#Black Lives Matter

It doesn’t seem real that in 2016 there are protests occurring worldwide, due to racism; it sounds like something in ancient history, yet here we are.

Look how far we have progressed, look how far we have come in terms of equality, in terms of human rights; technological and medical advancements, yet we still cannot overcome racism. We still cannot overcome skin colour.

It doesn’t make sense, does it?

We should not have to tell people that black lives are just as worthy as white lives. We should not have to peacefully protest to make a point that black lives matter, but that is what is happening. This has affected so many people, so deeply, because this needs to end now.

People, who were doing no harm, were murdered- I will not use died, because they didn’t die, they were killed, in broad daylight, in front of the public, their neighbours, their friends, their family- all because of the colour of their skin.

When I used to work in a residential home, one of the men I supported was blind, and he had no idea what colour my skin is. I remember me and him having a conversation about race, and he told me that he didn’t understand discrimination, that as a blind man, someone helping him in anyway made them a good person; their sexuality, race or religion was irrelevant. I told him then that I was half Jamaican and he said “your lucky your always tanned”.

Do you value someone based on their skin or their character? Because I’ve never heard anyone picking their friends based on their skin colour, I’ve never heard someone falling in love because of their skin colour. But I have heard people pick their friends based on their interests and personality, I have heard people fall in love, because of their character.

#blacklivesmatter is the most important and powerful movement to date, because some people didn’t get the memo that when we talk about life and worth, that includes every race.

My thoughts and prayers are with everyone affected and I will continue to shout ‘black lives matter’ until those who need to hear, listen.


One thought on “#Black Lives Matter

  1. Zhi Feng says:

    Interesting post, and also, #blacklivesmatter doesn’t mean that other lives are unimportant. But it seeks to point out the historical and structural discrimination and prejudice facing African Americans without undermining equality of all races.

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