Hips Don’t Lie and Other Stories

Summer is finally here in full swing and alongside it comes the negative body shaming haters (yawn!) and today’s post is dedicated to every beautiful person and celebrating our body!

We all have body hang ups and these are the ones that I’ve received the most grief over and I am learning to love more. I hope that this inspires you to love your body hangs up more and realise that it’s not the end of the world 🙂

  • Hair Mare…


Flicking through Instagram or Tumblr during summer, you’ll be greeted with post after post of a toned beach babe. Yet even those among us with slender figures; have been prone to scrutiny. Bring on Millie Mackintosh (Made in Chelsea star) who looks great in her holiday pictures, but those Insta trolls of course noticed some hair on her legs- God forbid!

But I myself deal daily with my dislike for body hair. After getting laughed at for years growing up over having visible arm hair, it made me so self conscious of any hair I had anywhere other than my head, that I religiously have to get rid of it all. I physically cannot leave the house (yup even in winter) knowing that I have hair that people might see. Many of you may be able to relate and can only dream about having a hair free body, and the dream always seems within reach thanks to the hair removal industry of waxing, threading, creams and laser treatment all available, and I have invested a great deal of time and money into it!

But I am trying to teach myself that it’s okay to have hair, because after waxing it all off, guess what- IT GROWS BACK! I don’t want it to, but it does, and then you have to wait until a certain point when you can wax again.

I must admit I’ve got better and my legs are thanking me for it, as I was shaving them everyday when there was actually no hair on them. But what’s really the worst thing that can happen if I have prickly legs?

  • Hips don’t lie


I went out with this guy, bachelor number 5 or was it 7? who knows! And he had this weird thing about poking my hips and couldn’t seem to get his head around why I had hips…

Let’s just say this relationship thing didn’t last very long; what kind of dumb question is that!

Anyway, it made me wonder if there was something wrong with my hips, were they too hippy? But then as I stood in the mirror poking my hips myself, I realised there was absolutely nothing wrong with them, and as a woman of course I’m going to have hips! Some women have more of an athletic build and their hips are not as prominent, as opposed to someone with a pear shape figure like myself (or whatever fruit it is). But how is it a negative thing to have hips?! Sing it loud like Shakira; she loves her hips, so should you!

  • Stretch and Marks…


Our bodies go through a lot and a lot of transitions (although I’m still waiting for my growth spurt), and our body won’t grow without making a few changes along the way and one of those may be that you get a few stretch marks along the way. Mine are all on my hips, but I’ve never really had a problem with them being there- they look like tiger stripes. I know that us woman will have many stretch marks, especially during and after carrying children. But they are not a negative thing, they are marks of power and survival- your body changed to adapt to you carrying a child- it’s incredible what your body can do!

Everyone’s body is unique and beautiful and as long as you look after it, then it doesn’t matter whether you have prickly legs, wobbly bits or stretch marks- love yourself!

P.S. I also now have snapchat finally!

Snapchat: gemma_94w


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