A Winter Baby’s Guide to Surviving Summer

For those of you who, like me, are winter lovers and the thought of summer fills you with dread, then here are some ways on surviving summer…

  • Headscarves – humidity is the devil

Humidity is the thing my hair and I despise the most! My once lovely twisted curly hair, ends up turning into a frizzy mess thanks to humidity! But in an attempt to beat this, head-scarves are a good call, or opt for a cap. Not only do these prevent your hair from being caught by the humidity, but they also protect from the sun- it’s a win-win.


  • Jumpsuit- for those in between days

Sometimes the weather likes to play games, and you can’t quite figure out if it’s hot or if it’s going to throw it down with rain. So for those in between days, jumpsuits are a good shout, as they will keep you covered for if it does rain or goes a bit cooler, but are also light enough for when the sun decides to come out.

  • Playsuit- wind friendly

Dresses and skirts are an accident waiting to happen, particularly when it’s windy- hello Marilyn! So to still look summer ready, opt for a playsuit instead which is wind friendly (and also means you can cross your legs).

  • Anklets- the perk of summer

Now this is a perk of summer; piling up the anklets. These are often too tricky for winter, especially when wearing tights. But since I managed to lose mine (after a 2 year long run, might I add- impressive), I’m having to invest in some more. I really love anklets, and feel as if they are the epitome of summer (plus it looks as if I am a real summer worshipper).


  • Sunglasses- so your not frowning 24/7

For those of you who suffer with ‘resting bitch face’ syndrome, the struggle is real daily. But when the sun comes out, then it’s our face then betrays us yet again, and we constantly look angry! So to prevent us from frowning at everyone we meet, invest in some good sunglasses.

  • Make up- less is more

In winter make up seems to hold all day and I can put on foundation, bronzer, highlighter and blusher with no fear of looking in the mirror with half it missing. But come summer, your make up regime should be significantly shorter, because all that make up will just melt off! For my summer make up I apply a thin layer of foundation, mascara, a bit of bronzer and some highlighter- that’s all folks!


  • Please please paint your toes!

So feet, they are everywhere in summer. And after being stuffed in boots and shoes all through winter, well your feet may be a bit worse for wear. So please please pay attention to them! Feet seem to go neglected and they are the stuff of nightmares! Cracked heels, overgrown nails- I don’t want to think about it! So when summer is nearing and your close to living in sandals, then treat yourself to a pedicure. Also to keep on top of foot maintenance, invest in some good nail varnishes and a get a pedi egg!


  • White- even if your clumsy

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again- black is not your friend in summer. Yet most of us still wear it believing that we won’t sweat to death. But if you love black, then white is the summer’s version of black. Yes I’m extremely clumsy, so I may not make it out the house without a coffee stain on me, but at least I’ll be cool- and that’s what vanish is for, to make whites white.

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Featured Image: http://belleandboo.com/greetings-cards/710-hello-mr-fox-card.html


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