastic bag to put my toiletries in, which clearly were not going to fit, and I tried to fit them all in. I then crossed my fingers and hoped that my suitcase wouldn’t go down the bad shoot. But, yup it did.

I was then faced with the predicament of deciding which of my much loved toiletries to leave behind. With dramatic tears filling up in my very tired eyes, the flight attendant tried his best to help me in my decisions and ease the pain of me watching my beloved toiletries being tossed away. I lost 5 lipsticks that day- R.I.P, but it got me thinking, that if faced in that situation or something similar again, just what would I not be able to part with? What do I feel I cannot live without?

  • Moisturiser

Moisturiser is a basic human right, and I feel that if I did not have access to some lovely coco butter moisturiser I would shrivel up and vanish into eternity! I absolutely am in love with COCOMAGIC lotion and with 975ml of it it’s not going to run out anytime soon! But as I can’t take this with me as hand luggage, I opt for these small portable little pods of lotion from MARKS AND SPENCER they come in variety of scents, although the lime one is my favourite.


  • Nail Varnish

I hate not having painted nails, particularly on my toes, it just looks and feels grim! I remember not long ago, my friends came round and it had been such a manic week I hadn’t had chance to paint my toes and that was the first and last time (I hope), that they saw them bare. I just feel that even if I haven’t got a lot of make up on anywhere else, that if my nails are done, then I feel a bit more put together and not a big rolling hot mess. Of course, when your on holiday, you want a varnish that is going to last you a long time and not chip. I would recommend for your hands getting gel nails done at your local salon, as they will last you for the duration of your holiday, and a pedicure for your feet. However if you don’t have the time or funds, then I would recommend using nail varnishes from W7 or OPI, as they stay on your nails for longer.


  • Tweezers

Yeah my eyebrows would suffer without these. After the years of threading and waxing, my eyebrows grow back in a nice shape, but I don’t think I could live without tweezers for those stray aways and for maintaining the shape. Of course, a no fail brand you can trust, is TWEEZERMAN, and if you don’t have Tweerzman tweezers, then you need them!


  • Rings

I feel naked if I don’t have rings on me and I love ones with moonstones in them. I do really want a signet ring, which I can’t figure out if I’m having an early mid life crisis, I want to be a pimp or if it’s 100% okay for me to have one- but I’m going to get one anyway! But I don’t think I could go on if I got told I couldn’t wear rings anymore. I tend to get mine from NORBU, as they are exactly what I’m looking for and are inexpensive. I also love rings from THE GREAT FROG, London.


  • Foundation

Unless I want to look like a cast member of the Walking Dead for the rest of my days, then I need foundation! My go to foundation is N07 Beautifully Matte Foundation, and really gives me that natural look I’m after, as well as staying on all day.

SAM_5168 1

  • Hair Serum

I remember when I was going to Amsterdam and I couldn’t fit my hair serum in my plastic bag (I was actually pretty much prepared for hand luggage this time around), so had to give it to my friend Jonah- cheers pal! But I was still panicking so much that they weren’t going to let me have it and I would have probably ended up shaving my hair off if I wasn’t allowed it! My go to serum is TOMMY GUNS Leave me in Conditioner and Styling Creme. It smells so good too! For a longer review on this product and other hair products I use, check out my post…Au Natural


  • Jumpsuit

If I could only own/wear one piece of clothing then it would have to be jumpsuits, as they are so versatile and are perfect for every season. I love dungaree style ones, patterned ones- all the jumpsuits basically! They can be dressed up and down, and most of all they are comfy and really flattering on your figure. I tend to get mine from ASOS, BEYOND RETRO and MISSY EMPIRE.

  • Black pleather/leather boots

Again if I was told I could only have one pair of shoes, although I would probably cry, I would go for my black pleather boots. They go with so many things, and are just a no fail piece. Even in summer they go with many outfits (okay you may have really hot feet), but at least your outfit looks nice.

Gemma’s Travel Tips!


  • For travelling anywhere, try to take the absolute minimum and the most essential pieces. Clothes wise, take pieces are that are very versatile and can be worn in various ways and for both day and night. I like to take a couple of dresses from MOTEL as they are so comfy and a great transition from day to night.

  • If your a shoe hoard like me and you’ve lost count over how many shoes you have, narrowing down your shoes to take with you down to one or two can be really tricky. But just take what you need and can go with many outfits. For summer holidays I will take sliders for the pool, and my no fail black chunky sandals. For winter holidays, then its my NEW BALANCE trainers and black pleather boots that will see me through.

  • To make the most of the space in your suitcase, roll your items instead of folding them, as it will create more space in your suitcase.

  • And finally; plan ahead! Write a list of things you want to pack and do a bit over the week before you go, instead of rush packing and chucking everything in.


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